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Title: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 17, 2015, 02:27:10 PM
Obligatory High School

Field Status
No one gets homework.
It isn't mandatory to attend.
People wear their uniform regardless of going here or not.

What is a field?
A field is an area where events between characters or even individual characters may happen. As replies to these posts, characters may chronicle events that transpire between each other which would often be as a result of or due to a Cardfight. Field events are great ways to develop characters as well as character relationships. Field events, for example, could include a Cardfight as part of a rivalry between two individuals. It can be something as simple as a simple outing or meeting that then leads to a game of Vanguard. Or something that would greatly move the plot, a fight between someone of the heroic affinity and someone of the villainous affinity.

Remember, Cray is looking for the best of the best to be a leader. This does not mean that the leader has to be filled with good intentions, its anyone who the cards seem to decide is fit. Heroes can do as much as they can, but without villains pushing the story forward with their schemes, there isn't much to save. So if you are on the villainous side, use these areas to move along with your plots and schemes. You may ask others to come and roleplay with you and anyone can post in these areas, there is no limit other than that of being logical and simply just being respectful to your fellow fighters.

Any character that you interact with during field events may get affinity +1 or -1 with you.
Certain fields may have special events and things happening there in order to start up some action.

Post events that transpire below based on you character's own perspective, and just have fun with it!
Good luck!
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 17, 2015, 02:36:38 PM
Due to the tour last year, Isabella had missed a year of school here entirely, being home schooled while on tour. Having been a year since then, she was quite excited to see all the old faces whom she used to know. The first thing that happened at the beginning of the day was a stampede of fans. She could tell which one of them were her old friends, at most five of them were part of her group. The rest, she didn't know who they were. More selfies and autographs were handed out like usually. She was saved by the school bell

Then in class, everyone got excited when she walked in. Welp.

Then the 1st years.

"SENPAI!" (x3024140400030200124412421)

It was almost the final session of the day and by then Isabella was already tired out, combined with the lack of sleep last night due to all kinds of things flooding her thoughts. Something like how she says that she loves Mi-hime, but right now more than anything she wants to see Harooka rather than go straight home. She sat on a table by herself, enjoying the short time-span of peace that she was getting due to how she managed to escape the other students by making mad dash out of the classroom. She took out her Vanguard deck and place PR<3ISM-Image Vert on the table.

"Vert...." She called out as she looked at it.
"Is something wrong Hana-chan? Are you worried about Mi-hime? Don't worry I am taking care of her." The unit answered back.
"Ahhh... thanks." Isabella answered back, though her current state felt more like confusion than anything else.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Cipher Izanagi on September 17, 2015, 02:52:11 PM
School time, yay. Seifer, being dressed in a simple white shirt, and school dress pants, had actually sort of been looking forward to this since it was something different from the norm and just wandering around all the time. As the day started, he walked in with his bag slung over his right shoulder and his left hand in his pocket. Thankfully he stayed relatively unnoticed throughout the day, though he noticed Hana not having the same luck. It was a pretty easy day, at least for Seifer, though it was only the first day back to school. Now that he thought about it, he wasn't able to go to school for very long in the one year span because he ran away from home. Pushing the thought to the side though, he just decided to go about the day normally, looking through his Vanguard deck whenever he got the chance in between or even during classes, though just in case he made sure he didn't get caught by anyone. As the final session was coming up, the male wandered around, noticing Hana by herself at a table. Scratching his cheek he wandered over, waving slightly, but didn't sit down. "Yo... Feeling alright? ...You sure it's a good idea for you to come back to school with how everything is?" he asked, his eyes shut halfway.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: NeoBuster on September 17, 2015, 02:57:06 PM
"School time, probably the only thing good about it was seeing your friends and the cherry blossems" Neo said to himself while walking toward school.

It was the first day of school for Neo and company. Neo was excited to an extent but wasnt thrilled having to wake up early. Neo was walking toward the door intil he saw Hana and Seifer.

"Hey guys" Neo said to his friends.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Jello-san on September 17, 2015, 03:00:59 PM
Every class started with the same routine, nothing changing.




Everyone would proceed to sit and mess around because almost nobody took the teachers at this school seriously. Even Haruka found himself learning more about life from his uncle and aunt than his teachers did since elementary school. In the end, this place was just a way to meet up with friends and such. Alexander would be attending here this year, Hana would be too now that the tour is over. Seifer would also be showing up now that he finally had a place to stay, meaning a majority of the people he knew would all be attending. Shiki should be, but Haruka was pretty sure Shiki didn't even want to go to school. Even if he was of age.

Sadly, today he wouldn't be messing around afterwards in the courtyard or anything. Today Haruka had something else to do. Work. And that would start in about an hour, so he had a good twenty or so minutes to spare before he ran out to get changed. StarGATEBucks awaited.

It was a bit of a shock to both Haruka and Sera to find out that the uncle actually hard a large portion of money in StarGATEBucks, making him a part owner. Whenever that happened, Haruka had no idea.

"Right, so down the hall and..." Turning, Haruka found three particular people he managed to miss all day but only found until just now. Seifer, Neo, and Hana were all hanging out it seemed. Well, no use being a stranger. Might as well finally join the group before he gets looked at funny.

"Ya-helloo!" Haruka called out to the group, lightly jogging over to them. Weird how they all seemed to be assembling now of all times. He waved and smiled to group, noticing a certain Hana in distress. Maybe something happened with Miyuki the night before? Haruka was getting worried about her now.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 17, 2015, 03:03:38 PM
"Hey Dogebuster, and yeah I'm fine." She smiled at him.

Good to see that these two approached her though, there was something that she's been wanting to start in this school since she's firs learned Vanguard. Obviously, a Cardfight Club. They'd be able to attend festivals and do all sorts of activities. Maybe it could even get mind off of things.

May I could even get Harooka and Mi-hime to join.

It bothered her how she thought of Harooka first.

"Gahhh!!" She scratched her head, frustrated. The she pointed at Dogebuster first and the Sliffer, "Both of you fight me! Dogebuster you first! Then Sliffer!"

And now he's here...

Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: [R.T] SpiderHunterMD on September 17, 2015, 03:16:37 PM
Amon walked into the school ground wearing a white shirt and tie, with black school pants. He had not attended this form of education due to actual appearance's at school could be rarely made. He began to casually walk towards the class he was to be attending. He wondered about what kind of education teenager's had here. He was pondering about it whilst at the same time getting pumped up to see if this school had facility he could use for his own personal training.

Suddenly, Amon stumbled. This caused one of his rings (His silver ring with a skull imprinted onto it) to come loose off his finger and roll away on the floor from him. Amon burst up, in hot pursuit of that ring. [Crap, I paid good money for that ring as well]he thought to himself whilst pursuing it.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: AlwaysAwake on September 17, 2015, 04:03:13 PM
The beginning of the school year, and his final year of high school. A new town, a new school, and a new life, a fresh start! Or so Alexander wanted, having to have missed half the day sitting in the school office due to some weird technological malfunction, irony at its finest. He used robots as his avatars and had been beaten by technology itself, he sighed as he walked through the halls. Coming to class so late probably wouldn't score any points in the teachers or any self respecting students side.

"Aw man. Bet I missed History." Speaking in a defeated tone, though as he turned the hall to head to class he would spot a curious sight, Hana, Neo, Haruka and Seifer all engaging in a cardfight. He blinked, silently walking over as he then proceeded to speak, elongating the names he said. "Helloooo Ha-roo-ka san. And Haa-naa Chan. I mean if I can call you that hah." Shying away a bit as his head turned to the side,  a bit embarrassed to call the idol by her first name. It's not that he had romantic feelings or anything of the sort, but it was the admiration one gives to a favourite celebrity. Like Drake, damn he wished to meet Drake and see his infamous tear dragons.

Coughing into a closed fist he then continued his questioning. "So, what's up you and..... Other guys. " Pausing for a moment as he let out the last words, trying to remember if he had seen any of the unknowns before. His head tilting to the side as his headphones shook in tandem.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 17, 2015, 04:33:50 PM

Isabella relaxed after a session of fights with Sliffer and Dogebuster. She was able to get a victory out of both of them, though with Slifer, it took about three tries to do so, but she didn't feel like giving up despite her terrible luck. At the very least she got what she wanted, some good games. It also made her feel somewhat better, and now its time to make the announcement.

She stood up on the desk and pointed at everyone, even Alex who had just showed up.

"We're going to start a Cardfight Club!" She shouted.

That was louder than expected, attracting the attention of multiple students who don't even play Vanguard but suddenly do in order to be with Isabella.

"Let's meet up at the gym! Quickly!!!" Isabella hopped off of the table and started making a run for it.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: NeoBuster on September 17, 2015, 04:36:06 PM
After hearing Hana talk about a Cardfight Club, Neo was interested. So he followed Hana to the gym excited about hearing this.

"This should be fun" Neo said while walking
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Cipher Izanagi on September 17, 2015, 04:38:15 PM
After the games with Hana, Seifer gave an inaudible sigh. He needed to change something, but he really didn't know what. At the mention of the Cardfight Club, and the suddenly dashing away Hana, Seifer followed though in a manner that would make it to where he himself wasn't able to be followed by the fans of Hana. Arriving at the gym though, he was still looking through his deck with his eyes half shut.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Jello-san on September 17, 2015, 04:38:50 PM
"E-Eh..." Haruka rubbed his forehead for a moment, realizing his time was up after watching those Cardfights and really had to go to work. His uncle might have his head if Haruka was late to work on the very first day.

"Alex, do me a favor and tell Hana I have work and that we'll talk later? Thanks again." Haruka patted Alex on the back, grabbed his own backpack and slung it over his shoulder, making an exit of the school. Everyone was already dashing off in that direction so he ended up running against the current of the mob. Hopefully some hard earned cash would subside the pain of rushing past Isabella fans.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: AlwaysAwake on September 17, 2015, 04:47:16 PM
"Oh..Kay?" Alexander blinked, a bit phased by the sudden turn of events but considering it was something as important as vanguard he had no choice but to follow. A nod given to Haruka as Alex followed the rest of the group in a timely fashion, ignoring the legions of fans that wanted to exploit the opportunity to join said club. It seems classes woud have to wait till tomorrow for him.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: [R.T] SpiderHunterMD on September 17, 2015, 04:54:20 PM
Amon had lost sight of the ring. He had paid alot for that, however he was glad the other rings had stayed in place. Amon let out a sigh. He was frustrated. He yelled at the top of his voice, clearly the anger could be heard. "WHERE THE BLOODY HELL DID THAT RING EVEN GO!!!"

Amon shot his fist into a nearby wall, causing a large bang. "Ouch" he released that was not the smartest thing to actually do in the situation.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Skyzlimitz on September 17, 2015, 05:09:16 PM
Sky walked into the entrance of the school with a smile. Today was a day of beginnings, it was the beginning of the Scool year and the beginning of Sky's new job as the head cleaning consultant of the school A.K.A Janitor.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 17, 2015, 05:14:12 PM
Isabella ran into the gym which seemingly avoided the fans. It wouldn't hurt to get that many members, but not right now...

She waited for the rest to arrive, sitting on the bleachers while catching her breath.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Cipher Izanagi on September 17, 2015, 05:27:37 PM
After fully looking through his deck, Seifer decided he knew what to change and try, and sat down on the bleachers near Hana, looking at the poor girl. It seemed like she'd just run the mile ten times over. "So a Cardfight Club huh?" he asked, waiting for her to answer when she was done catching her breath.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: NeoBuster on September 17, 2015, 05:37:27 PM
Neo had finally reached the gym with his friends.

"So you want to start a Cardfight Club?" Neo said

Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: AlwaysAwake on September 17, 2015, 05:41:01 PM
Swiftly reached the gym, having charged through the legion of fans and dashed ahead. Hopefully he hadn't stepped on one of the poor obsessed students. Arriving at the gym to see the others there currently, speaking with a bit of a heavy breath.

"So... Cardfight club? Oh, Haruka had to go somewhere so one of us should fill him in later."
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 17, 2015, 05:49:45 PM
"Boring school days are over with this Cardfight Club! Huahuaha!" She put her hands on her hips and laughed.

She looked a the three who came and noticed Harooka was missing. Her heart felt as if it sunk for a moment. "Ughhh why is it bothering me?" She thought to herself, arguing with her own thoughts. "No, no! I'll just ask him to join later obviously! Yeah I'm just doen because I can't ask him to join immediately!" Looking at the others, she took out her Vanguard deck, and asked them.

"So, how about it?"
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: NeoBuster on September 17, 2015, 05:53:39 PM
"Im in!" Neo said with energy!

"Lets do it!" Neo said
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: AlwaysAwake on September 17, 2015, 06:04:38 PM
"Well, no point running through those crazed fans to say no." a small smile as he spoke, taking out his deck as well. Then he paused for a moment, placing his index finger to tap on his chin as a look of aloof thought shimmered for a moment before his mind returning back to reality. "Don't we need permission and stuff? Plus a teacher as a supervisor? Though we can just do that stuff later..." His words drifting off, anyone paying attention would hear them though if focused on something else they'd simply serve as background noise.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: RosaliaIzanami on September 17, 2015, 07:45:46 PM
(Even though this post is entirely late because I have actual school to deal with during the day....)

Rosalia was, safe to say, happy about her first day of classes. She didn't really recognize anyone that she had met so far since she has moved to Rijuku, and even if she had a friend already in class, the redhead was too busy trying to get through her first day. It was for sure that she didn't see Seifer at all during the day, even at lunch, which was a major disappointment. At least the uniform wasn't too terrible. Schools like these always had the girls wear skirts (I think), and she was used to wearing dresses, so... same thing, for the most part.

That was all she really had to say about her first day. Classes were good, despite being shy. She had a little experience with opening up from her encounters so far, things like her fight with Neo and Noel paving her path to becoming more social. But after school, she couldn't find her companions; not a single face she recognized from before school started. Now that I think about it... are all of Seifer's friends older than me?... Hana, Haruka, Tsubasa, Neo, Noel... If they're all around Seifer's age, then maybe I won't have classes with anyone... Unless I missed them somehow... Rosalia thought to herself with a sigh, shaking her head as she left the campus. School was over, but she didn't want to go home. Instead, she opted for a walk in the park (no pun intended).
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Skyzlimitz on September 17, 2015, 08:26:17 PM
Sky sighed as he exited the school saying after goodnight to the night shift janitor. He was exhausted. While he was finally raking in the big bucks (making minimum wage) this Janitorial job was pretty tiring. At the park he'd get to slack off and have card fights, but since everyone is busy teaching or studying he could no find a fight with any of the faculty, or students. So Sky left the school feeling tired and lost. In hopes of re-energizing himself he decided to wander around for a little.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 17, 2015, 09:15:22 PM
"I see..."

It seems some members were solidified. Seeing as how school ended, it was best to adjourn the meet for now and continue tomorrkw with finding an advisor first of all, then gettinf a club room. Mkre members could possibly join as well, thinks were looking bright.

"Arigatou minna!" Isabella said as she ran off and waved goobye.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Spectre Diamond on September 18, 2015, 07:24:34 AM
The Oblivion's engine roared with ferocity as Hikaru was heading to school early. Having missed the first day of school, his foster parents had forced him into his uniform by threatening to take away his motorcycle. Being to tired to argue he agreed. Parking the Oblivion somewhere near the school and began to walk the rest of the way there.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Jello-san on September 18, 2015, 07:32:13 AM
Haruka was sitting out front of the school building. Something was... Obnoxiously loud this morning. Haruka's thought trance of "you know who", had been broken by a blasted engine

"Who the... Oh, Hikaru." This was the only exception to people Haruka wouldn't mind driving a motorcycle. Haruka knew well enough by now that Hikaru meant well, he just really liked his motorcycle. Haruka waved him over with a small smile, partly from his daydream.

Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: NeoBuster on September 18, 2015, 07:36:09 AM
After going out for his run and meeting Alexander, Neo went home, changed into his school clothes and headed to school. He then saw Hikaru and Haruka near the entrance.

"Good Morning Guys" Neo said
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Spectre Diamond on September 18, 2015, 07:49:01 AM
"Hm?" He then turned around to see Haruka and Neo calling to him. With a sigh he walked over to them.

"Hey there." He greeted with a small wave.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Azuki Frappé on September 18, 2015, 07:52:09 AM
'School heh' Ighanna thought as she stared blankly outside her car window. Her chauffeur then parked softly right in front of the school's step and said "we have arrived, lady" as he steps out of the black bentley to open the door for Ighanna. Despite dressing in a typical school clothing, Ighanna was still as stylish as ever, ornamented with her well-furnished accessories, she was well ahead of everyone else walking into school who looked like they have just woken up. "Plain milk" she thought of them.

"If it wasn't because father, least I'm good at academics I guess" Ighanna sighed to her chauffeur and at Metatron simultaneously before stepping out of the car.

"Pick me up after school ends, please don't be late" Ighanna further continued as she didn't want to stay nor did she want to be late for her work.

As she walked into school, bored, many people seem to look blushed and surprise, some even asked for autographs though I'll be here for a while until graduation so she told them "Maybe later~." What she didn't saw was her previous acquaintances, Neo and Haruka near the front of school as the bell was ringing soon she had to hurry to the teacher's room.

"Ding Dong"

"Today we have a new transfer student coming in from London. You may very well know her as she has been quite the superstar lately." the teacher announces with everyone sitting in excitement as if waiting for a chicken to lay an egg.

"Hello nice to meet you all, my name is Ighanna Colberg, I'm from London but transferred here for my work schedule and so I'll be staying here for a while, please take care of me." Ighanna introduced herself infront of the class whilst struggling to write her Japanese name on the blackboard.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Jello-san on September 18, 2015, 08:30:47 AM
With the Bell ringing, Haruka found himself groaning already. He stood up taking his backpack from his side.

"Well, good to see you guys. Time for, eh,... Classes." Haruka as about to walk off before sending a wave to his classmates this year. Sadly Haruka was a dummy and had low-level classes. He was eventually going to test out of them today, but he had to take another day of "dropout" classes.

"Neo, Hikaru, later. And for future reference, try to avoid blasting my eardrums out please, Hikaru. That engine is loud." He laughed, walking up the stairs to his classroom.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Spectre Diamond on September 18, 2015, 08:47:13 AM
Rolling his eyes on that comment he preceded to head to his class while waving to Neo.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: NeoBuster on September 18, 2015, 09:54:31 AM
Neo said goodbye to his friends and started heading to class. Neo's classes werent that hard and he actually enjoyed them. But the one thing Neo couldn't wait for was his free period. It was something Neo used to get some quiet time to himself. He also used it to look through his Vanguard deck. Neo sat in the empty hallway looking through his cards while thoughts flew through his mind.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 18, 2015, 10:26:38 AM
Getting a club room was easier than contract negotiations, thank goodness. Isabella was able to convince one of the teachers to become the advisor with ease. It was that he was a big fan of her that made things go extremely smoothly. With that done, the only thing left was to gather more members. The minimum was at least five, and that didn't seem troyblesome at all. From then on as an authorized school club, they would be able to participate in countless activities. Isabella picked up her bag, heading out to the school yard for a break period.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: NeoBuster on September 18, 2015, 10:38:41 AM
After looking over his deck in the quiet hallway, Neo still had plenty of free time before his next class. So Neo decided to walk out to the school yard and noticed Hana outside.

"Hey Hana" Neo said waving.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Jello-san on September 18, 2015, 10:55:31 AM
Breaaak timeee!

Haruka was eager to get out of the classroom for even a second. He was sick and tired of being picked on because he was the only one who really paid attention in that class.

Two minutes after leaving the classroom and heading down to the courtyard for some morning Z's, he spotted two people.

The Neo Isamu, lightning dragon extraordinaire... And then Hana. Haruka stopped to look for a moment. A rather beautiful woman, for sure.

"Yahello!" Haruka called out to both of them, heading in their direction.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 18, 2015, 11:04:24 AM
In order to stay more incognito, she opted for a black hat today, also goven by Drake during her concerts back in the U.S tour. Wearing a hat altogether sadly attracted attention regardless of color, but due to her choice of place, she was able to blend in well among the students and have a peaceful break. She looked into her deck box to check if the card from yesterday was still there, "Duo Eye of Temptation, Reit." It wasn't part of her deck yes, as she didn't seem to have cards that worked with it, and there weren't any cards in the card shop that were able to as well. The card's existence was mystery altogether.

"..." They both still have yet to speak to one another. They communicated with one another more or less through just making eye contact. It was like a firm handshake.

"Hey, Dogebuster, how ya been? It looks like the Cardfight Club got a room and can start soon."she waved at him while closing her deck box. Looking around, she also took notice of Haruka-kun as well, remembering the events of yesterday and playing it back in her mind. She felt a good deal of emotions while just looking at him, "Good Afternoon, Haruka-kun."
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Cipher Izanagi on September 18, 2015, 11:21:57 AM
Seifer was up and ready for school earlier than the day before, making sure to get his housemate up but we'd see about that. In any case, the male was already at school, walking around during break periods with his bag. At this particular break period though, he found his way to where Hana and Neo were apparently, walking in with his left hand in his pocket. "Hey guys. How'd getting a room and advisor?"  he asked Hana in particular since he wasn't told and didn't know anything about it's progress, as he sat down his bag on a nearby bench while sitting down on it. "Rosalia might join us in it this endeavor to. She seemed interested in it when I mentioned it."
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Jello-san on September 18, 2015, 11:28:09 AM
Normally Haruka would probably be able to fawn over her for hours, but he actually had something else on his mind.

"Cardfight Club, eh? I'm in. Or, unless I'm not invited, in which case I'll just be at Card Capital or something.." Haruka was technically not invited, but Haruka would find it strange if he couldn't join or something. He was just teasing at this point.

"By the way, Neo. Have you seen Tsubasa? Either of you actually? He left the shop last night..." Haruka had a quick flashback of the evening last. He tried to contain the rising blush and smile but it was difficult.

"Yeah, anyone seen him?"

Just as he asked, Seifer made his appearance as well. Seems Rosalia is joining the club too. Members are nearly pouring in at this rate.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 18, 2015, 11:38:40 AM
Seifer was walking in alone with his hand in his pocket, being edgy. Isabella was glad over the news of another member joining. That eliminated the problem of having a minimum club member requirement. She gave a Seifer a wave of her hand as well, "It wasn't that hard, especially since it was done early on in the year. Actually doing contract negotiaton stuff with idoru gave me a good deal of experience to take from when it came to getting around the staff. So we should have a room and advisor ready tomorrow. Right on time for the Culture Festival and Camping Trip."

She reached into her bag and pulled out a box as well as a thermos. Holding both in her hands she went in front of Haruka-kun and handed it to him. "You said we would see each other again today so here! I made you lunch and even the coffee you like. Thanks for yesterday! Haha." She took a good look at him while adjusting her hat. She wanted to get close to where she would be able to smell his scent at this point, but smelling people is weird, even if it did make sense in this kind of relationship context. Awks.
Title: Re: (GS3) Field: Hoshiko High School
Post by: Jello-san on September 18, 2015, 11:59:39 AM
"Hu-uh, oh! Thanks Hana!" Haruka had his head tilted at first, somewhat confused. He was excited for sure, coffee and lunch by a cute girl was nothing to scoff at, let alone an idol. He smiled and kneeled down to eye-level.

"Thank youuuu."

Standing up, he took hold of the thermos and box, setting them down at a table off to the side of the courtyard and sat down. Contrary to popular belief, Haruka actually really likes food. He's just always had trouble deciding what he particularly liked. But he already decided that it didn't matter what she made. He'd eat it. Royal Brew coffee too? Best. School Day. Ever.
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Post by: NeoBuster on September 18, 2015, 12:01:38 PM
Neo waved to everyone that was outside. He was happy to hear that the Cardfight club was given a room for the club to be in. That put a smile on Neo's face. He then heard about a Festival and Camping trip.

"Oh theres a festival and camping trip?" Neo asked
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"Yeah, usually clubs go together for that stuff. We can represent the Vanguard world and everything. Show then how card games teaches us how to survive in the wilderness... Or um, now that I think of it that sounds of kind of ridicukous... Ah well we gotta represent!" She sat over next to Haruka-kun at the courtyard table nearby. It was something that Isabella learned while being taught about how her fans work, cognative dissonance, changing your mindset so suddenly just tonmake yourself feel confortable and justify your acts. This was it, cognative dissonance at its finest. Coming home to Mi-hime everyday and acting like nothing is wrong, tossing away her guilt while being with Haruka-kun. She sure can't sleep well at night, but every moment that she's awake has an extra dash of excitement now and that makes it all the more worth it. Its not like idols get much sleep to begin with anyways. There it is again.

She leaned over to Haruka-kun, putting her hand on his lap and moving her face close to his. "Of course you're joining the Cardfight Club right?" she asked. Moving closer she whispered, "plus, that means we can spend the camping trip together, imagine that..." she had mischeveous smile across her face once she backed away, covering her mouth as she did a small laugh with a bit of blushing from what she just said.

She turned back over to everyone else, "Oh right, our room is on the second floor of the north building, room 205.. Its usually a Biology classroom so it has a good amount of preset tables already."
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He perked up from a mention of a cardfight club from the words of the idol. Intrigued by this he walked over to their table.

"Its quite cute that your using your Idol experience to form a cardfight club Hana, or should I say Hope?"
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Amon had gave up on finding the ring, perhaps some other student picked it up or maybe it was just lost. In any case, he could not locate it. He decided to go to his next class. It was timetabled as English. To be accurate, English Literature.

He opened the classroom door, there was no one in the class yet, only he had shown for the lesson, not even the teacher had appeared yet. Amon walked into the classroom, seating himself at the back of the class, next to the window. He wanted to view the outside world of the school and watch it during this next lesson.

The sun was lighting up the classroom, the void space only filled by chairs and desk's, also Amon. There was a book on the desk he was sat at. Upon closer inspection he noticed the book was the literature "Dracula" by an Irish author known as Bram Stoker. Amon began to read the book whilst waiting for his class to appear.
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He was already sipping his coffee when Hana came over. He felt warmth again, but not in his chest this time. Closer to his tight...

N o p e.

Haruka nearly spit his coffee out hearing what Hana had mentioned about the camping trip. She was obviously joking because there is no way teachers would let anything as ludicrous as what Hana was thinking, happen. He swallowed his coffee, scratching his head.

"Y-yeah, yeah I'm joining the club. I won't be able to be there often because of work though." Despite loving to spend time with his friends, even moreso playing Vanguard, he knew he had to balance social life with responsibilities.

"We should talk later actually, if you have time. I get off work early today, so after that." Haruka closed up the thermos and grabbed the lunch.

Might as well leave her with something. Haruka plants a small kiss on her cheek. He lingers for a moment, enjoying the warmth. He pulls away, with a strange twisted feeling in his chest, but the coffee manages to wash it away.

"I gotta get back before the break ends. I'll see ya later, mmkay?" Haruka smiles giving an imitation of an idol waving to the crowd before heading back upstairs to his.... Dummy level classes.
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Ighanna stared intently on a noticeboard during break time as a couple of her friends guided her around the school. The noticeboard featured many different list of club activities such as Soccer Club, Orchestra, Choir, Art Club and much more, at first a music related club like the Choir but then she saw a notice "Cardfight Club". She thought Metatron might enjoy it so she took a photo of the notice poster before returning to class.

"I guess I might visit this club after school" she thought to Metatron.
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Thankfully, Seifer had made sure to get the redhead up the following morning. After just the first day, Rosalia was exhausted, and almost slept through her alarm clock to the second day. This was going to be a very long year, but hopefully with making new friends and having enjoyable experiences, it should get easier as the days go on. Rosalia was sure she was alone, however, in most of her classes. If not, she must have missed familiar faces she had met already. After all, she was easily two years younger than Seifer, and she figured most of the friends she met through him would be in the older age group classes with him, instead of her. Then again, she never did ask for anyone's age...

As a break in classes came along, the female wandered the halls while nibbling a granola bar, anything to keep her energy levels up. Actually using her time wisely, she looked around for signs of different clubs. Seifer had mentioned a Cardfight Club, but Rosalia would be lying if she wasn't also interested in musical clubs. Before she had moved here with Seifer for school, she was always taking private lessons for classical instruments such as the piano and violin. If her schedule, and school policy, allowed it, she would look into joining both clubs. She stopped at a notice board once other students had moved away from it, and spotted her wish of a musical club, or two for more options. I'll have to ask Seifer if he knows about a rule joining multiple clubs.. It should be allowed, right? I have to ask my mom to send my violin though, or get a new one here in Rijuku somewhere...

After taking notes of the club times with her phone, Rosalia was off again. There wasn't a room number on the board for where the cardfight club would be held, so she was lost on that one. Actually... Hey Seifer. Any idea where the Cardfight Club will be held later? I found a notice about it but there was no room number.... Oh! And we can join more than one club, right? She hit send on her phone, only to regret it a second later in case her housemate didn't have his phone on silent during class (unless he was on break of course).
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Seifer didn't get any of the texts that was sent to him during the day since his phone stayed off during school hours, even on breaks. However as he walked to the entrance of the school to wait for Rosalia, he opened his phone to see a text from her and Satoshi. 'Hmmm...' Satoshi's invite was something he was considering but he'd hold off on that for a moment. Instead he replied to Rosalia's text first. 'We've just been meeting where we can though Hana will let us know where. I'm not sure about being in multiple clubs though.' he pressed send before waiting a moment and bringing up Rosalia's contact info again. 'I'm also waiting right outside if you wanted to go somewhere.' he waited just a moment before hitting send again and shut his phone thinking.
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Rosalia, having finished her break and the rest of her classes for the day, sighed each time she had a mere two minutes to check her phone between each subject. Nothing from Seifer at all until the day finally ended. When she got the first text, the female tapped her chin while gathering her stuff to leave. So that's why there's no room number yet... Hopefully they get one soon... And I hope the music stuff works out too, but if I can only choose one, I'll definitely pick the Cardfight Club.. I wonder if Hana would know about joining multiple- Her thoughts cut short when her phone buzzed a second time. Seifer again, and he was waiting for her. That alone made the redhead smile and she hurried out of the classroom.

Rosalia trotted up to her housemate's side at the entrance of the school grounds, carrying her bag with both hands in front of her, and the usual smile on her face. "Heyo, Seifer~ I didn't text back since I was gonna be alright out... And because I didn't know what to suggest as an idea... Oh! Actually, I was wondering if there was a music store in town somewhere. If I can join two clubs, I was thinkin the Cardfight one and a music one, but I'd want to either get my mom to send my violin by mail or just get a new one.. I'm not sure, but I'd need a shop either way in case I need new strings and such.. Other than that, I'm okay with whatever you wanna do."
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The male smiled in return, placing his hand on top of her head lightly before dropping his arm to his side thinking. "I don't rightly know of a music store, but we can go look. Besides, it might do us some good to just relax and wander around a little bit between class days." he shrugged turning and waiting for the red head to be next to him before he started walking again. "Were classes alright today? Are you getting adjusted alright?" he asked a few meters from the school's gates, glancing over at the female. In the back of his mind he wondered if he should take Satoshi up on his offer, and yet... This was kind of more important. He didn't want to actually ignore him though so he pulled open his phone again to send out a text. 'Not this time. Have some stuff to take care of.' he pressed send, sending it to Satoshi before putting his phone away again. "You liking your teachers and classes? Getting along with classmates?" he continued to question the female as they walked.
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Yeah, sure, no problem. Maybe another time.
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The final bell had rung and school was finally over as Neo stepped outside and took a breathe of the fresh air.

"Lets see, what should I do?" Neo said

Neo decided to run home, change out of his school clothes and go walking around.
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At some point during the day, Isabella was able to text Yukino:

"Well we should have a family dinner since you're back, mom-san can take a day off soon. ISA Hope :3c"/i]

In terms of setting up the Cardfight Club, the teacher put off the job of advisor to one of the school janitors. "Sky?..." That was his name. He apparently should be seen around the school and has been given the memo about the club meeting, though it can go on today if he is unable to show up since it is only the first meeting. The day went by as normal, fans and other such people following Isabella around, going to classes, being the perfect model student. Strsight A's, it was hard to tell that she had neglected a year of school for her world tour. An idol has to do well in all aspects since people are always watching and looking to her of course.

She texted back Haruka-kun:
"Good afternoon sleepyheaddd. Gomen for not waking you up. Only would make sense you'd be tired after last night. Haha. ISA Hope :3c"

Well, Isabella was perfect aside for this aspect. No one is perfect anyways.

She continued onto her next class.

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It didn't take long to stop by his own home, switch into his school uniform, grab his cards and fix his hair, before setting out. It only took a few minutes for him to realize that the school wasn't too far off by foot so he actually made it in decent time, just barely making it for his third class.

He read Hana's text with a small grin, and finally ran into the hectic lower-level class he had been in all year. It was for dummy's and Haruka was in fact a really dumb dummy. Considering what he got himself into, anyone with a semblance of a moral compass would call him an idiot in a heartbeat. Thing is, Haruka felt justified in doing what he was doing. Cheating is cheating, and that's wrong. You can't really justify that part. But being with Hana and taking care of her wants is paying back what she had done for him while Yukino was away.

He sat down, scrolling through his deck. Or rather, his new deck. Haruka was a in a bit of exasperation now that he had returned...

The Emperor of Dragon Empire, Dragonic Overlord. He had responded to Haruka but why now...?

An answer came just as fast as the thought crossed his mind.

I responded to your call for strength, like you did when we first met. This was not the strength to save everybody however...

Overlord fell silent for a moment.

It was to save Hana. You wanted strength so you could stand by her side without the feeling of betrayal. I was here to provide you that. And will continue to stand by you. I am sorry, My Vanguard, I wish we could have spoken more in my absence.

The teacher was yelling at this point, but Haruka wasn't listening. He had catching up to do with the Overlord.
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Seifer actually didn't show up until late for school, though he had a notice describing why, as he'd been asked to help some people while he was on the way to school. In any case, the male went about his day like normal, going to classes, and talking with teachers afterward so that he could get a bit of extra help when and if he needed it. Right now though, he was walking through the hall during a free moment, a tingling, burning sensation going on in the back of his head. He didn't understand why it was happening. Was he getting sick? No... He didn't think that would be a cause... But what if it was serious? No it was a familiar heat to something he'd lost. But what was it? He couldn't place his finger on it even remotely. Sighing, he continued on, actually just waiting on a text from... well... anyone, to tell him where they needed to meet at for the club.
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Ighanna confused by the location of the club started to approach a young man who appeared to be staring down on his phone as if waiting for a text, he seemed quite intelligent enough to know where everything is so she mockingly approached him.

"Waiting for your girlfriend to reply?" Ighanna joked the random guy as she laughed it off as a joke.

"Sorry 'jk', would you happen to know where the cardfight club is?" she asked hoping the boy would lead her there.
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In contrary to her housemate, Rosalia was at school on time. She wouldn't be able to randomly start showing up late if she was going to join two clubs. But that wasn't to say she wasn't tired. Even if she did get to bed early the previous night, it was an exhausting day, some of that tiredness passing onto the next day. It was still the start of the school year too, so she had to get back into her routine of going to school at all. But by the time her break came along, she wasn't resting. She stopped at the notice board again, seeing that the room number for the Cardfight club still wasn't up yet.. But the Orchestra Club was, as well as the advisor information and meeting time.

The redhead used her break to talk to the Orchestra Club advisor, given that the professor wasn't busy with an actual class at the moment. It probably wasn't the best idea to ask about joining when she hadn't practiced lately, but her interest in joining was enough to get her an audition time, some sheet music to play for the actual audition, and of course some time to do practice it. It was only after her break, when she was back in class, that she realized she didn't text Seifer at all... Well, yesterday, he didn't text until school was completely over... I'm sure it'll be okay...
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When the stranger addressed him as such his face turned a hint of crimson before she continued. Ah so she was joking? Either way, Seifer scratched the back of his head laughing a bit sheepishly. "Admittedly I have no idea where it is. I'm waiting for the one who made it to text me the location. I actually forgot to ask her face to face the last time I saw her so..." putting his phone away, he relaxed a bit, pushing his hands into his pockets. "Feel free to wait around with me, since it'd be easier to have us both learn about it at the same time." he offered, sitting down on a nearby bench.
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Amon entered the school, he was in pain. The effect of the thug's punch was now taking course. He walked with the pain in his lower abdomen for a few minutes until he realised, he had no idea where the medical office was. With the pain intensifying after every minute, he decided to find and ask someone where it was. He came across a male and female student. He spoke with the sound of agony in his voice.

"You two.... Medical Office.... Location..."  Amon fell faint and stumbled to the side of the wall, attempting to catch his breath
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The one thing that sucked about Saturdays: Half days. But it didnt stop Neo. He went through his same morning routine and headed to school looking foward to the day. He headed to school filled with his usual passionate energy. As the school day went by Neo kept looking foward to the Cardfight Clubs first day but decided not to think about it to let the day go by faster. Neo was sitting in his last class waiting for it to end.
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After hearing the other student inviting her to wait around, she was suddenly approached by a guy seemingly fainting near the side of the wall. She blinked twice before rushing in to help.

"Um you, I think we need to carry him to the medical office." Ighanna suggested as she tries to awaken the injured student. "He looks pretty worn out, is he those delinquents who have fights on the streets or what gosh?" she continued, slightly annoyed.
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Seifer sighed at the now fainted person. Well, now he had to help someone else today. It started to look like he'd never really get some peace for very long, but he wasn't just going to leave someone lying on the ground. Shrugging, he grabbed the person's arm and belt loop, hoisting them up on his shoulder and balancing him there as he didn't feel as heavy as he looked. He then glanced back at the girl he just met. "Feel free to tag along if you like. I'm just going to take him up to the nurse's office and drop him off. Thug or not, I don't think it'd be right to just leave him lying around." with that, Seifer hauled the other male up to the nurse's office, placing him on the bed table thing inside and speaking with the faculty there. He really just explained what happened when the male showed up, since he didn't know what could of happened to him before.
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Saturdays were shortened so classes were finally coming to an end. Bless. Haruka couldn't take anymore of Miss Takada's ranting. He just wanted to get out and head to the Cardfight Club. Biology Room, 205.

As he was dashing down the hall, he saw a couple of people standing out. Not like they were in the way, Haruka just recognized them. Seifer and Ighanna to be specific. Haruka hadn't seen her since, well, a year ago people were definitely. Also a fainted guy. Eh... Not really Haruka's scene. But he followed the group to catch up. Once they were done in the nurse's office, Haruka grabbed Seifer and Ighanna's attention.

"Hey Seifer, just reminding you that club is today. Its in the Bio room on the second floor, 205. Wanna head over?" Haruka waved to Ighanna too. Maybe she wanted to go too?
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Neo's class finally finished and he noticed a scene in the hallway. He saw Amon had been in pain and was being taken to the nurse's office by Seifer and Ighanna. Neo decided to watch from outside the door of the office to find out what was going on.

"Amon.." Neo said to himself

"Neo had not forgotten his encounter with Amon the other day in the forest. Not that he was bothered by it, but he wanted to fight Amon to show him that he was confident with Narukami unlike that time at Handsome.

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"Oh its Haruka. Oh. Oh." Ighanna then realised everything and thought that Haruka and Hana must have been the center idea for creating a Cardfight club. She gladly followed the two around while planning to drop the injured person to the Med Centre. Looking closely, she remembered him, it was the guy who was arguing with Neu at Card Capital! No wonder he got himself in such a mess, he is definitely a delinquent, she thought.

"Well I'm pretty sure he's a delinquent now. Lets head to the Cardfight Club right after sending him off, I don't want him waking up to punch me" Ighanna said in a fairly scared tone.
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After explaining the situation, and dropping the strange beaten up kid off, Seifer turned toward Haruka, waving when he got the news on where the Cardfight Club was going to meet. He quickly texted the location to Rosalia before nodding, sliding his hands into his pockets. For some reason the burning in the back of his head came back, but he kept that to himself. In any case, Seifer agreed to go with Haruka and Ighanna to the club meeting room. "Let's go. And I'm pretty sure he won't punch you. There's two other people here that would stop him otherwise." he didn't know why he told the female this, but he did.
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Amon coughed, and a small amount of blood dripped from his mouth. It was clear the strength of the punch he received to his lower body had caused some kind of internal bleeding. The pain was much for him to bare. He was lying on some kind of bed thing. He sat up, he was in the Nurse's room. "Note to self, next time.... I decided to stop a gang ...mugging Card Capital.... going to not fight them to protect everyone" He said whilst still in pain.
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Rosalia sighed in relief after class finally ended. Half day Saturday's were worse than full days during the week. Oh well. Nothing she could do to change it, so complaining was pointless. She gathered her things and checked her phone, about to send Seifer a text when she saw she already had one from him. Just him texting at all made the redhead smile like an idiot at her phone. Looks like.. BIO room 205... I can't wait for the club to start~ She quick texted in reply to her housemate, "See you there soon!~", then made a mad dash to the designated meeting area. As she stopped in front of the room, of which seemed to be empty of familiar faces, the redhead opted to wait outside the classroom. In the meantime, she pulled out the sheets of music from the Orchestra Club advisor. There was multiple parts, basically an option of which role she wanted to audition for. Obviously, she put all of them away, save for the main melody piece for First Chair Violin. Seifer and Neo think I can do it... I'll just have to practice my hardest until the audition...
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With a thumbs-up he turned on his heels and headed for the Clubroom. Classes were ending early today so everybody should be heading over to there now. He wasn't sure if Neo knew the way there, but it shouldn't be too hard to find the nerds with decks of cards running to the Biology classroom. His deck might as well been on fire. Haruka's flame was burning from his chest all over, and it was a lovely feeling to remember.

Haruka, Seifer and Ighanna were the first to arrive in the Clubroom, aside from.... Oh, Rosalia! She must have made it here first. Faster on her feet than these three were, supposedly.

"Glad to see you could make it." Haruka waved with a small grin and motioned her to head inside the Clubroom as well.

There weren't any fight mats on the tables like normally, but they were still usable.

Besides, Haruka brought his own.... it was an Isabella Hope mat but that didn't matter at the moment. He sat down at a nearby table taking out his deck and flipping through his cards. His new units seemed to have an amazing synergy of retiring and most importantly, restanding. Haruka was wearing a pretty big grin. He sent out a text to Hana really quick.

"we're already at the clubroom. hurryyyy uppp ;u; -haru"
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With no leads on the Blueblood case, Hikaru had decided to go to school figuring he needed to find this 'Hazama' person first before doing anything else. His uniform is a bit ragged from earlier events. He grabbed some coffee before coming here. While heading down stares to the second floor he notice a group of people that are heading towards one of the bio rooms. One of which he recognized as Haruka.

"What could they possibly be doing in a bio room." He thought. Hikaru then followed them.
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Seifer followed along with Haruka, his hands in his pockets. When he saw Rosalia waiting for them though he couldn't help but smile, placing his hand on top of her head as they got near the door. "Let's go on inside and get comfortable. We might be waiting a bit." he spoke to the red head, leading her inside and glancing around. Haruka had already gotten settled it seemed, and he had his deck out... And the burning grew more intense.
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Rosalia made a soft "oof" noise when she felt a hand on her head. Usually the touch didn't startle her, at least when it was Seifer, but the redhead was studying the sheet music so intensely, she was practically blocking the world out. When he led the way inside, she followed closely. Rosalia got her deck out but kept it on the table next to her schoolbag while taking a seat. "Well, I guess if we're waiting... don't mind me~ I got audition music to learn for the Orchestra club, and the audition time is in a few days..."
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Amon rummaged around the Medical room, finding some painkillers and bandages. He removed his upper body clothing, placing it on the door handle. Amon took the painkillers with some water he had in bottle form from his blazer. The pain had died down. Applying the bandages to the lower part of his upper body, Amon put his clothes back on. He exited the medical room.

He began walking down the corridor. He wondered where he could go, he had a few classes he had to attend, but he decided instead to go to the music room. Amon had  wanted to learn how to play music for awhile now. He reached the music room after a few minutes of walking, put his hand on the door handle and knocked to see if anyone was using the room. "Hello? Anyone in there?"
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Haruka looked around after a bit, and Hana still hadn't shown up. He felt at first it would be wrong to not at least wait for the one who actually started the club, but he was just itching for a fight. In fact, he had noticed something from Overlord and his deck just a moment ago. There was a slight resonance coming from it, the heat moving in the direction of Seifer, something like a heat-sensitive compass.

He looked at him, walking in his direction.

"Hey Seifer, as a way to commemorate our first day of Cardfight Club, hmm, would you maybe be interested in a fight? I'm sure Hana wouldn't mind one fight really quick, right?" Haruka was pretty excited to test out how his deck had grown. His number one rule however was just to learn what he was using now. He never even really got to learn how to use Dauntless or Blast Bark, let alone the new Overlord reincarnation.

He placed his deck down on the table, looking at him with a fiery motivation.

"So, whaddya' say?" A grin rose to his face.
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At the challenge Seifer thought about it a moment and nodded. He couldn't figure out what the heat and burning was but he still had to test the changes to his deck. "Sure. Let's go." he replied pulling out his deck.
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Ighanna entered the biology lab room as if about to conduct a student-led experiment but reality, it was just a plain ol' gathering of cardfighters. She then noticed one girl who seemed to be studying intently into a musical piece of her audition.

"Thats, Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, right?" Ighanna questioned as she was also given that piece to practice for her Orchestra Audition as a cellist. "Nice to know you're also joining the orchestra, I hope to see you there!" Ighanna said in joy as she found another person to acknowledge at school, especially she doesn't know anyone else who is joining the orchestra.
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"Good Afternoon minnasan." Isabella entered the room, placing her bag onto one of the tables.

It looked as if a fight was already starting with Haruka-kun and Sliffer. She opted to get a quick rest since class just ended and sat at a nearby table, a good distance where she would be able to spectate. Haruka-kun was glowing as always.

"Haruka-kun faitoo!" she cheered him on before taking her seat.

"Right..." she spread the Duo units across the table, all of which coordinated into uniform black costumes.
'Good Afternoon Hana~,' Reit greeted.

That kind of greeting struck Isabella in a strange way. It just seemed awfully familiar. She continued to scan the cards, familiarizing herself with them and the abilities of this new deck that had appeared to her. Duo... What does it represent? Her double life? The perfect idol to many, but to Haruka she is... She shook her head, if that was so then she picked the darker side of herself.

She picked up Reit, the eyes of the card pierced through her very soul.
"You're worse than Pacifica..."

For some reason the rest of the clan seemed distant to her, very distant.
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Hikaru stepped into the room after examining it before entering. To say the least he's hoping to get some answer from this club that he's been hearing about for the past day or so. He sees Hana working the contents of her deck, two girls looking over at a sheet and Haruka fighting someone he doesn't know. He walks over to Hana to start a conversation.

"Hello their Hana or should I say Hope?"
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Rosalia glanced up from her music only when she heard Seifer speak up again, tilting her head. Being focused on the sheet music, she didn't realize Haruka had challenged her housemate. Nor did she realize another girl had spoken to her. "O-oh! Sorry. Uh, yeah. I'm going for the violin, and I want to try getting First Chair... but its nice to meet you~ Funny how we're both going for Orchestra and Cardfight! I'm Rosalia Mooncrest~"

She then moved so that she could watch the fight and was putting her music sheets away when she realized how many papers she actually had for the main melody compared to the rest. "Oh... oh! No no no... It was here, I swear..." The other sets of music had equal numbers of pages, but the set she was studying had one less than the rest. "A-ah.. good luck, Seifer and Haruka! I'll be right back. I need to stop at the music room again. I think I dropped a page..." She put her deck back into her bag, just to keep it safe, and took her bag with her out of the room.

The redhead first checked her last class of the day, and the paper wasn't there. Her next guess was the music room where she had gotten the sheets in the first place. Sure enough, it was just outside the room on the floor. "Oh thank goodne-..." Rosalia stopped, seeing someone standing just next to the paper on the floor. She didn't recognize him at first, but as she got closer, it was none other than one of the guys she had passed briefly in the forest a few days ago when searching for her friend Neo, but didn't remember a name. "U-um.. excuse me.. I forgot a paper here, and you're almost stepping on it... M-mind if I get it real quick?..."
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Before Amon entered the Music room, he heard a familiar voice. [The Underground King, should totally have seen this coming]. Amon ran in the direction of the voice, hoping he could find the king. He ran as fast as he could, considering his injury.

He found the King. "The Hell are you here for, Underground King?!"
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Rosalia stood there dumbfounded, scooting to the side along the wall. Who.. who in the world is the Underground King?... She didn't bother to ask, grabbed her paper, and ran down the hall in the opposite direction. She didn't stop until she was back in the biology room. It wasn't even outside the room. She ran straight into it and collapsed to her knees in the middle of the room where she was safer, sitting by Seifer's side and panting. "L-looks like.. like I got.. back in time for the fight..." she huffed, clinging to her bag and paper.
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"Nice to meet you too, my name is Ighanna R. Colberg" Ighanna replied to introduce herself as the girl went off to the music room for a while before returning back again collapsing in the middle of the room. This was all however her peripheral vision as Ighanna's eyes were staring intently into the game between Haruka and the other guy, analysing every single play as the game was going. She soon remembers vaguely how the card game goes after being away from her deck for several months.

"Your name's Seifer, was it? Mine's Ighanna, nice to meet you to." Ighanna introduced herself as she tries to figure out the other guy's name right after the battle ended. "Nice game there."
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"You can call me Hana, Australia-kun." She laughed.

She scooped up her cards back into a pile and inserted them back into the box, it seems like the fight with Haruka-kun and Slifer was just about over. A thought ran across her head to maybe invite Tsubasa here. The had kept in touch over the year and hadn't seen each other since the dinner invite where he had to go a bit early. There was no harm in inviting him to the club today, especially for the first day.

"Tsubaka are you available today? Cardfight club meeting over at Hoshiko High School, Biology Room 205, North Hall. Are you alumni here by the way? Guess it'd make this easier to find, if not then just ask students and staff. Thanks. ISA Hope :3c"

She placed her phone back into her bag and continued to speak to the Underground King.

"I've been trying to start local charities and fundraisers for Umano. At the very least, that's the most that I could do without getting too involved in the turf war like you asked. Sadly, the project would take about a few months to a few years."
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"Oh Fundraisers." He wasn't expecting for that to happen. Hikaru had expected Hana to join in the attacks against the other factions of the underworld, but given her nature this was unlikely to happen. Hikaru then remembered the body guards of Hana when he came back from the hospital.

"Hana I would like to thank you for the support you have been giving me since I was hospitalized. Thank you." He said with a genuine smile. A smile he rarely gave out to anyone due to the escalating brutality of the turf war and his life experiences.
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Things were different this time. Haruka felt all the heat he used to when he fought. The sweat, the fired up feeling of checking critical after critical trigger. Tahr was with him today. Pray to Based Tahr forever.

Haruka even got to do his now infamous Crossbreak Ride, being able to break ride Dragonic Overlord The End on the new Overlord break ride unit. This allotted him the ability to chain multiple Vanguard attacks together by going after rear guards, stacking up triggers whilst retiring enemy rear guards in the process. This was Haruka's trademark. Restanding the Vanguard was always his favorite thing, because he felt himself too stand up even in the most dire situation. It was one final push, a final advance to close it all out and burn his barricades to ash. So he did. He pushed with the break ride, then with the End

Peredur and Mordred would have ended Haruka from the second break ride turn for Seifer hit... if Haruka hadn't managed to hoard perfect guards from Turn 1. He managed to burn through the Shadow Paladin burst and blitz tactics on break ride turn, and by weathering the storm, Haruka got his counterattack and finished the game 4 to 6.

He was burning up from the inside out. But Overlord and him resonated to an extreme this fight. The bonds that had been burned were not simply turned to ash, but glazed over in a new inferno. Haruka smiled and cheered for his victory, then promptly gave a thumbs-up to Seifer.

"Thanks for the fight man! It's great to finally be back in action with My Avatar. Haahh..." He sighed out a breath of relief.

Seifer AP+3

Haruka walked over to the now present Hana after his fight. Excitement filled him up after such an intense battle. He waved over to her and Hikaru who seemed to be chatting about Umano.

"Hey, didn't see you come in." With a light peck on Hana's lips, he pocketed his hands, still a bit confused.

"So, a fundraiser is going on? Any way I can help?" Haruka was actually more or less interested in helping out Umano if he could. Haruka had been there a couple of times and none of them were particularly pleasant. He knew Hikaru was a good person at heart, and had a lot on his plate to deal with. If there was a way for Haruka to get involved too, that would be just as nice.
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During the fight, the heat Seifer felt continued to grow more intense, and at the sight of Overlord, he almost crumpled, especially when his sixth damage hit. He was down and depressed but he tried his hardest not to show it. Giving a thumbs up back, he put his deck away and stood up, walking toward the door to the bio room. "I'm... Going to go get something to drink... I'll be back in a bit... You guys can just start without me. It'll be ok." he said as he walked out the door, shutting it behind him and walking down the hall, his eyes shut halfway.

Haruka AF+3
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She respected the effort that the Underground King put into the Umano community, as corrupt and as violent as it has gotten. His smile seemed strange, she could tell it was something that he didn't do often, so it felt like somewhat of an accomplishment. "Well I can join and fight if need be, but only if it gets to that point. As is right now it's your duty to keep that place in order until the necessary funds are raised to reform the area." It has gotten quite out of hand the past few days, but it wasn't his fault. It really was far too much for him. She remembers the first time that they fought, a year ago back in Card Capital. He was way different back then. It seems now that he's found a sense of honor and duty, and he knew what he wanted and had to do.

Haruka-kun was victorious. She kissed him back as well, blushing in the aftermath. In terms of the fundraiser, there wasn't much to do other than keep a steady pattern of events going and getting the support of the local card shops. There was a way for the club to help out as well, and it was...

"Oh! Everyone, how about the Cardfight Club doing some sort of a fundraiser to raise money for Umano? With the culture festival that comes every year, I think we would be able to!"
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Rosalia, having caught her breath, was able to watch the final few turns of the fight after her trip to the music room. She kept quiet during the fight of course, but her eyes wasn't actually on the field for the most part. She was watching Seifer himself, a small frown appearing on her lips. He wasn't doing well, and not for the fact he was losing. It was losing against Kagero. When the brunette left the room, Rosalia was glad she still had all of her papers and deck in her schoolbag instead of unpacking it all again. "I'm.. gonna go keep him company..." she said softly with a wave to the rest of the room, then turned to the door that was now shut.

She did stop and hesitate for just a second, but with a deep breath, she opened the door and headed after her housemate in the hallway. She didn't speak though; only slowing to a walk by Seifer's side.
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I think that would be a great idea." Neo said to Hana

"It would be a good start for us as a club.
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The events of last night with Yukino took most of the daytime from Tsubasa, because he did not want to visit Neu too late at night he chose to go home and try again today. Before he could go though he receives a text from Hana, apparently she wanted him to go to their school for a cardfight club meeting.

"Yea sure I can make it, and yea I did graduate from that school so I'm sure i'll be able to find my way around the place. Expect me in a few.

Upon arrival at the school gates, he took the chance to reminisce about his past experiences in this place, but he decided to go and see what Hana needed from him regarding their cardfight club. After some walking he finally made it to the room Hana referred to, but he noticed Seifer and Rosalia walking away.

"I wonder what happened...they seemed..down." he thought.

He stood in front of the club room, "..I wonder what she needs from me..." he thought, as he began to knock on the door.
"May I come in?" he said, opening the door slightly.
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Seifer didn't really notice she'd joined him honestly, which was why his face still showed he was upset. He did do as he said he was though, stopping at one of the vending machines and ordering a drink from it. It was then he noticed Rosalia following him and he quickly wiped away any tears that had probably shown up. "You didn't have to come with me y'know... You could of stayed there with them. I was gonna be fine..." he told her. He wasn't saying it in any angry tone, just even.
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"Sounds good to me too." If Haruka couldn't really go to Umano and help himself, a fundraiser was also a good way of doing it. He gave Hana a nod that he was on board with the idea. Apparently Neo was also up for it, so it seemed that at least three members had all agreed to do that. The question is, what were they going to do though? The culture festivals had classes doing a lot of stuff, and it would be lame if they did the exact same thing everyone else was doing, AKA a play. Why so many plays? He had no idea. Also concerts, which would be easy for the club considering they had Isabella Hope, but still not really that fun for the rest of the people in the club.

He sat down at the table with Hana, stretching out a bit. He was stiff after that fight, despite being so pumped up. He could go for another fight, but he felt as though all the luck he got with trigger checks would come to an abrupt halt and didn't want to push it.

"Well, what do you think Hikaru? A fundraiser for Umano. Yay or nay?" He wanted Hikaru's, an actual resident of the area's input.
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Rosalia watched her companion closely, a sad look coming across her face as Seifer wiped his eyes. After he told her that he was going to be fine, the female lowered her gaze. She moved her schoolbag from being held with both hands to only one, her now free hand reaching out to her companion. To be specific, she entwined her forefinger with his, much like they had done the previous night while at home before Neo showed up. "When you're sad, I'm sad too.. so we can be sad together until we're both happy enough again to go back to the club," Rosalia answered, smiling as if it would help Seifer smile too.
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As he saw the two of them give each other kisses on the cheek, Hikaru was bemused. He hadn't expected those two to be in a relationship. They both seem to be a happy couple and yet there was something off about at the same time. In all his years as the judge and king of the underground he had to learn how to read emotions of others in order to take advantage of them or find out if they were telling him a lie or not. The relationship felt dark to him as he rubbed his chin. He was brought out of his thoughts when Haruka called out to him.

"Yeah a Fundraiser sounds great but even with a fundraiser that still won't stop the remaining factions from going to war. I'm not saying you should stop. I just want you to be careful because some of them go to great lengths just to gain an advantage in this war."
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As Rosalia's finger curled around his, he couldn't help but smile, even if just a little. He was just glad she was around, so he wouldn't reject her. In any case he just nodded sipping on his drink. "Alright then, stay with me a while." he replied, keeping his finger around her's. He didn't let go any time soon more because it helped to keep him from breaking down.
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He bolted, a mad dash through the school as he passed random faculty members and students alike, not taking the time to remember their faces as only a fearful panic enveloped his mind, body and soul. "Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh nooo." He repeated in tandem, beads of sweat falling from his face as this sprint of his had been done all the way from home, clothes drenched in sweat and possibly shame.

Having reached at the right room the young man had burst into the room, a loud bang heard as he smacked the door in the horrific run. "I'm sorry!" Being able to yell out the words as he heaved for air, falling to his knees to rest up, heavy breaths resounding as if trying to eat up the oxygen around him.
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Rosalia smiled wider, more genuine as a sign of relief. As long as she could help, even just a little, she would always be around. She squeezed his finger with her's a bit tighter while looking around. Unfortunately, there wasn't much else to do for him, so while keeping their fingers interlocked, the redhead carefully pulled out her sheet music again (the complete set now, thanks to the short adventure to the music room earlier). "S-so..." Rosalia started, breaking their momentary silence. "That other girl in the Cardfight club is gonna be joining the Orchestra club too. I don't think I caught her name though, or what instrument she's gonna play..."
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Two figures were at the door, one recently arriving it seemed, the other was nearly dying.

"B-Both of you, get in here... Alex what the-" Haruka stood up and went over to the two guys. Tsubasa was seemingly pushed out of the way by Alex trying to rush into the room.

"What happened? And why are you so late? The school day ended over an hour ago..." Haruka was honestly less concerned with why he was so late but why he was covered in almost as much sweat as Haruka was the first time he used DOTE. It was like he had undergone some sacred hot coal ritual or something.

"Get up, man." Haruka held out his hand whilst nodding to Tsubasa.

"Its good to see you again by the way. How's University?" Haruka called out to the paladin user. It wasn't often they spoke about life outside of Vanguard so this was an interesting way to get to that topic. In a Cardfight Club. Makes sense, right?
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Alexander blinked, amidst the dying of course. He raised his hand to his pal to grab on, though his palms would be all sweaty and stuff. Ew. Somehow rising upwards he balanced himself on a nearby table, gasping for air in the meanwhile of course. "I .... Forgot." The young adult pushed out from his exhausted lungs as he eyed the room.

"Uh.... So.... What's up."
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The Pain had returned to Amon before he could reach the Underground King, to have a detailed informative review of his injury's, Amon headed to the hospital.
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Isabella scratched the back of her head and asked the club, "What should we do for a fundraiser?"

She leaned back on her chair and started playing with it a little, the kind of playing where she pushes back and then catches herself before she falls, quite dangerous actually, but it helped her think. A concert was out of the question since she wanted to do things as a club, plus manager-san wouldn't be happy. It had to have something to do with Vanguard at least, they were the Cardfight Club after all. All in all, it seems that the first day is lively. The club is looking great and well. She couldn't help but to let out a small laugh at Alex and Tsubasa though.

"Yeah the restoration project won't solve the problems alone, we do have to fight it out at some point. Also Hikaru, like I said I can take care of myself, no need to concern yourself about me." Idol fitness basically requires that of a professional athlete, her dad is a Lion, her mom is the Chief Nurse, she was the national champion a year ago, and she's the Princess of Cray. She isn't lying.
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Regaining his balance Tsubasa stepped up from the floor and shook his head, trying to realize what just happened. All he could gather from the situation was that he was pushed aside by someone who ran into the clubroom with great speed.

"...Uh..was that alex?" he asked, turning his attention to Haruka. "University has been going fine as of now, thankfully my lectures ended early today."

He entered the cardfight club and saw some familiar faces, Hana, Alex and Neo were among them. Immediately he turned his attention to Hana, as she was the one who asked him to come here.

"Why did you ask me to come here?" he asked.  "I assume a fight?"
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Seifer squeezed her finger back with his, slowly leading back to the bio room while listening to her talk. "I think her name was Ighanna?... I think I heard that right. In any case, what music did you get?" he asked, pointing at the sheets of music she had out now. He took his time leading back to the bio room since he still needed to relax some, and really didn't want to end being alone with her.
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"Oh these? I was missing a page for the set of music I have to play for the audition. Well... I have multiple sets for First and Second Chair, but it haaaad to be the one for First Chair that I was missing..." Rosalia looked over the papers, smiling further as she continued to study. She offered some of the papers, which would probably look like gibberish to someone who has never played an instrument before. "I have to actually try it when we get home, but I don't think this is as hard as I might have expected. I just have to practice and hope my fingers remember the notes~"
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Seifer took the paper looking it over, and while he didn't understand much of it, he still gave it a look. "Well I know the weird symbols are notes, and the position of the symbols determine how to play it, I think? But other than that I don't get it... It looks cool though. And hey, maybe I can watch you practice?" he replied to her, handing the pages back. They were almost back to the bio room, so he pulled his finger lightly from hers to save them some embarrassment from harassing friends.
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An all too familiar warmth returned to the redhead's cheeks, but she nodded when he asked about watching her practice. "M-mhm. I don't mind.. maybe I can teach you how to read sheet music~ I don't think you'd be alright with trying to learn to play the violin. You'd squeak a lot and ruin my strings," Rosalia answered. She had a smile on her lips again, though it faded just slightly when their fingers parted. At least it let her put her papers away with both hands so she wouldn't lose them in the halls again. As they entered the room again, she was surprised to see so many others had "appeared", as if by magic, only one of which she recognized. "Hi Tsubasa~ How was your day?"
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"Haai... um." Isabella placed her deck on the table.

"I need to try this out."

They were definitely strong, the Duos. The deck still felt distant to her, she didn't know why. It felt as if another piece of it was missing, but with a deck like this there was a strength beyond even what she was missing. Isabella had yet scratch the surface of what exactly the deck could do. That in itself interested her. Thought the question at hand was why this deck felt as if it was missing something? When it came to Bermuda Triangle decks, Isabella was always easily able to synchronize with them, but this one was different, it was like there needed to be a link to connect the two of them. She had to find out what that was.

She was able to finish everything she needed to get done for the day.

"I guess we can call it a day, meeting is done for now. Thanks for coming."

"Now then.. where to go?" She asked herself.
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Alexander felt the hollow sound of defeat ring within his very core. All the work, the running, the sweating, for nothing. A look of shock overtaking the young man as the willpower which kept him up faded comply, his knees buckling as they tumbled only for the words "Whyyyyyy" to whisper out audibly for someone like Haruka or Tsubasa who were near, though a hint of despair heared by everyone. Zetsubouuuuu.

For the moment he'd lie on the ground catching his breath stil though stabilizing with haste due to the cool ground. Oh boy would this be a day he'd curse ever so deeply, maybe he'd learn his lesson and not be late next time?
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The fights concluded with victories on both sides, nevertheless the Duo sublan for the Bermuda Triangle was a very powerful match to be a against,  the fact that the Duo's were able to survive with all that was the astounding aspect.

"Thank you for the fights Hana that was some good practice, and I appreciate the invite, but I gotta go for now, can't keep the lady waiting." he said, as he began to leave the clubroom, waving to everyone there.

"Oh and Haruka, we need to talk so i'll text you later, k?" he said, as he left. "Good to see you too Rosalia, Seifer sorry I can't spend much time for to you guys later."
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Well, since the club meeting was over, and it seemed like it ended with a cardfight, Seifer grabbed his stuff and opted to head out... somewhere. Waving bye to everyone but Rosalia, he decided to walk with her to somewhere that wasn't inside the school.
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Rosalia tilted her head, almost sad that the club was over already. But it was only the first day, right? There would be plenty of more meetings, and maybe next time, she could have a turn fighting someone. For now, it looked like Seifer was on his way out, so obviously she followed with a light skip in her step.
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Among the bustling activities going on around the school grounds Khudus was busy looking at his phone. He was reading information on cards which could aid him in his Beast Deity deck he was being forced to rebuild. He also had a new reason to get building as soon as possible. Noel was around meaning they would be fighting sometime soon. He could feel his body tremble with excitement. Fights with her have always been good fun and so close. He may be unbeaten against her but he knew it was only a matter of time till that record was broken.

He was so excited he wanted to skip school but as he missed a day or two already he couldn't afford to miss more days. Aahhh this is boring. Wish this day would end already. I know how to get to the store now I just want to start building this deck. With his bag draped over one shoulder and phone in other hand he just continued walking round.
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After the great night, Hana woke up with Haruka-kun and helped him prepare for school as well, cooking breakfast and including some gourmet eggs. The best in town. She walked to school, holding hands and rest her head on Haruka-kun's shoulder's, causing a few of the other students and fans to turn their head in disbelief. Isabella couldn't help but to laugh at it. Overall it was a great start to the day. Once it was time for the first class to start, they parted ways.

Isabella prepped for the next day of Cardfight Club today. All the while she had other things like an upcoming event at the part. She had built sandcastles in the sandboxes there, one for the original batch of idols, a second one for PR<3ISM idols, and a third for Duos. The head of the park's recreational activities as well as her publicity manager decided that it would be great to preserve the sandcastles and turn it into a sort of monument. They say that its because she is famous and has had such an impact on the Vanguard world, but Isabella likes to think that its because the sandcastles are simply just that dank.

The second order of business was regarding the situation in Umano. She had statistics laid out on her desk along with a calculated and estimated time that it would take to finish the project. If there was time today, she would definitely head over there to take down one of the factions. She began mapping out the area, drawing it on a larger-than-average piece of paper. She circled all the potential hiding spots. This would be for Hikaru and his gang.
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He was as bored as a young man could be in a class, sitting quietly as he eyed the school just ready for the bell to ring for lunch. The teacher at front continuing the draining lecture as he hastily continued to scribble down notes "What a pain." He'd mumble as a sigh followed right after, being a bit eager to leave today more than ever. Of course he'd go to the cardfight club after school, but he had secured himself something to do right after that and that was to tour the city he had just moved into.


The bell rung with its odd noise, something of a blood curling screech which only served to freak Alex the heck out. "Kind of wish I knew who'd put Dio's scream as the sound for the bell, jeez." Muttering as he walked about to go to lunch. He wasn't sure if the others were busy, though he would throw a text to Haruka, half awaiting to see him with Hana for some reason. In the meanwhile as he sent the text he'd go off to the lunch room, hoping to get something to chomp down on in the rush that was the thirst for the mediocre cafeteria food.

"I just wanna go exploooooore" Speaking with a dissatisfied tone on his way down the hall, keeping an eye within the classrooms he passed by hoping to see someone he knew. As fate would have it he had just did, spotting none other than the one and only idol herself, though to be fair it wasn't too difficult to know which class she was in. Her cult of followers surrounded the doors, all trying to take pictures of their goddess as from what he saw she seemed to be working tirelessly.

"Huh." Walking inside as he did so, waving as he called her name. "Ha-na sa-ma" Speaking out the syllables slowly to the aforementioned idol, and coincidentally most likely the cardfight club leader. You know, with her both being a national champion and a world renowned singer and all. For a moment, a flicker of regret seemed to pang, maybe he should speak formally around her? Though he did add sama at the end, that was formal enough. Probably.
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With a new day beginning Tsubasa went on his usual walks, just to think about the situation. So many events have been taking place ranging from drama and chaos. Rumors have been made regarding the umano area, with that Tsubasa was curious, so he went to the one person he knew would have some information regarding that matter, also it was the only person he could question regarding it.

He took a guest pass and entered the school making his way to the classroom, upon entry he saw two familiar faces, Alex and the person he was looking for, Hana. "It's good to see you both." he said.
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The voice was familiar, breaking her from trance-like working state and leading her to actually look around.

Oh right, its break... maybe I should actually... take a break?

She tried to find the source of the voice, hoping that it was her guardian angel, coming to save her life or reap her soul. Whichever one is fine because she probably needs both because of what she's been doing. It ended up being - er, she forgot the guy's name, but she knew that he was in the Cardfight Club and was also a big fan. This is where creating a nickname would come in handy, and so she did. Nicknames given are usually based of off notable traits or a play on words that match the name or title of the nickname's recipient.

Alexander was given the nickname of "Your Mom." Why? Because each and every single time that Isabella hand encountered him, he had ended having to leave because of a phone call from his mother.

So Your Mom walked into the room and was waving as he called out to her. Isabella waved back at Your Mom and looked at the fans that he passed by on the door who were taking photos of her. She gave them a wink and posed for the camera before turning her attentions back to Your Mom. "Good Afternoon to Your Mom!" she greeted.
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"What, don't tell me she's here." Moving erratically for a moment as if having been jolted by electricity, turning around to eye both the entrances. A sigh of relief coming out right after as he took a seat nearby, trying to calm himself after the scare.

"Thank god she's not here." The young man speaking with relief pretty well heard in his voice, though then he blinked for a few moments. "Wait, why are we talking about my mom." Asking as he simply looked onward at the idol, taking his headphones and a black marker as he placed them by her soon after. He knew that if Haruka were here hed likely get karate chopped to the ribs, thankfully he wasn't.
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Haruka had walked into his class to find he had become about 900% more popular. People were excited to hear about what dating Isabella Hope is like. It took Haruka a good bit to figure out how to describe his relationship with her.

For sake of ease, he just explained its like dating any other girl you really like.

Of course they weren't really dating or anything, but there were probably going to be so many misunderstandings anyways, he just complied from the start and went with it. Its not like a whole bunch of high schoolers are going to spread that kind of info to anybody important.

Haruka ended up leaving class early as usual because nobody cares and he went down to grab lunch before the bell.

Gotta beat the rush after all...

He contemplated texting his now school wide known "girlfriend," but she mentioned some small thing about Umano and realized it was work related probably. Haruka wanted to help, and sometimes the best help isn't intruding. Instead he messaged his favorite neighborhood Granblue fighter.

"shikiiiii. are you ignoring me :'c -haruu"

He bit into his sandwich, walking into a crowd of people by accident.

Oh boy. Hana is in there. And now Haruka is nearby. Cue gossip.
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The two seemed to be conversing with one another, though one thing was clear, Alex was having a very tough time with that nickname. Just hearing Hana say it made him chuckle a bit, so he walked over to Alex and pat him on the shoulder.

"Heh..A year and this is what you manage to do to yourself?" he said, with a joking tone, understanding that this might have been a reason regarding...his rush last time.

He turned his eyes to what Hana was doing and noticed her map drawing, ".....Isn't that the Umano area?" he asked.
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She pointed at Alexander, "You're Your Mom. By that I mean, I'm calling you Your Mom as a nickname!"

The papers on her desk were immediately stacked into a pile and placed into a folder which was then placed into her bag."Yeah, its pat of a project to improve the Umano community." She stood up from desk and decided that it would be nice to go grab a meal over at the cafeteria. Inviting Your Mom and Tsubaka over didn't seem like a bad idea.

"Wanna go get some food?" She asked, slowly walking to the door.

Somehow the crowd that was standing by was getting quite riled up, as if they were cheering for something to happen. She moved her head around a little to see what the fuss was about. It wasn't anything in the classroom. Among the crowd she spotted someone with hair, and so she immediately knew who it was now, no doubt about it. She blushed a little, remembering the night before. Even his scent was still on her right now. The whole situation was strange, but it excited her. They weren't actually dating- well they are but not in the orthodox normal kind of way-  they even have feelings for one another - its... complicated.

"Haruka-kun!" She enthusiastically called out and started waving.

The crowd went wild.
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"Oh." Was the sound a dumbfounded Alexander had made after both Tsubasas' pat and Hanas' reveal of his nickname. He was frozen, a shattering social defeat as all he could do was lay there for a moment. A cloud of sadness brewing around him as he forced his defeated form to trudge outside towards the cheering crowd, a glance given to the two lovers though only a sigh followed.

"Y-Your mom, huh." Mumbling out, sulking at the title he was given. Likely following the group silently for awhile.
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It was loud. People were clamoring over him and the screams of heartbroken men and just as envious women filled the halls. On the other side of the spectrum, high schoolers who had the ship predetermined were giving a victorious hurrah!

Haruka could barely hear Hana coming out of the classroom, as well as Alex and Tsubasa. He waved back with a smile.

"Yahello, Hana!" He would've called out to the whole group, but he felt like giving the crowd what they wanted this time around. He approached her, taking one of her hands in his.

"Hey guys, glad to see you guys made it out safe with the Isabella Hope fan club around. What I miss?" Haruka directed his attention to the group as a whole, however he was maintaining eye contact with Hana.

Keeping up appearances and all.
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It was official at this point in front of everyone, Hana and Haruka, though for Tsubasa something seemed off..This was mostly due to what Tsubasa remembered about Haruka a year back. Though it did clarify some of his thoughts regarding Yukino's recent behaviour, nevertheless he chose to just smile and go with it.

He nodded to Hana, accepting her offer, as he lead the seemingly broken Alex behind Hana. "..The fan club is strong it seems my friend,  it's good to see you as well man, I see that you're doing well for yourself." He said, replying to Haruka.
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"Good Afternoon, Haruka-kun." She looked up at him with gleaming eyes.

With his hand interlocked with hers, she began to lead the group across the hall, whistles and cheers all around. While these high school students probably didn't talk to anyone important, word usually gets around fast. It was only a matter of time. Plus, if anyone spotted them leaving her house together this morning, that would be quite troublesome. But... enjoy the moment. She thought of just striking up casual conversation. They had a whole crew here after all, well, sort of. Your Mom looked somewhat defeated and it seemed as if he wouldn't be able to recover for a good bit of time.

"How's your guy's day so far? Oh, there's this event at the park I might want to invite you guys to once the date is set." Isabella asked and said as she walked through the halls.
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Haruka still wasn't that great around groups. But that isn't what was causing Haruka to blush all of a sudden. Once he had a hold of Hana's hand, memories of the night before flashed through his head. The hands he been holding all night, amongst other things happening...

Needless to say it took longer to get dressed this morning than last time.

"I've been bombarded with questions about pretty much you. And us. Not much about me really, just you and me plus you. Something tells me your fanclub is having a fit, huh?"

Haruka turned the guys, specifically Tsubasa for a moment.

"I thought you said you were going to text me awhile ago? Just a reminder, I got no texts. So. We're gonna have to talk later." Haruka was throwing a little of his weight around for once, but only because standing next to Hana made Haruka really confident.

Not an excuse, just truth.
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At least his confidence was improving, was the thought that came to Tsubasa's mind upon hearing Haruka's reply. He was right thought Tsubasa had mentioned that he wanted to speak to Haruka, but because of the events that took place at the hospital the day before he was unable to.

" got me there." he said, his hand on the back of his head.

"..I had a little...situation at the hospital so I was very occupied, besides we can't talk now anyway, I would not want to steal you from Hana right now." he said, lowering his hand and smiling.
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Alexander remained the broken man that he had been reduced to by the horrible nickname, tears might have streamed down his face if his pride wasn't so shattered that crying as a visual effect lost its touch and only despair was left. Though, as time passed he began to perk up ever so slightly, coming to as his usual self was piecing together bit by bit.

Though as such, something finally began to seem odd in front of him, blinking blankly before voicing something that seemed to bother him for a bit. "Wait, Haruka. Didn't you used to date someone else? Uh.... Yuki something? She threw swords and had a real life Ezel carry her and all. I mean I'd like her number and all unless it's uh, too early." Stating the facts as he knew them with a curious yet honest expression. A sense of zetsubou was still hidden somewhere though, the nickname having scarred him.
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Haruka stopped dead in his tracks. A cold wind blew, but that air only became fuel for the fire. He turned to Alex with a wry grin.

"Don't even think about it." He winked to Alex. Sera even had a bit to say but sort of just let Haruka say his piece. It was brief. But even Overlord was a bit scared of Haruka at the moment. It was rare he ever went dark on people but asking about his actual girlfriend like she was just free to do with?

You're downright insane if you think Haruka will let you get away with it.
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The moment Alex's honesty kicked in was the moment that Haruka finally became serious, it was truly a sight to see, but it was definitely something to take note of. He would have felt the same way if someone referred to his Neu in a similar way, and he probably would have acted in a similar way.

Noticing the situation he stands between the two, his eyes piercing Haruka's in his gaze, "..Take it easy man, no harm done." he said, in a somewhat serious tone, as he began to turn to Alex.

"Honesty is a good trait, but be more aware of the boundary that you might cross because of it." he said, hoping that Alex would be careful of what he says the next time.

"..That was close." he thought.
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This was the first time Noel ever stepped into an actual school. All her knowledge from her private tutors couldn't help her here and she was barely at the front gate! Overwhelmed by the school looks, Noel stood there frozen not knowing what to do or to go. According to public school standards, she should be a third year.

This is crazy! This is how a public school looks?! It's huge! Almost like a maze! Where do I even start for my classes?

Noel looked more and more lost trying to figure out where her class was. Rosalia also mentioned the cardfight club but at this rate, she won't even find that.

"Ahhhh!! This sucks!!!"
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Isabella didn't say anything in the meanwhile, she just increased her grip on Haruka-kun's hand just to tell him that she was there. The choice was his like she said, so she didn't mind if he walked out on her now. She silently started to continued walk on, hopefully bringing Haruka-kun with her as well. Hana just held onto her smile and waved at everyone who she passed by. Turning back over to Tsubaka, she asked.

"So hows Neu-chan doing?"
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Alexander blinked, a bit confused at the situation that had unfolded. "Hah, right. I see." He said as a bead of cold sweat dripped down his face that moment, not expecting that icy murderous reply. Nodding to Tsubasa soon after as he followed the group.

"R-right, my bad. Uh, sorry, Haru." Trying to apologize for the mishap, he wouldn't want to hinder the friendship he was just cultivating, though soon after he'd also snap on the conversation of the moment. "Oh, Neu as in like the one you carried out of that weird space place? The American champion right?"
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Darren was barely able to find the school building when he woke up for class this morning. When he arrived inside, it was even worse. He didn't understand much of what was happening around him and he had little to no time to take in his surroundings. It was made worse by the fact that he wasn't the most studious person you would ever meet.

He was now in the hallway, his hand to the nearby wall as he finally took a moment to look around. I saw this coming, but its still harder than I though, he thought to himself. He tried to look around for some kind of clock for the time but they were all within the classrooms and he didn't want to step into one without needing to. The last thing he needed was another teacher saying things he had trouble keeping up with. The mention of a Cardfight Club was in his mind as well, and he had taken a Biology class earlier so he SHOULD know where it was. Should being the key term.
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The weekend was over and it was time to work. Sky walked into the school made his way to the janitors closet and pulled out a mop/bucket. "Time to work." Sky would mop the floors and perform his other janitorial duties today until it was time for the Cardfight club to meet.
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A sigh of relief echoed in Tsubasa's head at Hana's question, it was a good way of changing the topic, if not for Alex's barrage of questions. Though Tsubasa could not blame him he did not know them long enough to be aware of these things, in a way he reminded him of someone...

"..She's doing fine Hana, her recovery is coming in quite nicely and her cardfighting is as fun as it always has been." he said, smiling as he remembered his time with her.

"..Yes and yes Alex, that's the one." he said, patting Alex on the back trying to send him a message. "Calm down, relax a bit more."
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The grip on his hand brought him back to reality. Even if she said nothing directly, Haruka felt a tinge of sadness in him. He probably made Hana feel ignored or something and now he kind of wanted to stay with her a bit longer. Not just now, but actually stay with her. Relationship-wise. Even if it wasn't going to last all that much longer, a couple more days or so couldn't hurt at least, right?

However a part of that dream was promptly shattered. Work. His phone buzzed, his manager was requesting him to come in and take his shift. It was a decently long one too, at least a few more hours than his standard work hours.

He sighed, pecking Hana on the cheek.

"Sorry Hana, I'm being called in for work early today. My shift starts a bit earlier and ends a lot later today, so I gotta head out now. We'll talk later, okay?" Haruka left her with one more kiss, this time on the lips. He saluted the rest of the group casually before starting to make his way down the stairs on the left.

"Hopefully Shiki will show up this time. I have words for him...."
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He had is job and she had her pile of work to do. It was best that she see him off the best she could. He planted kisses on her before he left. She pressed back onto him, and tried to convey what she wanted to say through them.

"Good luck."
"Thank you."
"Its alright."
"See you."
"I love you."

The student body went insane at that point, cheering and claps ran across the halls. She watched him walk off, seeing a different image as he did, hearing the crowd chant a name that wasn't his. "Miyuki?.." she whispered under her breath. Then she was reminded of all the recent things that she's done with Haruka-kun, not the conversations, but the things she's done with him born from lustfulness. Miyuki would never take her the way that she is now. Its no fair, cause it was for the longest time that she saved herself for Miyuki... Mi-hime.

When did I stop calling her Mi-hime? She.. will always be my princess.

She continued onto the cafeteria, tagging along with Tsubaka and Your Mom. After eating, she headed back to class.

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Blinked blankly at their goodbye but held his tongue just this once, whatever Haruka was going through sure seemed heavy to say the least. Only a simple "See ya, man." No teasing of the platinum haired two timer this time.

The rest of lunch was spent doing some mindless smal talk with the other two, though rather happy to see Tsubasa again and having not rammed a door into him. Overall lunch went well for him though a uneasy feeling lay ever permeant for him. Though, at least once the words "Stop calling me that, please!" Were thrown to Hana.

Haruka + 1 AP
Tsubasa + 1 AP
Hana + 1 AP
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Khudus was looking round all the halls. He stopped researching his deck as he was having trouble navigating around the school. It was so huge he was having trouble. He was seriously considering getting a navigation device. While navigating he noticed a girl looking lost and screaming at top of her voice. He laughed. He instantly knew who it was. He walked up to her. let me guess. The great Noel is lost. he laughed a bit as he said it. It wasn't like he was any better.
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After classes were over, Isabella went over and announced the beginning of the Cardfight Club meeting over the PA system.

"North Hall, Biology Room 205, Cardfight Club meeting starting in five minutes! Be there~! Arigatou minna!"

Suddenly, a stampede.

She completely forgot that she had been keeping this on the down low for a reason along with the meeting room number and everything. It was lively though. Isabella sat along in a corner table with her cards, awaiting the first challenger who needless to say, came in no time at all. Fanboys and fangirls of all class levels. "SENPAI!" "ISABELLA-CHAN!!"

Today was going to be a lively meeting.
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After classes were over Alex rushed to the cardfight club room, though a bit wary over the PA announcement. Considering Hana being in it was common knowledge, and everyone now knew where it was located, it'd look like it'd be one action packed day.

Luckily he was able to snag himself a seat off somewhere, though a majority of the people all surrounded the local school idol, blinking blankly as he sat there. Guess it really was going to be a lively day.... Of watching cardfights and not playing any.
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Darren blinked as he heard the announcement. I guess that's what she meant before, he thought as he stood up. He had been to the area before so he had an idea of where to go. When he tried to go there, however, he saw the mass of people that were trying to get in.

"Vanguard must be bigger here than I thought," he said out loud as he tried to make his way through. His deck was in his backpack, again he never left home without it, but he couldn't help but wonder what the others would be having.

After some squeezing and working, he managed to get into the room and take a seat, letting out a sigh at how difficult it was. He was thankful, for once, that he was slightly shorter than most.
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Noel heard a familiar voice that was mocking her lost state and turns around with a frustrated look.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You aren't one to talk. I'm lost looking for this cardfight club. I somehow made it to my classes and now I can't seem to find this freaking room!" Noel said with a murderous look.

Suddenly there was an announcement via the PA system
"North Hall, Biology Room 205, Cardfight Club meeting starting in five minutes! Be there~! Arigatou minna!"

And just as suddenly, a herd of people running towards a certain direction like if they were being offered money.

"Huh, would you look at that, it was nearby afterall. I don't know about you Khudus but I'm heading over that area. It seems to be there..."

As she made her way to where the Cardfight Club was supposed to be, she couldn't help but notice a giant crowd that basically was overflowing out of the room. She noticed it was because of a girl sitting in the corner, most likely the one who made the announcement.

Whata? Who is she that everyone is going crazy for? She thought and somehow squeezed her way in the room and sat at a table where no one was around and observed the commotion
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Once she finished a fight, she decided that she could take one more before spectating. She pointed over a familiar face whom she's always seen but never fought. It was him, Your Mom.

"Your Mom!" She called out, "Faito!"

She placed her starting Vanguard face down. The crowd that assembled looked over at Your Mom, waiting for him to accept the challenge. Some of them with eyes of anticipation while others were jealous.

"Oh right, Welcome to the Cardfight Club minnasan~!"
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Ighanna rushes into the Biology Lab straight after her first day arrival back at school due to a severe fever. She had to take a medicine at the Medical Center beforehand and received a mask on top of that to prevent spreading of fevers, 'I probably won't be singing anytime soon' she thought.

"Ushhhaaa I'm here" Ighanna said as she used more effort than she should've to push the door and her voice turned deeper and deeper.

"*cough cough*" Ighanna coughed a roaring tiger out of her throat and breathed in heavily which sounded like a grill. Phlegm was all over her inside sinuses which caused breathing problems.

"sigh, I guess I'll just watch for today" she said as she backed out a bit and blew a big chunk out of her nose. It felt great, she thought.
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"North Hall, Biology Room 205, Cardfight Club meeting starting in five minutes! Be there~! Arigatou minna!" Sky dropped his mop and bolted for the club room.
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"Y-Your mom, huh." Speaking uneasily as a look of apprehension ran through him the moment that nickname was used. Though, it was cardfight time, the time to ready for a battle and none other than the national champ herself!

"Your're on, but if I win... Stop calling me that nickname and call me Alex or something instead!" Exclaiming his words in a hearty fashion, he seemed pumped up about the fight at the least. Hastily continuing to speak after a tiny pause.

"Best two out of three, fipping a coin on who goes first and that's about it." Taking his deck out right after speaking as a will of steel seemed to emanate from his eyes, it was a fight that he could not lose above all others.

Then the gams began with the first match going to te idol, Alexander having went straight into Great Daiyusha and not grasping good old commander Laurel either seemed to make it a landslide victory for the princess. Though, the second game went to him, his riding of Daikaiser and ending up breakriding another one on top coupled with a guard break had snagged him a comeback win in the good old dimensional police style. Yet the last match was the most intense of all, both fighters at their peak as their winning mages both came to form, yet the one that had Reits mystical eyes proved the winner, even a break ridden great Daiyusha falling flat to her penetrative stare. Eyes that conquered even steel brimming with justice.

Eyeing his opponent he spoke rather cheerfully. "Congrats, Champ." Though, the realization of her victory snuck up on him, a few moments of silence as his appearance changed to reflect a more downcast look' "Your mom, huh." Sighing before taking a seat in a corner with his head placed down, his deck packed up of course. Either way, it was likely he wouldn't be fighting again today, his spirit seeming awfuly broken.
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Darren blinked in amazement that someone else here was using his clan, the Dimension Police. He could practically feel the energy of the units and it seemed to affirm that he wouldn't be able to do such things with them, at least not yet. I guess this is the level of people here, he thought as he saw all three of the games.

He couldn't stop looking at his own deck with that, wondering to himself what he should do with it now. He could just use the Dimensional Robos and learn how to make them work for him, but something about that felt... rushed, like he couldn't possibly need to do that right now. Maybe it was just that he hadn't found the one for him yet, but whatever it was, this was the place to start figuring it out.
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Tsubasa quickly rushed into the club along with Hana and Alex,  avoiding the crowd as much as possible. For the rest of the time he spent time standing in the corner watching the fights that happened between Your Mo- Alex and Hana.

He did not expect less from The Princess of Cray with her new Bermuda Triangle but he was rather impressed by Alex's performance with his new Dimension Police clan as well. With the fights ending and people wondering about the results and the aftermath, Tsubasa decided to speak out, " Regardless of the results, the important thing was that they enjoyed themselves..because that's what allowed them to do their best." he said, his voice carrying both force and assurance.

He made his way to Alex, patting him on the back, "Losing is what helps you improve, not the other way around."
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Seifer was a bit late in coming to the meeting today as he'd had a lot to think about over the previous night, and yet he still showed up. However instead of one deck box at his hip there were now two, one black and one red. Odd. In any case, he didn't say a word to anyone as he entered the club, just waving slightly and sitting down, rubbing his eyes.
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After the fight, Isabella added Alexander's name to a list on her phone. The actual purpose of the Cardfight Club was this, to find fighters who could possibly save Cray in its time of peril and build connections through them. It was due to the aftermath of The War of Liberation that sparked the idea of gathering fighters as a way of preventing threats from having taxing effects on Cray. This was pre-preparation, during a silence before the storm. It was just Isabella's wish that this list of fighters would never have to actually have a Vanguard fight where they would have to make such risks to the extent in which the fun is lost. That wouldn't be right.

"Thanks for the fight, Your Mom." She smiled at him.

A few other individuals had entered the room, as the leader she would have to introduce them. The one whom was patting Alexander's back was a well known figure from a year ago, though he mostly stays on the down low.

"This is Tsubasa Hayato, you guys may know him as the Gold Paladin Champion from the War of Liberation, but now he is going to be the acting coach of the club." After the introduction, she waited for the applause to dissipate before greeting other members. Sliffer walked in late, so she waved at him.

There was a guy who she noticed had a good time watching the Dimension Police clan fight. She went up to him and offered him a handshake as greeting. "Hello, how are you? I'm he idoru Isabella Hope from like TV, music videos, and stuff, you can call me Hana as well."
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Noel was just watching the crowd and the fight that happened. Just sitting there was making her impatient and wanted to fight instead of spectating what was going on. She wanted to be part of the action. She noticed a few familiar faces that had walked in. Seifer, Tsubasa, and Darren were in the room but haven't noticed she was there. That was when Noel got up and just spoke up, "Anyone who wants to have a cardfight, come over here!"
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Between the unfamiliar faces and Noel, whom he did notice, Darren was thinking more about his own deck then about what was happening around him. When Hana introduced herself, he didn't fully hear all of it, just the Hana part. He also heard Tsubasa's name and that he was the Champion of the Gold Paladin. He had no idea what that meant but it sounded cool so he didn't ask about it.

Darren smiled lightly and said, "Well I just got here so I don't know what all that means. My name is Darren. Nice to meet ya!" He took out his hand to shake hers before Noel started to ask for a cardfight. He couldn't help but be interested but he wanted to ask Hana something first. "You seem to be a pretty good cardfighter. Is everyone here like you or are you just the exception?"
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Rosalia was surprised to find herself waking up at home in the morning, distinctly remembering the coffee shop before falling asleep the previous day. She figured it was thanks to Seifer that she was brought home safe and sound, a soft blush filling her cheeks in the morning hours at the thought. But she had to get to school, and was barely on time for her first class.

Throughout the day, it had been the usual, save for the fact she was carrying her violin with her. In its case, of course, and it was still very much new, so she was being extremely careful with it. Today she would also be expecting a package of her old violin stuff from home to arrive, but she could at least perform her audition for the Orchestra Club during her break between classes without her music stand.

By the end of the day, the redhead sighed in relief when the classes were finally over, wanting to fall asleep again. But she got to her feet, school bag and violin case in hand as she headed for the Cardfight Club. The announcement was... new... But Rosalia didn't ask. Actually, she wondered just how many people were going to show up today, and part of her didn't  want to be rushed with fight requests. I could skip today... But I didn't take part much because of what happened last time... Seifer is probably there already anyways... Sighing again to herself, Rosalia headed for the designated club room.
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"Darren... Darren..." She repeated the name in her head. She will probably forget though, and he will end up with a nickname just like everyone else. Sad life.

In regards to his question, she wasn't really sure. She would like to say that she was just the same as everyone else, but that would be a lie seeing as how Vanguard was what helped her kick start her career as an idol, a Vanguard idol just to be exact. Her family lineage itself presents a whole spectrum of talented fighters destined to save Cray. The only problem was that she didn't want to come off as too cocky, nor as someone who lied about herself. So just introduced herself with her feats and titles so that he may just judge for himself.

"Um... I am the National Champion as well as someone who has the title of "Princess of Cray." In terms of my part on the War of Liberation,  I was the one whom chose and sent the Five Champions to fight in the final battleground in order to unseal the clans. That's an introduction of myself at the very least, and oh... My clan is Bermuda Triangle."

After that which seemed longer than she though, she gestured Sliffer to come over and speak with her if he can. She had to some quick faction busting in the Underground Slums first, but she really wanted to get to know him today along with a few questions in her mind that she wanted to ask. 
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He blinked from Hana's impressive resume. It was no wonder she was so skilled if she had all of that under her belt. Though he didn't understand the second half of it, being a National Champion as well as a title like Princess of Cray sounded out of this world enough. The fact that she used Bermuda Triangle was odd as well. It wasn't one he had seen often so he didn't even know much about what it did.

"Sounds really cool," he said to her. "Maybe we can cardfight sometime. I dunno how I would do against a National Champ, but I'm not one to scare away from titles." Despite the uncertainty in his words, he did have a determined, almost confident tone. A strange contrast, likely because he was looking beyond what she was and more at who she was in front of her, another fighter he could challenge.
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Seifer was sort of lost in his own thoughts for a bit, going over what Yugure had asked of him the previous night. It really didn't make much sense, and he still doesn't fully understand why he believed her or why he told her he'd help out. However, the brunette glanced up at the motioning of Hana, standing up and walking over, leaving his back still on the ground next to where he'd sat. "What's up?" he asked casually, placing his hand on his hip and shifting into a more relaxed standing position. Actually he really did wonder what Hana wanted with him. Maybe it was something to do with why he was late?
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Noel realized her open challenge from where she was sitting at was ignored from the larger crowd in front of her so she decided to walk up towards the group of people instead. When she walked up, she heard that girl was the national champion. Her? The national champion? And an idol? Interesting... someone I can look forward to in fighting! But... what's this War of Liberation? And the Five Champions? Sealed up clans?

Coming to the Cardfight Club might not be a waste of time after all. 

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"I told you, you should join ^^" Sky said walking up to Noel "Now how about I fufill that promise." Sky then pulled out his deck case and smiled.
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"Mr. Carter!" She noticed that he was about start his fight, but it wouldn't hurt to greet him since he was the club supervisor.

She turned back to Sliffer who had a different atmosphere about him. Haruka-kun advised that she didn't go into the slums alone. Maybe taking him would be fine, but first of all she had to address the different aura which emanated around him. The difference was apparent, but she wouldn't know unless she fought.

"S-Sorry Darren, please make yourself comfortable! I have to fight this guy. Ikuzo Sliffer!"

Sliffer, the Red Dragon. He fit the bill when it came to his nickname. He was using BIG RED DRAGONS. Kagero, Dragonic Overlord. It was awkward at first, it reminded Hana of Haruka-kun so she was daydreaming for a bit. She shook her head and got back into her senses. Dragonic Overlord The End took her by surprise, she didn't know that anyone else had the card other than the one who's been spending her nights with. The mass number of retires as well as the deep pressure of The End pushed her into a corner but she managed to pull through with a break ride combo into a double Iori person blast. She ended the game by riding her single copy of the avatar, Duo Eye of Temptation, Reit.

After the game, she confirmed what she needed to. The difference from Shadow Paladin, she felt the fire in his fighting style.

"Alright Sliffer, this sounds ridiculous buuuut! We're going to blow up a gang base over in Umano!"
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Noel turns around and sees Sky walking up to her like if he expected her to be here. "That's fine with me, with that girl talking about some War of Liberation, I just have to fight!" Noel said getting pumped once more for some reason still unknown and new to her. They both sit down at a table that has fight mats within the table already. They place their starting Vanguards on the table and a fight is about to begin
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Even with the loss the game was fun. Both decks had reached less than ten cards by the end of it, and it was fascinating seeing Bermuda Triangle like this. He himself was just happy that he had Kagero back again. In anycase, as he was putting the deck away into the red deck case he blinked staring at Hana. Did he just hear her right? Maybe it was some kind of game, so he'd go along with it. "Uh, alright. Let's go then. Lead the way since I have no idea where I'm going." he agreed to it rather quickly though he himself didn't know what he was getting into as he grabbed his bag off the ground and threw it over his left shoulder, still holding it up.
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"Mr. Carter! Sky heard his name and waved to Hana. he then heard "Alright Sliffer, this sounds ridiculous buuuut! We're going to blow up a gang base over in Umano!" he thought about saying something but thought "Eh, kids will be kids." "Alright Let's fight!" Sky said flipping over his vanguard.
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Curiosity peaked as Darren saw Hana go off to that one person. She called him Slifer, an odd name but he would be sure to remember it. How could he excite her so much that she had to drop everything to go to him. He must have been some kind of lady's man.

He would have followed as well but that was when he saw that Noel was about to fight against someone. As curious as he was, he wanted to support his friend as well so he turned to the fight and watched on. He had to admit curiosity to what this person could do since Hana called him "Mr. Carter". Darren assumed he must be a teacher of some kind.
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The announcement that Hana made threw Tsubasa off of his focus, but he was rather pleased about it, he wanted to find a way to spend some time with everyone he has met regardless of their busy schedules. He spent the next few minutes watching fights and giving tips to the several individuals, among the crowd, as he noticed some of his friends like Sky, Noel and Seifer.

"..So that's why..." he thought.

After the cardfight that ensued between Hana and Seifer, which Tsubasa was spectating, he heard Hana tell Seifer that they are going to blow up a gang base in Umano...The shock from seeing Seifer use Kagero again was one thing but this was just too much.

"..You're going to do what..??!" he said, questioning the situation, though he was aware that there were strange rumors regarding the Umano area, so he decided to tag along.

"..Hey Seifer, it's good to see you again, I hope you don't mind me coming along with you two..i'm interested to see what this is all about." he said, as he began leaving with the two.
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Isabella left a flier along the doors of the doors ( two doors on doors on doors) of the Cardfight Club.

School Camping Trip!

In Two Days!
Bring sleeping bags, snacks, and necessary medication so you don't die.
Make sure to sign in at the school main office to attend
with the Cardfight Club!

We will be working on teamwork as well
as an application of Vanguard on real life situations!

Thank You,
President ISA Hope :3c

She turned over to Seifer and gestured him to come along with her. Her Star Travel ability activated on her right eye, letting take a quick peak of the Umano City from the skies. She saw a few faction members running about. A small fist fight was even going on. According to Hikaru, all the remaining factions have become unified, but this specific one seems to have broken away recently, causing internal problems. The idea was to run in and take them down. After this one, there will only be three factions left. The turf war would be closer to its end and the Umano Restoration Project could begin.

Isabella placed a paper, the map of the bases that she drew and studied it for a few second, circling their target area.

"Um, sure the more the merrier I guess." She replied to Tsubaka.

She headed to the front of the classroom and took a bow. "I'm sorry everyone, I'll have to leave a little bit earlier today. Mr. Carter will close off the room once you are all done today. Thank you for another great day! Also, make sure to check the doors for news on upcoming Camping Trip! Bye bye~!"

Heading for the door, she gestured Seifer and Tsubaka. Its time to head over to Umano. 
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Rosalia took her time getting to the club, wondering if she was taking too long. A quick glance to her phone showed that Seifer hasn't texted her, so maybe he was just being nice? Or busy with something. The redhead put her phone away again, and decided that perhaps now would be a good time to join in with the club.. Or just avoid it all together today? She couldn't decide, so her feet chose for her. While spacing, she found herself at the club room, but there wasn't quite as many people around as she thought. There was.. actually less people than last time. Sure, Noel and that Darren guy from before seemed to find the room okay, but one of who were missing was Seifer. Maybe he forgot his phone at home or something and is running to go get it?... Or is helping someone out and because he doesn't have his phone, he can't text me?... From the looks of it, she missed the majority of the club. There's was one thing new though, a flier about the camping trip. She took a quick picture with her phone before leaving the school grounds. Destination? The park, mostly because she didn't want to get lost in an adventure to unknown territory.
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It was an intense fight with the end damage being 6 to 5. Ashlei was Noel's sixth damage. Sky noticed Noel's deck had changed quite a bit since the last time he saw her fight, and was impressed she could use more than just jewel knights well "Sanctuary guard with Jewel knights, that's quite the combination! I'm sure if morgenrot didn't give me so much defense the match might've been yours, my friend!" Sky said reaching forward for a good game handshake.
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Darren's eyes widened at the sight of the battle. Noel was strong, but this person was able to keep up his defenses against her. He knew that he must have been a good fighter. It pumped him up to have a battle of his own, but almost no one was around. He figured the club day must be over so he thought about inviting Noel to go do something, being the only person he really knew much made him think about it but he was also curious about where the others had went. Maybe I should go walk around on my own, he thought to himself. In the end, he stood up and gave a wave goodbye before he went to look for something else he could do with his day.

Isabella AF +1
Noel AF+1
Sky Carter AF+1
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"It's not the same... It's just not the same..." Noel mutters to herself as she is disappointed that her deck cannot break through Sky's defense. She felt that if she had her old Jewel Knight deck, the match would of been quite different. She shook Sky's hand due to good manners but it didn't mean she was happy about the result. The deck needed a lot of work but she has no idea what to do with it. She then got up and walked out of the room and decided to go to the cardshop in the shopping district

Sky +1
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Even though she shook his hand Sky felt that Noel was upset about that match. It's good to think about your losses but Sky felt that Noel seemed to put too much significance on them it was like she thought losing was a sin. All Sky could do was hope  that if Noel stayed in the club she'd learn to not care so much about the winning and losing and just enjoy the fight for what it truly is. That she'd learn about a truly pure fight two people coming at each other with all they've got, no anger, no hostility, just laying it all out there and having someone else do the same. Sure in the end there will be one winner and one loser but if both people truly give they're all and leave nothing left that won't matter as much. Sky then walked out of the classroom and got ready to lock the school up for the night.
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Having missed a day of school yesterday, Neo walked into school and wasn't looking foward to it. He had to make up all the work he missed yesterday. But he was more looking foward to going to the Cardfight Club and looking foward to the Camping trip he heard about.

"Im not a camper, but this should be fun" Neo said referring to the Camping Trip

But for now Neo just stood around in the schools courtyard waiting for his classes to start for the day.
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It didn't take long for crowds to form around Haruka walking into class. Again. He wasn't getting used to the popularity boost via the Isabella connection he currently had. In fact, it was a bit awkward that he indirectly had local fame just by affiliation.

He pulled out his deck, flipping through cards. Normally he only really stared at his ace and friend, Dragonic Overlord. But this time around he was searching through for additional changes. Maybe ways to improve the deck, so to say, in order to improve before the camping trip tomorrow.

"That's right... Today is Yukino's day, then the camping trip. I really gotta get her something nice."

Cue Haruka's daydream session.
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Khudus was on the campus roof. He had a few free periods and decided instead of fretting over his deck or try finding new cards he would do something he not done in a while. Relax and try to visualise fights. He didn't have a great memory to remember endless fights but by visualising certain moments he can see what he did and wether he could of tried something different. Usually he would do this in some peace and quiet but as he was doing this at school and was pretty loud he had his music on.

Hmm last fight we had sixth damage heal saved me allowing me to counter. I wasn't good with Ethics then. Maybe instead of riding Ethics again I should of gone with a different unit. But who do I use and why. Last time I used Yamato no Drake. Powerful but better as rear guard. Hmmm... He was so deep into thought and enjoying the music he didn't notice the time and that is was almost lunch period meaning he wouldn't be alone much longer.
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This morning Isabella found a package in the front of her door sent by one those whom she had trained with during her world tour. It had a post card with a picture of the vast tropical forests in Central America which they found themselves traveling together in. The usual things were written on the post card such as, "hope you're doing well," and "good luck." This person was impressed by Isabella's passion for the Great Nature clan and also her awkward obsession with eggs.

"Here, I built this for you as you share the same passion with me when it comes to this wonderful clan!"

Inside the the box was a deck box, made of local material and design. Isabella was running late to school so she decided that she would keep the surprise until she got to school today, maybe this was something she could even use for the Cardfight Club. She excitedly took out the deck, sitting on her desk when break period began.

It was a Great Nature deck with perhaps one of the greatest non-Bermuda unit in existence.

Egg Sage, Minette
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A new day meant a chance to sign up for the camping trip just as Rosalia told him. When Darren arrived at school, he searched for the office. It took some time, but he did find it. She walked up to the front desk and asked, "I'd like to sign up for the school Camping Trip tomorrow."

The receptionist handed her the fill out form and said, "You just have to put your information here and you're all set."

Darren did just that, the form was basic enough and didn't ask anything too strange. However when it asked for an Emergency Contact number, he didn't really have one. With a small sigh of thought, he listed his own cell number instead. Nothing should happen so it doesn't matter.

With that done, he seemed to be all set for the tournament. With his new deck safely in his backpack, he continued on with his day as usual.
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During the physical fitness classes, Isabella excelled as usual. Everyone look in awe at the magnificent form of the idol sensation as she took the field. Many fans were drooling, eventually coming to a realization of Haruka-kun's existence, leading to disappointment. There were gazes from all around, she was able to actually feel it. During the relay races that were done for fun today, she found herself as the ace of the team in which she was assigned, running her part in half the time as all the rest. It was all the fruits of the training over her World Tour, in terms of her physical ability. Today's class came in a perfect time, giving her insight on how her fitness can help lead the Cardfight Club during the trip tomorrow.

After the class, she took a quick shower and changed back into her school uniform, heading over to the Cardfight Club room to lay down mats and get things ready for today's meeting.
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Classes were over and Haruka had work again today, and then he'd be spending his day with Yukino. Except Haruka would feel pretty awful if he didn't at least stop by the club room and chatted with the group today. Hana specifically was a big one, Tsubasa also. Seifer and Rosalia were people he also needed to learn a bit more about, but they were number 2 on the list as of the moment.

Running towards the Biology Room, Haruka caught Hana setting up mats for fights today. He felt a small guilt pang, as he wouldn't be able to stay too long for the meeting... maybe a little bit, considering work didn't start for another hour or so. A fight couldn't hurt either, should the moment be presented.

Knock. Knock.

"Yahello, Hana!" Haruka chimed, stepping in and setting his bag on the table in the back of the room, out of the way from everything.
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Classes could not have ended faster for Darren. He was so worried about his deck last night that he wasn't able to sleep. His homework helped with that as well. Sitting in the back of a few classes gave him the ability to take a nap or two, but he wouldn't be making a habit of this. Knowing the Cardfight Club was next gave him new energy though. A fight would be the perfect way to see if his modifications helped or not.

Darren walked to the Biology Room, remembering where it was from before. He saw the crowd wasn't nearly as bad as before, happy for that as he didn't want to wrestle his way inside again. A peek inside saw Hana as well as a person he had yet to meet. He walked inside with a wave hello. He would have spoke but a small yawn escaped his mouth first.
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"Hello Haruka-kun." Isabella gave a wave after noticing him walk into the room.

They were going to be alone for a bit, at least until people start to trickle in. Along time is good, even if it isn't for long. She picked up her new deck and placed it on a table. It's been awhile since she had used Great Nature, well, she pretty much hasn't since her world tour so she was kind of a bit scared. Using Great Nature in a school setting, very fitting. After doing so she happily made her way to Haruka-kun and gave him quick kiss.

"You didn't give me one in the morning... unless you did while I was asleep." She teased. "Anyways are you up for a fight right now?"

Then she heard another person step in. "Oh, Dar- Darobo, hello!" she waved at him. Shortest alone time in history.
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He turned his head away, pouting a little.

"I did! You even said you were awake... sleepyhead." Haruka teased back after a swift kiss stolen by Hana. He smiled a bit until he realized somebody else had come, causing Haruka to jump slightly. He looked up at the ceiling with the look of stupidity written across it.

He was frightened by a yawn. This boy was something else.

However to the challenge of a Cardfight... He was okay with that. Him and Overlord needed to get back into the spirit of things. One fight couldn't hurt, right?

"Y-Yeah, sure Hana. One fight though, I have to leave for work after this." He craned his neck, stretching it out... also cracking it a bit in the process.


He placed his starting Vanguard down on his own fight mat... it was an Isabella Hope mat.

"I should've just brought my Ethics Buster mat." Haruka shook his head, waiting for Hana to join him.
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Darren blinked at the name. "Darobo?" he said lightly. He couldn't help but laugh a little, not to make fun of it but because it sounded funny. Looking at the two, he wondered if he had interrupted something. The kiss was even more to that point. "Whoops?" he said lightly. Instead of getting in between the couple, Darren took out his deckbox and started to look through his units. He figured he wouldn't be able to do more than watch this fight before anyone else arrived. He wasn't the rude sort to get in the middle.
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Egg Sage Minette vs. Dragonic Overlord The End.

And a couple of jokes between the two... The fight was a conversation between both of them, more or less i was just a lot of fun. The break ride turn as well as the crossride defense of Dragonic Overlord the End helped Haruka-kun last thorugh the numbers that Isabella's Egg Sage Minette made, but in turn Isabella was able to guard Ji Endo through drawing 4 or more  cards from the initial break ride turn, the turn after, and then from every proceeding turn, she would power up columns and draw two or one, still giving her an edge in terms of defense. Haruka-kun kept on healing which was rude altogether, but the game had many many laughs. In the end, the Egg beat the flames and didn't get fried.

After the match Haruka-kun told Isabella that he was spending the night with her sister Yukino today, somewhat to her dismay, but she didn't mind. Her main concern was if he was staying over at the manor, Dad-san might kill him. All in all, she can't do much but wish him luck for the day, and she didn't mind him spending a night with Yukino seeing as how they've spend the past -somany- together.

"So you said we needed talk over some thing while we were fighting right? Well we have the camping trip I guess." She winked.

A few more students from yesterday entered in and started their own fights as well, she gave them a small wave and they waved in return. She also decided to speak more to Darobo since they started the fight immediately as he came in. She feels like she would be ignoring him if she didn't.

"Darobo, how's that deck going?"
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Darren watched the fight, the battle distracting him from his own deck. It made him laugh at times but it was also exciting to see. Great Nature and Kagero. He hadn't seen such a close battle in some time. When it ended, he couldn't help but smile. They were cute together.

When Hana went to him, he smiled lightly and said, "Not sure yet. I won't know until I try it once." Thinking about the camping trip made him wonder what the flyer meant by "Vanguard in real life situations, literally" but he wouldn't ask. He did have one thing on his mind though. "You said you used Bermuda Triangle yesterday. Do you have multiple decks or something?"
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Today's classes weren't actually terrible for the redhead, perhaps because she felt more confident now that she had secured her place as First Chair Violinist in the Orchestra Club, but also because she was wearing the necklace from last night. Seifer's gift to her was a beautiful, white moon on a silver chain, and had two gems that caught the light with a red and blue shimmer. Any time one of her new friends in class asked about it, Rosalia felt the warmth return to her cheeks less and less with each explanation that she got it, well, from her boyfriend. So with each tell of her tale, she felt less nervous and more proud of her connection. Now for only the news to travel to their friends in the Cardfight club, though of course Hana probably already thinks they were together before actually confessing to each other.

During the day though, she stopped by the music room during her break, a habit she would be getting used to since she needed to continuously practice when she could with the Orchestra advisor because after school was the Cardfight club. It's hard to be in two places at once, you know? But this also meant she would be carrying her violin every day to the club.

At the end of the day, Rosalia made sure to stop and check in at the main office for the camping trip under the Cardfight club before actually making her way to the biology room. She wasn't as late this time, unlike yesterday. Walking into the room, Rosalia set her violin case on the table with her school bag, fishing out her deck from her bag and clipping it to her hip. Glancing around the room once settled, she noticed she had just missed Haruka versus Hana, and Darren was there too. I hope he isn't mad about me rushing out of the shop yesterday.. Speaking of which... She pulled out her phone to text said reason of why she ran out of the shop:

Hey Seifer~ Where you at this time? I'm in the Cardfight club.
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Haruka wouldn't say it was a crushing defeat, considering he sacked triggers left and right, even double critical trigger checks on his breakride turn causing a bit upset in damage. If Haruka had one more hit in from there it would've been game, but with the immense draw power off of Egg Sage and Chatnoir, there was just no getting through. Not to mention, another copy of Ji Endo didn't show up until near the end of the game, Haruka's chances of getting that to hit were already slim to none as it was.

However after the loss, Haruka was explaining his plans to stay with Yukino. Hana understood, and forwarded some caution to him if he was staying in the manor, considering Mr. Espoir is still there... Spooky.

Hana made a comment about the nights they had spent together and what they had-err, done and Haruka was just totally going to space out that conversation. Even his mind didn't need to know what she meant by that but he had a pretty good idea.

F-Forceful... Rough?!

You sir, do not know your own strength-


Haruka started furiously blushing, turning away from Hana as to not alert to her that her little comments actually got to him. He checked through his deck, realizing how little his starting vanguard was doing for him recently. The past three games or so, and not a single search got him what he needed. Maybe a lineup change was in order.

Another person came in, following a bit after Da-Da..Darobo?

"Hey Rosalia. Just missed a pretty nice faito! Where's Seifer?" Haruka was covering his face with his hand. The blush was strong with this one.
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"Multiple decks?" She thought about which ones she had for a moment.

"Well, yeah. Each of them have their own story though. Bermuda Triangle is my main clan, the one that I feel the best with. Like everyone else has a deck that they just connect to that way right? I have a deck for Garmore which was left to me by the guy who got 2nd place at nationals a year ago. It was originally a Royal Paladin Garmore deck, but now its a Liberator. When Bermuda Triangle was sealed away I used Angel Feathers in their place as I tried to get them back... then Great Nature, I got today as a gift from a friend who I met during my World Tour." She realized that she kind of said more than needed to be, "Ahh... I mean!.. Sorry that was more than you asked, but I love to tell the stories of how I go them and become like an old lady sometimes..." She looked away for a bit and thought about helping him try out his deck.

"Well I guess I can help you with trying that out! I still need to get myself familiarized with this one myself. Are you up for a game?"
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Darren blinked at all that she said. He didn't know anything about the War of Liberation so hearing about clans being sealed away was odd. To him it was like a special rule of the National Tournament that she wasn't allowed to use her main clan. He would probably better understand what it meant later but he was following it well enough. That World Tour sounds fun, he thought lightly. Maybe I can be a part of something like that someday.

At the idea of testing his new deck, he stood up and said, "Sure, we can have a go. After seeing that deck work, I am pretty curious what I can do against it." He set his deck onto the mat, excited to be fighting someone so strong as his first challenge with this deck of his.
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Khudus was walking away from teachers lounge. He had missed few classes after lunch as he actually fell asleep while thinking on Vanguard strategies. He was lucky not to get into trouble but now had to be careful. As he was walking down the hall he noticed a lot of commotion coming from one of the rooms. Curious he peeked in and saw a ton of Vanguard fighters fighting while others were just watching. Ohh this must be the club I heard about. Maybe I should check it out. Might get some ideas for my deck. he walked in and looked round for a good place to watch what was going on. Then he noticed two fighters getting ready to fight so went to check it out.
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Noel now finally used to the school layout was able to attend classes normally. Good news for her day was that she had a smooth time with her work since she most of the material already from home schooling and was able to catch up in no time. The bad news was that during her introduction to the class, she had no choice but to mention she was a member of the Kusanagi family.

"My name is Noel Kusanagi. I hope we can all become good friends!"
The entire class stayed quiet in a bit of fear and shock. A Kusanagi kid in a regular high school? It was unheard of and the rest were infatuated by her looks and Noel saying her introduction sealed their souls. It was like that until someone decided to yell out saying to be careful with her or her family would protect her by any means. After that, no one wanted to approach her and if she looked at someone, they quickly ran away in fear of their lives.

Ugh... I really didn't want this to happen so soon. I hope I can prove to them that I am different and won't harm them or anything. I'm just a regular girl attending a regular school...

It wasn't her fault her dad was a merciless and tyrannical businessman and shareholder of many well known technology companies. Noel didn't asked to be in that life style but she just pressed on and managed to finish her school day without any serious issue. Before Noel knew it, classes were over. She then proceeded to sign up for the camping trip. I never been camping before... I hope its fun... she thought to herself as she filled out the sign up sheet.

Noel then proceeded to the Cardfight Club and opened the door. "Excuse me, I'm coming in~"
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Rosalia glanced over when she heard her name, tilting her head slightly at Haruka. He had his face covered.. Was he embarrassed? What exactly did she miss in the fight just now? Trying to make him feel easier, the female answered casually. "Heyo Haruka~ As for Seifer.. I don't really know. I just texted him, and he hasn't gotten back to me yet.." she answered, her voice growing quiet at the end. Well, she couldn't help that. She was still curious as to what Seifer did yesterday, saying he was with Hana and Tsubasa, but other than that, she knew nothing else. Was today going to be something similar? Where he was going to be busy helping out a friend somewhere and she wasn't allowed to come along?

She debated on asking Hana just what they did yesterday, but it seemed she was about to fight Darren instead. So for now, Rosalia walked over to actually watch the fight this time, leaving her violin case with her school bag. "Good luck Darren~ Good luck Hana~"

Then she heard the door open again just as the fight seemed to start, looking over to see Noel. "Oh~ Hi Noel! How was your day?... And you haven't seen Seifer around, have you?..."
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So. Many. People. Why were so many people suddenly showing up? Haruka was sure the last time the Cardfight Club met, it was at least half the amount of people, assuming Neo, Seifer and Alexander were to show up. But suddenly another girl, presumably... wait, Noel?

"Hey.. Noel- Wait, you...




You're the girl that Tsubasa brought to the cafe. How are you feeling?" Haruka finally uncovered his face, not really worrying about the heat up there. It was going away quickly enough, now that Hana was occupied with a fight herself. He was actually genuinely interested in what was going on here, as he had never met the girl before then. And even when he got a couple words to her, he was too busy with Hana then to properly speak.

"You joined the Cardfight Club as well?" He asked, even though the answer was obvious.
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Noel looked up from looking at her deck, "Huh? Oh, yeah... that's me alright... and you are that... waiter from said cafe right? But I'm doing a lot better now compared to the last time you saw me with Tsubasa. And you should tell whoever made that hot chocolate that they deserve a raise, it was really tasty. It revived me a lot then." Noel barely caught a glimpse of the boy but felt like she could trust him to talk so casually like if they knew each other already.

"I joined yesterday but I don't think I saw you here though. I thought it would be fun to be apart of this club since I can meet fellow fighters and see how strong I am against others. By the way, I don't know your name, mind telling me?" Noel felt like a person again considering she felt like a human repellent since everyone in class avoided her like the plague.
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The battle started with a surprise. Hana chose to use her Bermuda Triangles. It definitely made him feel honored that she wanted to use her main clan against him. He wanted to do his best to make sure he would give it a worthy battle. As the fight raged, Darren chose to ride his Daikaiser early on. His thought was that having Grade 3 early would help offense and defense, but Hana used her hand as he did and eliminated the advantage. I guess she really is a National Champ, he thought as he reached four damage.

He had two different Grade 3s in hand, Daikaiser and Daiyusha, and Hana only had 2 damage. He needed a critical trigger to end it if he rode Daiyusha, but since she healed from 3 damage to 2, it felt like too much of a risk. He rode Daikaiser, hoping that doing 2 Break Rides in a row would be able to end it. Much to his surprise, he got the critical as well as a Grade 3 which would have broken guard.

His next turn was his last, Hana's break ride into Reit was more than his hand could handle, especially with a critical trigger to seal the deal. Even with a loss, Darren felt happy that he was able to do so well against a fighter like Hana. He had nothing to prove, but he felt like he did his best and gave her best clan a worthwhile battle.

"You're as good as I thought," he said to her as he started putting away his units. "But I was closer than I thought I'd be. For my deck's first match, it was really fun."

It was at that point he noticed the room filling. Now Noel and Rosalia were here. He wondered if they saw his fight. He didn't know whether to be proud or embarrassed that he could have won and let it slip.
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"Then I guess I deserve a raise then; it was my hot chocolate recipe. Well, I mean, I didn't make it myself that particular day... but I brought it to Head Barista Nakizawa's attention." Haruka started to laugh a bit. It wasn't meant to be a joke, but he felt that the entire topic of it was funny. But he was glad that she wasn't in some desperate state like she had been when he saw her last. She was in bad shape, for sure.

"You didn't see me because I was-uh. Working. Like usual. Me being here is a treat, I mean, for myself. I don't get to show up here very often because coffee has to be sold, money must be made. You know the deal these days. Anyways, er, as an unofficial welcome, Welcome to the Cardfight Club! You too, Darobo. Welcome." Haruka was feeling cheery today. For good reason, he finally will get to spend his evening with the love of his life. Err, the one that nobody knows about because everyone thinks he's dating Hana. God it's awkward being happy about something nobody can know about.

"Oh.. my name. Right. Should've started with that. I'm Haruka, Haruka Nakahara. You can call me whatever you want though."

He extended his hand out to the woman, not really knowing whether or not she did shakes. But shakes was Haruka's thing. In fact every single person he introduced himself to formally got one, at least.
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During that whole fight, she knew that he had another Grade 3 in hand that could finish her off the instant that he did a break ride so she played around it until she got a perfect guard. Yep, just one. The whole time she was just willing to give it to chance and hope that he wouldn't be able to check a grade 3 on the break ride turn. The thing is that he did, but he himself wasn't seemingly willing to put in the chance for it as well. He needed a critical and grade 3, exactly what he checked. It was situational, but the situation came to reality. Isabella felt her heartbeat skip a little. The game was definitely close, and Dimension Police really is a scary clan. One attack from the Vanguard line was the end of it.

All in all she had a fun match and got to meet a new member of the club altogether in the fight field.

She took out her phone and added his name on the list next to Your Mom's.
"Hey guys.. uh Cray Council. We got another, so you guys can relax." She relayed that message over to them. The relax part, she really had to tell them as she did not understand what the fuss was about when it came to the so-called "invaders." Everything since the War of Liberation has been in such peace and harmony. A whole year of it to boot.

"Thanks for the game. That really drained me.. I guess I should take a break!" A smile formed on her face as she noticed that even more students came in, really a sight to behold as President.

She walked back over to Haruka-kun who was now talking to someone who she remembered seeing at the coffee shop with Tsubaka. Isabella came up behind him and put hugged his right arm. "Did ya see that Haruka-kun? Haha!" Isabella also decided to turn to the familiar girl who she has sworn she has seen outside of just that coffee shop meeting.
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Rosalia was watching the fight, and almost felt bad for Darren's lost. Granted, he was against Hana's main clan, but it was the deck he adjusted yesterday while at the cardshop together, right? It would have crushed her own hope if she had lost against Darren when it was the first change to her deck. "You both did really good~ There's always next time too," she said brightly, trying to talk casually to both fighters. But she paused in her thoughts, checking her phone which still hadn't received a message. Well, if Seifer was MIA again, she glanced over to Hana... But she was hugging Haruka's arm, seeming excited as always. Maybe she could ask later about what she, Seifer, and Tsubasa did yesterday, seeing as Seifer himself wasn't going to tell her what happened. In the mean time, the redhead decided to just wait and see what everyone else was up to while looking through her deck.
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"Really? It was you? Wow, you made it perfect! I never tasted anything like it! I should probably hire you as my personal hot chocolate maker, haha" Within the laugh, Noel wasn't kidding about that.

"Uhh, yeah, I guess I know the deal, right." Noel actually has no idea. "But I guess you being here means you can have time to relax and stuff. Thanks for the welcome, hopefully I won't be a burden to anyone here."

"Hmm, anything? Guess I will think of something then." Her mind started generating possible nicknames and will use it when the time is right. Haruka offered a handshake, Noel seemed puzzled a bit but accepted the handshake
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Darren had to sit back down after the match. It drained him as well. He'd fought his best but overthought safety in the end. It was all in good fun though, and he knew that more matches would help him understand what the deck wanted him to do more. He looked around and saw Noel talking to the guy Hana was flirting with before. Everyone here seemed to like one another. It was good to see.

Thinking about it, Noel said she had a deck she wanted to test as well. He said he would help with that. After the battle he just had, he was pumped to do just that... but maybe after a small rest. For some reason that match was physically draining.

He then saw Rosalia, smiling lightly as he said, "Yeah, I feel good about it." He held up Super Dimension Robo, Daiyusha to show it to her. "If I rode this, I coulda ended things that turn. To know I was that close tells me that I did a good job. I mean, it was Hana's main clan against a deck I just made." Darren wasn't bragging at all, he lost so how could he. He was proud and excited to have such a fun battle.
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Rosalia tilted her head at the Daiyusha unit, listening and smiled again at the end of Darren's explanation. "Well, live and learn~ And for your first test with that deck against Hana of all people, you did really good. I'm sure you'll win next time, no matter who it's against." She smiled again, having it fade only when she checked her phone yet again. Maybe he got held up by a teacher for something?... Phone in one hand, she held her pendant again with her free hand. She sighed to herself before looking around the room again. Everyone seemed to be busy with whatever they were doing. Haruka was talking to Noel while having Hana pretty much attached to his arm. She thought they looked cute together, but at least everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. This is what a club is supposed to be like... Happy... I can't wait for the trip tomorrow~
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Haruka felt a light tug at his arm, then a tight hug. Hana had suddenly clung to him as he was chatting with Noel and the bunch. Rosalia seemed to have to quiet down after a bit, but that was no problem for him.

"Hey there Hana, that fight was pretty incredible. I only got bits of it, but the break ride with Reit looked superb." He smiled and nodded, giving her a pat on the head, and laughing a bit at idol side. She becomes very cheerful and likable and its sort of strange considering he gets to see both sides of her frequently. It was a nice change of pace to see them, considering they were both still her in the end.

He turned back to Noel.

"Nicknames are cool. Hana has given me like four over the past year or so." He was contemplating finally prying the girl from his arm, considering he had his shift in about twenty minutes, but he decided to wait it out. He could run to the work in about six or so minutes. Time was on his side, so no rush.

"And no need to worry about being a burden. Everyone here is chill, or at least, to some degree." Haruka used his hand to make a fake scale, teetering it to either side.

"Maybe a bit off kilter but eh, it keeps things interesting, yeah?"

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After giving Haruka the handshake, she noticed Hana sneak attack hugged him from behind after noticing that we were talking. Probably they are a couple and she probably didn't like him talking to her? Who knows but she was looking at Noel after doing so, almost like if she was looking at Noel and trying to remember if they met before which they haven't. At least Noel never met her before.

"Ah I see, well that's good to know..." Noel held her deck tightly because it is the only thing that helps her escape her life under closed doors in which any sign of weakness was a burden to her family. The club's atmosphere helped her forget those times and feels more at home than her actual one
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She couldn't point her finger at it, but she's become really good at seeing facial similarities over the past year due to her business as an idol, but she had also forgotten a good deal of those who she had met as an Espoir daughter.

Isabella tilted her head and spoke to Noel asking the question, "Kusanagi?... Right?" She wondered if that were so, then if so, it would be a really huge coincidence, but a nice one since they were in the same club. She felt as if she were maybe intruding into something that may be a touchy subject, but then she would understand Noel's feelings on it if it were so.

Haruka-kun liked her break ride which was nice and the pat on the head made it feel better too. Though, it did come to mind that he had work hours after school so she would have to let him go soon. Well, this fine. For now this is fine. Its fine. All well and good. Relaxing too.
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Darren turned to Haruka, hearing his name thanks to him telling Noel. He smiled lightly before he turned back to Rosalia. She was looking at her phone. He noticed she did that a lot. Perhaps she was waiting on someone. Bringing it up would probably do more harm than good even if he was curious. "Maybe you're right," he said in response to her words of encouragement. "Heroes never stay down for long and I've already learned a lot from this fight. How are you doing, by the way? Having fun?"
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"Kusanagi?... Right?"

Noel's eyes widened and quickly got up from her chair shocked and in a defensive mode. "How did you know that, only those in my current class at school know that and they are too scared to even spread a single rumor of me being here. Who are you exactly to know that?" Noel suddenly started shaking a little for some reason, was she scared of who this Hana girl, the one who is the Vanguard National Champion, really was?
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"Hanaaaa!! Can you like, not. You went and scared the poor girl already and we've only been here for like fifteen minutes."

Haruka was actually somewhat annoyed at the whole bit happening in front of him. Not really that angry at Hana, but just annoyed that what she said had ended up affecting Noel so harshly. He wanted to get up and help the girl, but Hana's grip was still on him. Not only that, but any form of comfort from a guy these days awkwardly translates into emotions. Or so rumor says. Haruka simply rubs his temples, looking up.

"H-Hey. It's okay. What's wrong with that last name anyways? It's suits you." He shrugged, still holding a small smile. It was meant to be comforting but he had no real idea.

Speaking of no idea, what was so important about the Kusunagi anyways? Haruka had no clue what that name meant, and quite frankly he didn't really care. Noel seemed cool, skittish, like him, but really cool nonetheless. It would suck for the Cardfight Club to suddenly be short a member cause Hana spoke up about a sensitive topic like that.
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Well she got defensive about it which Isabella just thought was really cute.

"So you are their daughter?" She thought about being formal, but seeing as how they were in a school environment and that would require letting go of Haruka-kun, it probably wasn't needed. Wait, is PDA even allowed on campus? Whatever.

"I'm Hana Espoir," This chunk at least was said with pride, standing tall like how she was taught by Dad-san and Mom-san. "As you can see I'm from the Espoir family, which owns a good chain of hospitals and pharmaceuticals. At least on my mom-san's side. My father's side, the standard Espoir famly owns a large number of businesses, mostly having to deal with the Vanguard technological systems and multiple properties that pertain to the Cardifighting events." Pausing for a moment she remembers having at least gotten a glimpse of Noel over at one of the business meetings that her father took her to as a child, but she wasn't sure that was her. There were Kusanagis there, definitely.

"My parents basically worked with yours at some point, being major business tycoons and all. Plus I get how you feel with all the students here. First they avoided me, then got used to me. Now they get way too close since I became an idol. Ahh."
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Rosalia looked up again from her phone, hearing Darren address her again. It was probably a bit rude to keep looking at her phone, but she couldn't help it. As each minute went by, she wondered more and more what Seifer was doing. Just relax... He's probably fine.. "I'm doing alright. I've been getting used to carrying around my violin case all the time now," she answered, pointing to where the case was with her school bag. "Since I'm in Orchestra Club and Cardfight Club, I've been going to the music room during my break between classes in the day, and then after school I can come here. It's going to keep me busy, that's for sure~... Oh, did you go to the office today and sign up for the trip under the Cardfight Club? This way we can all be together come tomorrow's trip!~"
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It certainly sounded like Rosalia liked to keep herself busy. As long as she enjoyed it though, it was fine. He smiled lightly as his ears overheard the conversation Hana and Noel were having. Noel's last name was Kusanagi, and apparently that was a big deal. It didn't change anything for him though, and it mostly went over his head.

"Yeah, I did that today," Darren said to answer Rose's question. "Though I didn't really have an emergency contact number to use. I just used mine. Nothing bad will happen on the trip so it doesn't really matter."
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Hana got a glimpse of Noel when they were kids at one of those boring business meetings? That fact seemed plausible since they were quite a few kids in those meeting with their parents to learn the family business. The Espoir family sounds very familiar.

"Espoir... Espoir... I remember father working with your family... I think... very close to Esper. I believe they met several times discussing their technology nonsense that I didn't and still don't know about. I remember them talking about life-like holograms and other type of devices for the future...." Since none of those things ever mattered to her much since she hated those meetings, Noel tried her best remembering and was able to faintly recall certain events like that.

"I really don't like being alone... I want to be with people that I can trust and can trust me. Everyone who learns my last name always run away without giving me a chance to explain how I can be...."
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Rosalia tilted her head, thinking about her own contact number. She had her parents still, even if she wasn't living with them, so she wondered what exactly Darren's situation was. She didn't pester though, finding it worse than her constantly checking her phone. "That's true. I doubt anything bad will happen. I can't wait to see what we end up doing, though I'm kind of worried as to what Hana plans on doing for 'applications of Vanguard in real life situations'," she pointed out, remembering the flier notes. "Maybe we'll do more Cardfighting than camping?... Guess we'll just have to hope for the best~ And hope that the other clubs don't seem to think we're weird..."
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A familiar brunette made his way finally into the room, rubbing the back of his head and yawning. He looked really tired as he sat his bag down next to Rosalia's, sitting down himself and laying his head on the table. "Sorry I'm late... A bunch of teachers asked me to stay behind and help out. It was all extra credit to so I figured I could pad my grades a bit with it..." he gave a rather exhausted sigh though as he shut his eyes and started breathing slowly.
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Darren gave her a confused look for a moment, then looked up at the ceiling and said, "You noticed that too? So it wasn't just me. It was a weird thing to put on the flyer but it makes me curious. Whatever it is, we just have to do our best, right?" He hadn't realized that Hana was the one who marked that, believing at first that it had something to do with plans the school had. He wondered for a moment if the 'War of Liberation' thing she mentioned had anything to do with it. He wondered if maybe he should find a way to ask a question or two about it since it seemed to come up whenever he spoke to Hana.

That was when the guy from yesterday appeared again. He was late like before, but he said he was helping teachers. It seemed strange that it took so long for him to arrive, but then he remembered him leaving with Hana and another boy yesterday. I guess that meant he was a friend of hers. "Hey there!" he called out to the new face.
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Espoir and Kusanagi, family tycoons with immense power over the technological era here in Japan. It only made sense that people were afraid of Noel, being born into a powerful family meant that power could easily be abused if she wanted to... Except Haruka is kind of dumb and that never crossed his mind. The only time he realized that sort of thing happened was a lot more physical than political, and it happened to do with a part-lion, part-man...

"Step down, private." Haruka was faking a military general, asking Hana to tone it down. He really wasn't okay with the way the conversation seemed to be going. The girl apparently had yet to make many, if any friends at this school. Maybe Rosalia, since they know each other. Plausible, sure. But what about friends FROM school? She probably had none, and that made Haruka very. Very. Angry. Friends were his life after all, without those supporting him he'd be a shell for a ghost to take over at this point.

What was he going to say to her though? He can't just, well, demand friendship. Maybe... Well, that was always one way to go about it.

"Hey Noel, uhm, if you're up for it, want to have a fight?" Haruka pointed over to the table to the left. He pulled out his deck, with a grin.

"I mean, if you want to explain how you can be, show me what you came here to do then. Would you do me that honor?"

Oh, brother alert. Seifer is in the house.

"Afternoon, Seifer. Glad you could finally make it."

15 minutes before shift starts. Better make this fight quick if she accepts.
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Post by: Hope Shinkō on September 22, 2015, 06:16:13 PM
Alone... alone. She just decided to speak her mind.

"A year ago I did feel that way, I mean I didn't have anyone besides um..." -Miyuki- "this one person who was my best friend. Even Haruka-kun here was too busy making googly eyes at my sister to notice me and since I even looked like a kid, not one really took my problems seriously" she shrugged for a moment trying to gather her thoughts to speak again, "Well it was through just staying positive and living with what I had that I was able to make friends. More or less, as much as it hurt, I lived with it for awhile. I played Vanguard even though at the time it was really rough, and I just kept going despite my suffering in order to reach my goals. Well imagine that, an idol that was always alone? Yeah it was rough, but hey."

She offered her hand to Noel, "I'll be your friend, and I'll make sure everyone treats you well here, no problem."

Haruka-kun was misunderstanding what she was trying to do here, though she just tried to ignore it. He usually does things with good intentions. Next up was a challenge to a fight which was cool too. Isabella decided to step back and watch for this one.
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As soon as Seifer entered the room, Rosalia brightened up, putting her phone away and giving the brunette a tight hug, even as he laid his head down. "You're too nice, but I guess for a teacher or two, you get brownie points. Glad you could make it~" she said happily, then started playing with Seifer's hair. "You look really tired though... Did you sleep okay last night? Or do you wanna just go home and nap or something?" She wasn't necessarily a different person with him around, but she definitely seemed more social. She was just happy, and rested her head against Seifer's shoulder as she clung to his arm. It was clear what was going on, the female giggling softly at just their closeness.
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Post by: Cipher Izanagi on September 22, 2015, 06:25:31 PM
Seifer waved as best as he could at Haruka, relaxing more and almost falling asleep as he felt a certain someone's fingers in his hair. "Afternoon everyone. Like I said sorry I'm late. And I slept okay last night, just had to do a lot of running around before making it here." he replied to the red head clinging to his arm. He finally worked up enough energy to sit up just enough to look at everyone in the room, rubbing his eyes on his wrist. He really needed a coffee or something.
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Hearing Hana, she can't believe she found someone else in the same school in the same city who plays the same card game with the same past as her. Well, similar. It was still unbelievable which makes this city even more interesting because of the people and places in it. Noel would have never thought to meet with the heir of the family whom her own family worked with in the technological industry. This was the first time someone like her offered a genuine friendship like this. She has her own acquaintances and other self-proclaimed friends and rivals but never an actual friend who she can relate to. The offer of being treated well sounded like a miracle and with a big, warm smile, Noel took Hana's hand.

"Thank you... Hana..."

She then turned to Haruka who challenged Noel to a cardfight. She took out her white and gold deck box and had a serious but competitive grin. "No, the honor is mine. I will show you what a Kusanagi can do!" Noel approached the nearby fight table and set up her deck and hand
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Hey, Hana, are you busy today? It's been a while.

Satoshi typed out a quick message as he stared over at Hoshiko High School's campus. He was never one to be at public school, so it was hard to tell when classes were out. They seemed to be, but not as many kids as he expected had left for the day.
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Darren blinked as Rose rushed at the male so fast that he almost fell over. From what she said, he must have been her roommate. A female with a male roommate was odd but it wasn't difficult to see what they were to one another considering he just saw Hana and Haruka doing the same thing.

He then overheard that Haruka wanted to fight against Noel. This caught his attention. He had saw Haruka fight already and his friend, Noel, was going to battle him after Darren himself had battled his opponent. "Do your best, Noel!" he called out to her with a smile. He wasn't one to say good luck very often because it was like a jinx to most people.
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Post by: RosaliaIzanami on September 22, 2015, 06:39:08 PM
Rosalia continued to relax with her companion, humming softly even as he sat up to look around. He looked beat, the female thinking what she could do to help. "Isn't there a vending machine just down the hall? Does it have coffee? Or really any sort of energy drink?" she suggested to Seifer, letting go of his arm for now. "If you want, I can go look for you or get you something? That way you can watch Noel's fight?" The redhead was already on her feet at this point, smiling as she held her necklace again. "Oh, and I got commented on my necklace today in class~ It's really pretty; I don't ever wanna take it off.."
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Seifer smiled, glad that she liked the gift, and was still very thankful to Hana for helping him out with it. In any case he nodded to the idea of getting him Coffee from a vending machine. "If you would please yeah... I'm really tired and don't really feel like getting up right now..." he gave a rather sheepish laugh scratching the back of his head before looking up at the female since she was standing. "Anything with caramel if you can, if not cookies and cream. I think I remembered seeing one of them... And be safe okay?" he knew it wasn't that far away but he still said it.
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"It's not like I'm going far. I'll be right back~" Rosalia paused, glancing around the room to see (hopefully) everyone watching the fight. Using the distraction, she gave Seifer a light kiss on the cheek before grabbing her school bag and heading out the door. She hummed to herself as she walked, the warmth in her cheeks proof she was happy as could be. Camping, First Chair, moon necklace, and Seifer~~ And to think if we never met on that random day at the cafe, then none of this would be happening... She stopped in front of the vending machine, easily picking out the change from her purse before clicking the buttons. A can rolled into the slot below, Rosalia double checking that she got the caramel kind, then started on her way back. "Here ya go. I never liked coffee, but I guess if it keeps you awake, it can't be all bad," she mused, handing over the can to her companion.
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The fight went up in flames right from the start. A lot of intense trigger checks came from Noel's side, but Haruka was able to answer with DOTE pressure... Well, sort of. He never actually got to break ride that game, same as Noel, but she at least had a critical limit break backing her up on each turn. Haruka was... on a vanilla 11,000 Power Vanguard, with no skill to use. However luck seemed to strike his side more often than not with lucky heals and critical hits sneaking through the cracks of Noel's defense.

By the end of the game, Kagero had torn down the Jewel Knights formation, only for it to rebuild the next turn and be torn down again. Destroy. Rebuild. Destroy.

Haruka was almost toast when he got hit with a triple critical at three damage, but the based Genjo heal he needed showed up. So did a copy of DOTE and that made Haruka a little upset.

But the fight went well over well. Noel played a bit better than Haruka thought she would. He had a tendency to underestimate people, so he felt bad when he realized she actually was a good Royal Paladin player.

Haruka came out victorious off of vanilla checking triggers, leaving his final push on Berserk Dragon to do the job.

"Ahh... Noel, nice fight. That was a bit painful to go through though. I never thought I'd be nearly taken from three to six damage in one hit. Heal triggers are a godsend.

Haruka fake prayed as he laughed a bit. He was actually really happy that he got one more fight in. Except now he was very late for work, twenty-three minutes to precise. That took a lot longer than he thought it would.

"It was nice meeting you Noel, and Hana, err, sorry I took what you said the wrong way a bit ago." He pet Hana on the head for a moment leaving her with a gentle kiss. He sort of pouted, realizing how dumb he was thinking that Hana was being rude to Noel when it was in fact the opposite.

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When the red head returned with the coffee he'd asked for, his blush from the kiss on the cheek had faded already, he accepted the can. Popping the top he knocked it back a bit, taking a few swallows and feeling the chilled coffee run down his throat. Sighing in relief as he pulled the can from his lips he smiled at the red head. "It's not bad if you can adjust to the way it tastes. I prefer it iced or chilled though. It always tasted better that way to me." at the end of the fight though he glanced over. It seemed to be a good fight though without the coffee he'd been drifting in and out of paying attention to each of the fighter's actions. Sad to say though it had come out in Haruka's favor. The burning sensation in the back of his head, and somehow now at his hip where the red deck case was sitting returned. Just what was that?
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Post by: Golden Sage NovaRaizer on September 22, 2015, 07:09:29 PM
Darren was amazed at the battle. It was back and forth with Noel having the advantage most of the way through. She even gave herself a damage to try to end the battle early. Without a heal it would have worked. He turned to Rose, seeing she and her boyfriend were having fun. With a smile he decided not to bother them.

He walked towards Noel and the other and said, "Noel, that was great! I saw these two fight earlier and I had a feeling you'd do well. It was so close too." It was only the second day and he was already enjoying the Cardfight Club. Good fighters and good people, it was nice to be a part of it.
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Rosalia only shrugged at the talk of coffee. She just didn't like the weird bitterness it had, or at least to her it tasted that way. Then again, she's the one who could take a hot, already sweet tea, and add milk, honey, and sugar to it. She leaned her head on Seifer's shoulder again after sitting down from her short walk to the vending machine, watching the remainder of the fight. Seeing Haruka win, she looking to Noel. Rather than feeling bad or anything about the fight, the redhead wondered just how strong Noel was now, and Haruka for that matter. She glanced down to her purple deck, tracing the silver moon she added with the tip of her forefinger. I wonder... will my circus be strong enough one day?... I wasn't able to beat Noel before, and Haruka beat her even after her deck changed...
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The fight was way too intense than what it was supposed to. At the end, Haruka came out the victor despite all of Noel's powerful attacks. Self-inflicted damage to Limit Break and then two more Limit Breaks in a row. All powerful attacks that Haruka narrowly escaped and survived due to the sixth damage heal. When the fight ended, she was happy to breathe again because the intensity made her forget certain things like breathing.

Noel was drained and passed out suddenly
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Noel was strong. Isabella used Royal Paladin years ago so she knew her way around the clan. Jewel Knights were only something she's heard about during her world tour and she was very excited when she saw it in action just now. It went back and forth as the two decks were polar opposites, countering each other's strength and weaknesses. Fun to watch.

Isabella clapped for both of them in the end as a congratulations. She was glad that Noel and her could be good friends. A new blooming relationship means a nice and productive day. She then walked with Haruka-kun out of the classroom after their kiss to wave goodbye to him as he left.

Then a text from Thirst-kun?
"The Cardfight Club meeting is about to end actually, so I'm not going to be busy. What's up? ISA Hope :3c"

With Noel suddenly passing out, Isabella dialed the school office and made quick work to get the proper help. She was used to this kind of thing, strangely enough.
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"The Cardfight Club?" Satoshi was surprised this was a thing that existed at this school. You'd think they'd meet up at a card shop, but he guessed they had decent enough facilities to plan otherwise.

I've been hankering a fight for a while now. Nobody goes to the shops anymore that's worth a damn. Know anybody who could fill in?

He was somewhat crossing his fingers she'd bring friends with her if she and him planned to meet up and play a bit, but honestly, he just had the real thirst today. Suitable for someone the idol called "Thirst-kun."
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Khudus was busy watching all the fights he didn't even notice time had ended. He was shocked. He expected few good fighters but nearly every fight he saw made him eager to fight. Dang. This is to intense. Guess I'll need to be careful here. Otherwise might revert to how was in the past just with Vanguard this time. as he turned to leave he noticed a crowd and few of the school medical staff.

He walked over to the crowd and faced a guy in the crowd. Hey what happened he... Bedore he could finish he noticed it was Noel who was being tended to. He quickly got through the crowd barging some people out of the way in his rush. When he got beside Noel he quickly faced one of the staff members. I'm one of her friends. You mind if I accompany you? He was glad when they nodded that he could. He just stared at her. So you still got this condition? Should of guessed you did but question is why.[/i]
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Well, Noel passed out again. However before she hit the floor he grabbed a hold of her wrist, which sadly meant he'd gotten up from his chair and Rosalia's side, though he didn't move the red head to much so she herself wouldn't fall at all. Hana had called the people and they were flooding now, and now there was someone he didn't recognize but he seemed to be friends with his sister. In any case, he shifted the now unconscious female onto his back making sure she was secure and her arms draped over his shoulders so that she had even less chances to fall. It would probably be better if he got her out of there and the school faculty around didn't make things easy. But it was very obvious that the male intended to take her to the nurse's office so that instead of lying on the ground she had somewhere comfortable to be. He nodded to Khudus who he had still yet to be acquainted with, then motioned for Rosalia to follow if she wanted before carrying Noel up to the nurse's office. Lightly he set her down on the bed table thing that was in every school nurse's office. Or at least everyone one that he'd been in.
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Rosalia was on her feet just after Seifer had moved to catch Noel, the redhead frowning. How often does Noel pass out?... Is it a medical condition?... she thought, worried about the other female. As Seifer carried Noel to the nurse's office, Rosalia gathered up her school bag and violin case, as well as Noel's and Seifer's stuff. It was safe to say that her arms were full, but it wasn't a far walk. She set Noel's school stuff next to the bed once in the nurse's office, looking to the other male that had followed them. Guess he's a friend of Noel's. I just hope she's okay..
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Seems like the club was able to work together through this one. Thankfully. Now to hope for this same kind of teamwork on the camping trip tomoroow.

"I'm pretty drained from fighting though. I mean if you want to hang out, I can. ISA Hope :3c"

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At the Nurses office Khudus was worried as he this was a reoccurring problem with Noel. Only when she was placed on the bed she was placed there by another student not a member of staff. He shook his head to bring his back to reality and to stop worrying about Noel. He knew she always woke up fine.

He got up and faced the boy who had carried herald the girl beside him. I apologise for my rudeness. I'm Khudus Umbra. I'm an old friend of Noel.
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Satoshi sighed. Seriously, again? This was getting pretty old.

I guess that works. Any place in particular you wanted to go? I'm nearby, so if you want to meet me outside, you can.

Oh, right, by the way, I don't know if Haruka told you, but I know. Good on you two.~

He wasn't sure how Hana was going to react to that, but at the same time, if she had some sort of confidence someone else close to her sister supported her relationship with the scarfed boy, that might at least relieve some tension.
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Darren was in shock at what happened. One minute, Noel was fighting a fierce battle and the next she was passed out in the arms of most of the club. He couldn't understand why it happened let alone what to do about it. When she was carried off to the school nurse, Darren followed of course. He was worried for his friend. Luckily, that guy was fast enough to catch her. When he had a chance, he went up to the male and said, "Thanks for helping her out. It happened so fast that I didn't know what to do. You and Hana seemed used to that kind of thing though. Do Cardfights just have that effect on people?"
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Sighing and rubbing his right temple the brunette spoke to one of the faculty that had followed along, mostly just saying that it should be fine from here and that the other boy, Rosalia, and himself could take over for a bit. The other boy in the room though spoke directly to him. So he was right, he was a friend of Noel's. "I'm Seifer Leo. I'm Noel's half brother." he stuck his hand out, introducing himself to the other male. When addressed by another person, Darren was it? He thought he'd heard his name before but he couldn't rightly remember. In any case the now hyped on coffee brunette shrugged at the posed question. "If I remember right it's a condition she's had for a while. But a lot has happened between the last time I saw her, and now so I don't rightly remember a lot of details. That... And her dad doesn't like me hanging out with her at all." the thought actually brought a slight grin to his face. "Would be kind of funny if he found out but I'd rather not let that happen. ...In any case let's just wait for her to wake back up."
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Darren looked at Seifer curiously as he thought about how Rosalia was hugging him as well as hearing he was Noel's brother. He blinked as he said, "Oh, so you're Sleifer! I heard about you once before. I guess you know both my new friends pretty well."

Hearing about Noel's condition made him wonder what it meant. Was she the type to faint if she was too excited? If that was the case it made sense a fight like that would have that effect. The idea that it was a common thing made him worry more. He let out a small sigh and said, "As long as she is okay, I guess that's what counts most. I kinda wish I could have done more though."
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Khudus shook Seifer's hand. So you're the great Seifer she would go on about. Nice to meet you. He looked down a Noel and sighed. You are right. This is something she's had for a while. I don't know much about it only that she tends to faint after a Vanguard fight. He looked back up at Seifer. Noel was always energetic when she talked about Seifer. Just from meeting him Khudus could tell. He was a fighter not to take lightly. He leaned against the wall. I hope you don't mind me asking but why is your dad so against you two meeting? If you don't want to tell me I understand I'm just curious as she is one of your biggest fans you could say.
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"Well... I suppose it couldn't hurt. Though it's her father not mine." leaning back against the table bed thing Seifer ran a hand through his hair thinking on where to begin. He didn't make a comment about the Sleifer thing since well, Hana called him Slifer. "Her dad is a pretty big name apparently. I'm sure she's told you her name and such so I don't have to go into detail about that. In any case..." he trailed off glancing at his sister once before looking back at the other two males in the room. "While I'm related to her by blood, it's not by his so I'm considered... Beneath him? I guess would be the correct word for it. Hm... Reminds me of the first time I'd actually met her... Was a few years ago. Our mom and I continued to stay in contact, and told me she that I had a sister. Well, I kinda messed up at this point and decided to sneak over to meet her. Oddly enough I gave her Ashlei as well. I didn't realize it'd turn out like this though. ...I won't lie though, I'm glad she's continued to stay with Vanguard up until now, even with this condition of her's..."
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Seems like it was best to let the rest handle Noel's situation since they seemed to know her more. Isabella walked over to the school gate, reading the text and fiddling with her phone as she did. A quiet walk alone, something that she hasn't had in a long while.

"I'll be at the front gate of Hoshiko High School in a bit if you wanna meet. Haruka-kun? Well that's great I guess. ISA Hope :3c"

It didn't really make her feel any different, but its the thought that counts.
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Khudus listened as Seifer talked. He never knew such things happened but guessed as much. As a Kusanagi she was expected to be perfect. She had nothing of her own. Not until she got Ashlei. Khudus let out a little laugh. Fate works in strange ways. If not for you I wouldn't of met her and who knows might of gotten bored of Vanguard. Back home others were not as strong as her. I would tend to get bored. However fights with her were always good fun. If not for Ashlei who knows what she be doing right now.
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Rosalia listened quietly to the trio of males talk, the redhead remaining by Seifer's side throughout the talk. Actually, she was curious too as to Noel's condition, and her past in a way. It was sad that the siblings weren't allowed to see each other on a good basis. Their families were nothing like her own. Rosalia herself lived the typical, simple life. Good parents, an only child, tutors for both school and music. It was a whole different world with every person she met. In the midst of her spacing out, she had forgotten to introduce herself with the others. "O-oh, sorry I'm coming in late here. I was spacing out..." she admitted, scratching the back of her head with an embarrassed look. "I'm Rosalia Mooncrest. It's nice to meet you Khudus, since I already met Darren and Seifer before~ It's nice though that everyone is friends here.. I bet the camping trip tomorrow will be amazing!~"
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When Rose brought up the camping trip, a thought came to Darren's mind that caused him to give a small frown. "I hope Noel will still be coming as well considering this happened." He didn't know much about her condition so he didn't know the after effects of it, or even if she would be up and back to normal by tomorrow. Doing something like that without her wouldn't be the same.
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"I'm sure she will... In any case. I've got some things I've gotta go take care of. You two can watch after Noel right?" he asked the two other males in the room before standing up and grabbing his bag. "It's... Kind of important that I get this done as soon as possible, though I'm reluctant to leave Noel as is. So I can trust you guys right."
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The first thing on Darren's mind to his question was What could be more important than your sister? Though he was more concerned for Noel than he was curious about the inner workings of Seifer's life. He nodded lightly and said, "I'll watch over her. Its the least I can do to help since I haven't been able to do much until now."
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Rosalia tilted her head at Seifer, glancing between him and the unconscious Noel. What was important enough that he had to leave his sister's side? Even if this was a normal medical condition for her... "I-i guess I'm coming with, since he said you two. I'll see you tomorrow then for the camping trip?" she half said, half asked Darren and Khudus. She grabbed her stuff though nonetheless, violin case in one hand and school bag in the other, and waited outside the nurse's office for her companion.

Khudus   AF +1
Darren  AF +1
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Khudus looked at Rose confused. Camping trip?

He had just joined in with the club and wasn't actually paying much attention to school stuff as well so he had no idea what this trip was and what would happen. Though it did intrigue him a bit. He then heard what Seifer said and also what the other guy Darren had said. I can stick around for a bit. I let her know you were here.
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He'd explain when he could but he highly doubted anyone would believe him but there was someone he had to find and question. "Thanks again." with that he waved walking out before texting Tsubasa a quick message.

'I need a favor.' was all he wrote before hitting send and walking out

Khudus AF+1
Darren AF+1
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Darren frowned at the thought of leaving, but having too many people here probably wouldn't help her at all. With a light sigh he said, "If you can stay then... Give her this for me." He wrote the number to his cell phone on a piece or paper, folded it, and handed it to him. "If anything else comes up, I'll feel better knowing she has that."

With that, he turned and went back to the Biology room. In all the excitement he still needed his bag. After he got it, he left the school."

Hana: AF+3
Seifer: AF+1
Rosalia: AF +1
Haruka: AF +1
Noel: AF +1
Khudus: AF +1
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Darkness.... utter darkness.... all Noel last saw was her falling down and wasn't even conscious enough to know if she hit the floor. How much time has passed? Where is she? Did anyone started worrying? Why is this happening? Why after an intense vanguard fight?

"Poor thing..."

Who are you...?

It was that voice again. That emotionless voice that started talking to her every time she fainted since she stepped foot in the city. Noel had fainting spells in the past and usually after very intense Vanguard fights.

You should join us.... and we can promise we can cure you...

"No Noel!! Don't listen to that lie!! Don't fall for it!!"

Then the other voice started talking as if trying to protect her from the other voice's persuasion. However, she feels like the new voice just now was familiar. Like if she knew that voice from a long time.

"We only offer her peace and security... we only seek what is best..."

Then suddenly she saw herself in a battlefield and when she looked up, a giant scythe was going straight to her. With that, Noel woke up screaming "No!" and started trembling. "What.... what was that....

She had awoken in the school's nurse office
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Post by: ShadowCM on September 22, 2015, 10:09:30 PM
Khudus was surprised by Noel's sudden scream. He had actually fallen out of the seat he was in. As he got up and looked at her. You ok? Looks like you saw a ghost.
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on September 22, 2015, 10:51:42 PM
Noel looked up and noticed Khudus was there with her too.

"It was nothing... I'm fine now. Hopefully no one is worried too much about me right now..." Noel then got off the bed and stood up. What's weird is after she regains consciousness, there isn't any fatigue or anything. She feels like if she never fainted, full of energy again like normal. "Don't worry a lot of me Khudus, you should go home, its late and have homework to do unlike me who did it during class."

They both left the nurse's office and left the school. After a small goodbye, both took their separate ways. Khudus went straight home but Noel had other plans in mind before finishing her day.

Darren +1
Khudus +1
Hana +3
Haruka +3
Rosalia +1
Seifer +1
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Khusuds knew something was up but it seemed Noel was up to something. He decided to play along and left her alone. Before she left he passed her Darren's number and let her know both Seifer and Rose were around as well. Afterwards he headed to his hotel room for the day,

Seifer AF +1
Noel AF  +1
Rose AF +!
Darren AF +1
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Post by: Skyzlimitz on September 29, 2015, 04:38:39 PM
It was early in the morning, none of the students had arrived at school yet. Sky unlocked the gates and went to open the front doo. It was time for work.
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Sky glanced at his phone having recieved Hana's message. "Alright so you all probably know about what's been going on. I'm sending this out to see who hasn't been taken into the invader's hands yet. We have to meet up. On my way to go take Darren back. Respond if you can. - Hana Isabella Espoir " What happened to Darren? Sky had been working since the trip and knew nothing about any "invasion" was this why none of the kids had been showing up to the cardfight club? Not that Sky was complaining he still couldn't even pull his deck out of the box since the events of the trip. Sky thought about it and decided Hana's message was probably some club activity they were all doing. So Sky pushed the thought out of his head and got back to work, in one hour he could lock up and go home for the day.
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It was late in the afternoon, once again no one showed up for the cardfight club they were all probably busy playing there new game Hana refereed to yesterday. Sky was cleaning the tables in the club room. He saw his reflection on the surface of the tables. Seeing himself made him think about Stern. Why did he leave? Was it because Sky wasn;t strong enough? If that was why how did Stern expect Sky to get stronger? Sky sighed and continued to clean.
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As Noel approaches the school from the residential area, a line of fighters stood in her way in hopes of fighting back. She had a sadistic smile seeing the pathetic attempt the "sinners of the weak" had made to stop her and started to slowly sing as the two red marks appeared on her face and a blazing dark red and black aura engulfed her:

"Ring-a-round the rosie..."


"A pocket full of posies..."



"I LOST?!"



"We all fall down!"

The wall of defense all fell to the ground as the Reverse aura consumed them all. All the fighters screamed in pain until eventually silence. They are all now Reversed and part of a growing "kingdom" Noel has planned. A kingdom devoid of the weak. " have all been purged from the sin known as Weakness, now be one with the Reverse~"

Like a little girl, Noel started skipping towards the school and a large black and red ring started to appear above. She had claimed the school as her castle.
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As he walked past the school, Satoshi felt a strong chill. A great power had definitely just unleashed itself. Godspeed to anyone in the way of it.

He looked up. Actually, it would be good to make sure that this location's efforts to look for the Seed were sevenfold. He walked forward into the school, waving down Reverse fighters with his hand. Such a convenient power, even if it was over the weak-willed.
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 03, 2015, 10:24:44 PM
Noel sensed an explosion of energy coming from somewhere faraway and stopped in the middle of a hallway because of it. The power of the Reverse allowed her to gain the ability to sense energy of powerful fighters. This burst of energy she sensed, it was very familiar but with an added twist of Reverse energy as well. She knew who it was, it was her brother Seifer. Her own aura started to flare up and she began to laugh hysterically as she looked at the ceiling with eyes widen and with a twisted smile. She began to hug herself due to her enjoyment of feeling that energy.

"Oh, Brother's energy! Just accept the Reverse! Please dear brother! Let it consume you so you can then bow down to me!" Noel continued to laugh by herself, the halls echoing with her creepy laugh until she sensed another energy near by. Someone is making my servants bow down to them? Who is this? Who dares enter my castle?! She thought to herself. As she approaches a stair case, she demands, "Who dares walk my halls?! Show yourself!"
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Satoshi recognized this girl. What was her name...Noel? She spent a lot of time with Seifer, that much he knew. And she was part of the Cardfight Club. That explained, at least somewhat, why she was back here, at the high school. He wondered if Seifer knew that this girl was serving the black rings now.

He held up his marked hand. "Your superior dares. I came to make sure everything is going as it should be." He looked around. "You picked a good place to set up camp, though. Plenty of space for an army."
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 03, 2015, 10:52:49 PM
Noel bowed down to her apparent superior out of reflex. All she did was saw the mark in his hand and Noel's body instantly bowed out of worship and respect to the mark without her commanding her body to do so. She tried to resist and get up but the more Noel struggled, the heavier her body got and more fixed her bowed state became. "My goal was to make my kingdom here. I Reversed fighters everywhere throughout the city so they can serve me by purging them of their weakness. I felt the school would be a perfect spot to raise an army of Reverse fighters."

Even her speech was no longer in her control that Noel even spoke about her reason for claiming the school. Noel did not like it one bit, to be forced to bow down to someone so naturally like that reminded her of how she was forced to obey her father's every command. She gritted her teeth as more anger started fueling through her. Noel felt weak and weakness is a sin. WHAT IS GOING ON?! I'M A KUSANAGI!! I HAVE NO SUPERIOR!! I BOW TO NO ONE!! WHY?! WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!? Her own thoughts were out of control but she could not do a thing in front of her superior's presence. Not because she didn't want to, she just couldn't. All she managed to say robotically was, "Everything is going smoothly. You have nothing to worry about, you can leave things here to me."
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Even in her automatic state, Satoshi could see the disgust and irritation with bending a knee to the mark. Despite his emotionless stature, he couldn't help but smirk at this. After all...

"You know, Seifer is of equal rank to me. You wouldn't want to disappoint him, would you, Noel?" He said this not necessarily make her squirm, but to understand that he was a superior she could trust. He walked up and gently patted her head. "I appreciate your efforts, however. If I could reward you properly, I would."
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 03, 2015, 11:12:15 PM
The last string of what could of been called Noel's sanity that stayed intact while Reversed has been cut after hearing what her superior just said. Noel's soul sunk so deep into her own darkness that it felt like she had died inside. B-Brother.... is.... like him...? What more can Seifer have that she never did? What more will Noel be deprived from again? So many thoughts were going through her mind that she wasn't thinking at all anymore. Complete and utter mental destruction. Her body that tried to break from from her current pose even calmed down.

"I... I do not... that would be... illogical. I don't require a reward, your praise is enough to me. Please, you can leave in peace knowing that I can secure you an army and safe passage. I will handle things from here..."
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Satoshi tilted his head. Now she seemed...sad. "Are you sure there's nothing I can do for you? You seem upset." He kept petting her. "You can tell me what's wrong, y'know."

If anything, Noel reminded him a bit of himself. His non-Link Joker General self. If Seifer were Haruka and Rosalia Yukino. Even though that maybe didn't make that much sense, given how cutesy Rosalia was. Despite his cold demeanor at the moment, he felt as though hearing this particular meat puppet out was not just in his interest for ways to keep her dedicated to her job...but also because if anything, it was like talking to a female him.
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"No... there is nothing. Now please leave this place to me."

Noel was full of anger to the point that she had a twisted smile.
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Satoshi blinked. "Well, alright, then."

He switched hands briefly to implant the invaders' orders once more with his marked hand. With each stroke of her head with his fingers, tiny strings of energy worked Noel's mind with the directive.

"Find the Seed. Report to the Generals when you find it." With the directive came visions of the beautifully mesmerizing twin red and black rings of Reverse, just to maintain the brainwashing in question.

Leaving her to the vision, he walked off, though next to her in the prone position was a piece of paper with his number on it and a brief note:

"When all of this is over...let's talk. You and I actually have a lot more in common than you might think."
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 04, 2015, 06:48:43 PM
Noel was no more. Not even her sadistic Reversed side was present. All that was left was a mindless body following a directive from the higher ups. Her new mission, to find an object known as the Seed and to report it to her superiors as soon as possible.

It was a poor sight to behold. The tragic life of a girl who tried to have a voice of her own, oppressed by her own birthright. Even the twisted side who accepted her birthright to a radical extreme was robbed of her voice. All to become a puppet of an alien force bent on returning everything to nothingness. A lonely, empty shell that death would probably be a much nicer and merciful alternative than her current state.

A horde of Reverse fighters were gathered at the school's auditorium and Noel went up the podium. She raised her arm and pointed outside, "Find the Seed and bring it to me..."

All the Reversed fighters exited and went out on their search.
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Sky let out a sigh, It had been weeks since anyone had been in the school, it was really strange now all of a sudden the school was full of kids muttering and laughing to themselves, saying revers this revers that, Sky just didn't get it. If this was a game weren't they taking it a little to far? Sky decided to stop worrying about it and finish cleaning so he could go home for the day and think about how to get Stern back. The next place he had to clean was the auditorium.
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 05, 2015, 04:36:06 PM
A group of Noel's Reversed fighters came back inside the auditorium dragging what seemed like a school janitor. It was a familiar face. It was Sky, a Nova Grappler Blaukluger fighter that Noel fought before when things were still peaceful and pure. They brought him up the stage and threw him in front of Noel. His deck box fell in between them. "Are you... strong??"

The two red markings started to appear underneath her glowing red, lifeless eyes as well as her dark red and black aura wrapped her around. Noel picked up her deck which also started radiating the same aura.
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"Are you strong?" That's what Noel asked him. Sky looked at her after being dragged in by 2 members of the cardfight club. Sky started to put things together. This must've been some plan to get him to fight again. Since he lost Stern Sky hasn't even taken out his deck but he did always keep it on him, because he just couldn't fully abandon vanguard. The club members must've saw this and organized this elaborate plan to get him to start playing again. "Look Noel, I see what you're trying to do and I guess I'll humor your little plan since I appreciate the thought, but I doubt it' gonna get me back into vanguard. " Sky said with a small smile.
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Noel showed no type of emotion. Her face was expressionless like if she had an empty void in where her heart is supposed to be which caused her to ignore and not care what Sky was mistakenly thinking. The area around them suddenly transformed into the space-like field in which all fights versus members of the Reverse go into. Two pale red glowing fields appeared in front of them. Noel set her starter face down and shuffled her deck. After drawing her opening hand, Sky's fate was about to begin. Will he unknowingly Unreverse Noel or will he become another victim of the countless fighters she had Reversed?

"Stand up... Vanguard..."
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Post by: RosaliaIzanami on October 05, 2015, 05:19:46 PM
At the school, it was a little emptier than she thought. It felt creepy enough, not that the giant black ring above the school was helping. So this is where Noel claimed her territory... Rosalia thought, partially remembering that while Reversed, the redhead herself was attempting to take over the Shopping District as her own circus land. Clearly going there now wasn't a smart idea, hearing the commotion and buildings shaking from here. Let's just hurry... If I can save Noel, and maybe anyone else here... One less ring means one less army... Taking a deep breath, the female headed inside, careful not to be seen by those "lesser Reversed" fighters. She had to keep up her strength for Noel. After that... Well, she'd think of something when the time came.

Moving deeper into the school, unfortunately there were more Reverse Fighters inside than on the outside, and was having a hard time hiding from them all. But what seemed to be a focal point, or at least where she heard fighting, was none other than the auditorium. Is.. someone else here?... Reverse Fighters wouldn't fight themselves... O-or is it Noel finding more people?... She took a deep breath, waited, and ran the moment the coast was clear. Even if she was heard now, she knew it.. she just knew Noel had to be inside!

But inside, Rosalia stopped in the middle of the aisle that was the auditorium, watching a fight between Noel and... Sky? Where the heck had he been up to in all of this?! "Noely!!!"
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It was a close fight 5 to 5 damage. Sky thought that maybe he could fight without Stern. But Sky also could not bear the thought of break riding the new unit Merkur Blaukluger as a replacement because Sky felt that would be a betrayal to Stern. And while he did not understand why Stern left he did not want to try to replace him. So Sky chose to breakride Mond on top of Mond istead. The vanguard attack being weaker allowed Noel to easily guard with a quintet wall and holdout against Sky's usual onslaught of rears. Throughout the fight Sky was torn, half of him was enjoying the fight like always but the other half yearned to know what he was missing. Why did Stern leave him. Sky found his answer in Noel's words. "You're too weak. That's why Stern left you." It was like she read his mind. When he heard this Sky looked up and saw Noel's twisted smile. But beyond that he saw something more. Power. That must've been what he was missing! Sky looked at the field and realized though the damage was tied Noel was fighting in a whole other league than when they fought last time. This growth...Sky wanted it...he needed it. "So Stern left because I am too weak?" Sky asked already knowing the answer. "Then... can you give me the strength I need?" Sky was asking Noel, but something else answered. Something was invading Sky's mind and speaking to him.
"She can help with the process, but I'll give you the strength you need." The voice said calmly.


"Just say these two little words and I'll show you....partner."
Sky only consideres blaukluger his partner but the way the voice spoke the way it filled Sky with..... confidence it made him want to give in.

As Noel declared her final attack, Sky stared at the perfect guard in his hand and said it already stariting to lose himself "No guard."

"Nice job Now lets go get Stern back partner."

Sky checked his sixth damage a copy of G2 Blaukluger. Sky stared at it and said "Yea lets.........GAHHHHHHHHH"

Sky screamed as a red and black aura poured into him filling him with Darkness. As the pain from the experience subsided Sky rose to his feet half of his face smiling. "yes......Yes."

 "......BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA!   YES! YESSSSSSS! YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" "This power!" Sky exclaimed staring at his hands as the darkness corsed through him. "This is what I needed! With this Stern will come back to me!" Sky picked up his deck and put it in his pocket. "I'll bring Stern back soon, but until then I can't use you."  Sky said patting his deck one last time.

"Now I believe you promised me a new deck."Sky said to the voice now inside of him. "Ah right on time." Sky smiled as a new deck materialized out of a set of black rings that appeared in front of him.

"I hope you like it partner, you'll be wielding the number of the beast to get Stern back. He says he's proud of you and can't wait to see how strong you are now."

"I don't like it. I love it!......partner!" Sky said staring at his new avatar Deadliest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster "Яeverse"
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 05, 2015, 06:40:09 PM
The now freed but still Reversed Noel walks up to Sky who is now Reversed. "You are now pure, your weakness has been discarded. Be grateful for I will now give you an offer I haven't given anyone yet. Be my loyal bodyguard, you don't seem as weak as the others so I will allow you to command portions of my servants so we can expand my kingdom. We will recover this so called Seed and use it to rule this city! I will purge every single one from their weakness. And then..."

Noel starts to walk away and begins to laugh hysterically, "I WILL COME AFTER YOU BROTHER!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CHANCE THAT WE CAN KILL EACH OTHER!!" her laugh has become very psychotic that even her weak-willed Reversed servants were terrified. Her desire to fight Seifer has reached levels that obsession seems like a nice word for it. Now with the directive from her superiors memorized, she plans on finding the Seed but with no intention of handing it over. No, she wants to use it for herself, to enjoy the glory she deserves. Her birthright, the pride of a Kusanagi destined to stand on top of everyone else.

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"AS long as I can prove my strength I'm fine with serving you Noel" Sky said with a smile.
"At least for now...isn't that right partner?"
"Hush Ethics. As long as we can prove our strength there's no need for betrayal...yet."
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Post by: RosaliaIzanami on October 05, 2015, 06:48:31 PM
Rosalia only stared in horror at the pair. They were different from the typical, mindless fighters that merely asked "are you strong?" every two seconds. This was like how Seifer was before, or even herself... Was this how Noel felt, wanting to save her from the clutches of Reverse? Terrified?... Taking a deep breath, the redhead steeled her nerves as best she could and approached the pair. It wasn't just Noel now that she had to save... "N-noel! Sky! You two... Just how could you?! You were in pain when you were Reversed. Why do you think that is?! This.. this isn't you! Neither of you are like this; its Link Joker talking!" She gripped the deck at her side. Could she really face off against both of them?... "Are you two gonna just let this consume you forever? What happened to your Pure Heart Ashlei, Noel? And your Nova Grapplers, Sky? Can you really say that they're happy?... I've been through being Reversed. I hurt my units, my avatar... and I hurt you, Noel... It's my fault you're like this... so I've come to fix it all... I won't leave you in the dark anymore..."
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 05, 2015, 07:10:15 PM
Noel stopped and turned around to see a frightened red head with what it seems like an attempt to "fix it all." Rosalia returned but no longer Reversed when Noel last saw her

"SILENCE!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT?! KNOW YOUR PLACE!" Noel's dark aura flared causing shock waves that caused the red head go down to her knees, "Consume me? Do you have any idea how this really feels?! It feels great, I finally have the power to live up to my father's standards and even beyond! Ashlei's heart is as pure as it has ever been! Look around you! All of my slaves, freed from their weakness and now serving me and accepting their place in the world!" Noel's aura started to calm down, then her twisted smile returned with an idea...

"You are no longer one of us... you are weak and useless to me... unless..." She then walked up to Rosalia and grabbed her by the collar, "Hehehe...HAHAHAHAHA! THIS IS PERFECT! Yes... you won't be as useless as you think! Rejoice! I have chosen you to play a great role! You of the Silver Thorn Circus know how important the final act is right?!" Noel got close and whispered into her ear, "Now who do you think that is...?"

Noel then chopped her in the neck, knocking her out and then called her Reversed servants to take Rosalia to the Cardfight Club's room where she will await the mark of her final act. "Brother... I can't wait to see you..."

She then started making her way to the club room with her hysteric laugh echoing across the halls
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Post by: Skyzlimitz on October 05, 2015, 07:17:18 PM
Sky blinked at the scene then stopped caring. A twisted idea came into his mind. He walked into the faculty staff office, they all recently got into vanguard and some were pretty good. Since Sky stopped playing for a while and didn't know where the club was he had been coaching them. "Mr. Carter!" they said waving at him "Come to teach us some more?"

"Something like that." Sky said holding up his new black deckbox

"Oh so you're finally going to fight with us?! Great we've all gotten alot stronger since last time so pleas don't hold back!"

"Oh I won't I'll treat you as if you were my ....foes" Sky said with a sinister smile.

"Even the strongest needs underlings huh partner?"

"That's right partner. So who wants to go first?" Sky asked shutting the door behind him.
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Post by: RosaliaIzanami on October 05, 2015, 07:19:29 PM
Rosalia's eyes widened at the aura that forced her down, the female flashing back briefly to the flames that Psycho-Seifer had before. "H-holy- a-ack!" First forced to her knees, then pulled up by her collar. Typical abuse for a high school, the redhead gripping Noel's arm that held her. Her shaking had started to return, staring at Noel as she went from dictator to playing secrets in two point five seconds flat. "W-what?..." Final Act?... "N-no wai-" And out like a light she went. Last time she passed out was.. yesterday, but at least she woke up in a bed. Right now, she was almost happy she wasn't awake... Just, for once, let this all be a nightmare that will go away upon the daylight hours...
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Post by: Cece Lockhart on October 07, 2015, 08:45:03 PM
"Sit her down in that seat, don't harm her. We will use her as bait and I want her to be in the best shape possible." Noel ordered her Reversed servants to put Rosalia on her seat that she would usually take at the Cardfight Club and position her like if she was fast asleep. Phase one complete... now to take care of another thing...

She then goes to the principal's office and uses the intercom so she can contact Sky who went off to Reverse the remaining and unsuspecting adults that were still in the school.

Sky, I order you to go out and find our good friend Tsubasa! I think he will make a wonderful servant to add to my collection! Leave at once and don't come back until you bring him back!

"Now with that taken cared of... time for Phase Three to begin..." Noel giggled evil-like and went back to the Cardfight Club where her servants waited her next command and a sleeping Rosalia was sitting.


"Rosalia!! Hey!! Wake up!! Yahello!! Oh come on! Wake up sleepy head!" Noel was shaking Rosalia to wake up. It was a beautiful day to be in the Cardfight Club.
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Post by: Skyzlimitz on October 07, 2015, 08:54:03 PM
"She's giving you orders, are we just going to listen partner?"

"No's fine partner. Didn't you hear what she said? She want's me to find Tsubasa. My old friend Tsubasa. The one who made Stern leave!" Sky said slamming his fist on a table.  "I'm starting to get excited Ethics, very very excited!"

"Sky Corps!" Sky yelled to the now reversed faculty members. "Make sure that the little princess up there remains safe."

"Sir yes sir!" They responded with sadistic smiles, hoping for a chance to use their newly bestowed reverse abilities.

As Sky walked out of the main entrance he had a huge grin on his face. "Tsubasa my foe, I'm coming so we can play together! Lets have a good fight!"
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Post by: RosaliaIzanami on October 07, 2015, 08:56:27 PM
Rosalia wasn't sure how long she was asleep for, nor did she care. In her unconsciousness, she only saw blackness and red; the nightmare of Reverse. She wanted to wake up, but something kept her under, as if the silence around her was keeping her caged. Until she heard a voice...


The redhead shifted and rubbed the back of her neck, the unexplained soreness bothering her as she opened her eyes. Around her was... the Cardfight Club... Others were fighting or talking casually... and Noel was by her side. How did I... Was... all of this a dream?... She looked to the other female. Noel seemed... normal, unlike what she last remembered. "N-noely?... H-hang on, what's going on? I didn't... Was I asleep?... I remember... everything was like a war zone... Link Joker is behind it all, a-and you were Reversed, and..." If it really was a dream... that was one hell of a nightmare.
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"Huh? War zone? And what's Link Joker? I was "Reversed"? What are you talking about? I think someone has been watching a lot of bad horror movies late at night, haha" Noel smiled poking at Rosalia's weird confusion, "Are you ok? You honestly looked freaked out." Noel looked a little concerned now while petting on Rosalia's head.

"You know what will be nice? Calling the group over, that way we can all be together and have some good fights!"
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Post by: RosaliaIzanami on October 07, 2015, 09:19:40 PM
Rosalia instinctively swatted Noel's hand away, looking down at her hands. "N-no! I-i swear it's not a dream!..." S-something... Something something! There's has to be something that'll prove that this is real! She got up from her chair and started to pace. This couldn't all just be a dream... It was pretty specific of a dream... There was Yugure... and Darren said he was Reversed... He found his new friend who was Reversed by Hazama... And then Rosalia herself was Reversed by Neo-... "T-that's it!" She pulled out her deck that was at her hip, flipping through the cards carefully. Sure enough, her two crossrides of her Avatar, Tamer Luquier, were there in her deck... "S-see?! Reverse! Noel, this isn't a dream.. I was Reversed, and I Reversed you, but then I got Venus Luquier here after Seifer-..."

The redhead broke off, looking at her cards again. Then, she lowered her gaze further to her shoes. A bit of blood had dried on her shoes from... Seifer being stabbed by Yugure... "N-noely, I'm positive this isn't a dream... Seifer had... he had died... I was there... I-i promise you, I'm not lying! As much as I hate it, you were Reversed!.. You... You're supposed to be still Reversed!.. and I'm not sure why you aren't now, but please believe me!"
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Br-brother... is... dead...? No... this has to be some sort of bad joke...

"W-w-what are you talking about Rosalia? You... You always had those cards remember? You got them a few days ago! And stop playing like that, Seifer isn't dead! You can't say things like that as a joke!" Noel's voice started to crack a little, nerves going crazy internally after hearing that Seifer was possibly dead, "If you were right, if he WAS dead, why would we be here and not in a funeral? I'm sure if you call him now he would answer the phone! So stop playing around!"
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"Luquier doesn't have crossrides like this normally, Noely! Reverse... Have you ever heard of Lock? That's not supposed to exist! If so, then why do I have a card that locks my rear-guards?! Venus is the evolution of that when I was brought back to my senses!" She paused and stared at Noel. If anything, this was a trap.. The redhead started to remember... She had gone into the school here, dodging Reverse Fighters that were Noel's minions... She watched Sky get Reversed... But now, Noel's voice started to break, and Rosalia remembered just how much she seemed to be obsessed with him in her Reversed state... Will Seifer dying break her out of it?... It's my only shot... Even if he is still alive now by a miracle.... If its for Noel...

"N-no, I swear! Seifer had died... I-i watched him bleed... L-look! There's blood on my shoes, and I promise you it was from that!" Rosalia took a step towards Noel to show her the shoe. There wasn't much of the dried blood, but it was there. "Noel.. I watched him die... I-it was an accident... A friend of ours held him after he was.. stabbed... I cried by his side... W-we couldn't even be at his funeral because right now, all of Rijuku is in shambles because of the Link Joker Invasion... Please, listen to me Noely... Snap out of it!"
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"I don't know what you are talking about! We always had the Lock ability!" Noel's already broken mind was slowly shattering more and more, unable to keep her composure together due to thinking of endless scenarios of how Seifer could of died. Rosalia wasn't going to be fooled so easily but for now everyone was staring at her like if she was crazy.

That was when Noel saw the bits of dried blood on Rosalia's shoe. She really wasn't lying. Seifer was truly... dead. No... no... he can't... "HE CAN'T!!" Everything went back to reality, the sunny day outside became once more a cloudy sky with the black and red ring hovering over the school again. She then grabbed her by the collar and pinned her to the wall and lifted her up. "YOU LIAR!! BROTHER CAN'T BE DEAD!! LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR!! YOU!! YOU WATCH HIM DIE!! I HATE YOU!! I HATE YOU!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Noel then drops Rosalia down and the red head's deck scattered across the floor. She then takes the copies of Venus Luquier and shows them to Rosalia. "You watched my brother die... now you will watch your beloved Luquier be torn right in front of you..." Noel started to laugh and cry at the same time. A sad sight to see because she has no idea how to feel. Sadness and anger was consuming her, breaking her heart more and more causing her to sink more into the Reverse. "Now... say good bye..." Noel said quietly with tears running down the red marks on her face and ripped up Venus Luquier to irreparable pieces
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Rosalia jumped slightly as everything went back to what it was before: dark, ominous, and completely out of control. The red ring outside didn't bother her as much now, especially when she was too focused on Noel. The other female had pinned her against the wall, Noel's anger giving her a frightening strength. "N-noel, I-i... I couldn't do.. anything!!" When dropped, the redhead coughed some, wincing until she heard Noel mention Luquier... She looked up, and sure enough, all of her copies of Venus Luquier were in the mad-woman's hands... "W-wait!! Noel stop!!" She reached out to try and take them back...

Rip rip rip rip rip...

Rosalia froze, her eyes widening as tears spilled over. The droplets ran down her cheek and on the floor, landing on a few of her other cards that lay scattered about. Then with her tears, the pieces of her beloved Luquier fell. "No... no no no..." She reached for a few of the pieces, so tiny now it was near impossible to tell what part of the card it was anymore. A corner, an edge, text, artwork. All of it was beyond repair, and this wasn't the kind of card she got at the shop or as a gift... "Wh... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!" Rosalia cried out, a pain filling her voice, her head, her core... The only other time this happened, was when Seifer had been stabbed, and much like then, the world of gray, black, and red consumed her thoughts. She cried out again, a shriek as if her heart and love for cardfight.. her avatar... was brutally ripped out of her chest. "LUQUIER!!!!" Then she bent over, sitting on her knees while pressing her forehead into the floor where the pieces of Venus laid, crying the world away and slamming down her fists. There was no turning back... There were no do-overs... Her Venus Luquier was gone... And so now, there was nothing else to do, save to remain in an almost bowing position before Noel. Rosalia had lost her avatar, and slowly lost herself in the world of gray...
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It took him a while but... Seifer had finally pin pointed where one of the reverse fighters he'd been hunting was at. Stopping just outside the school, he glanced up over the front of the building, his crimson eyes half shut. Glancing at his phone, he checked to make sure Rosalia hadn't text him. He kind of... Owed her an apology, but he was going to do this first before calling her. Sliding his hands into his pockets, he walked inside... To be met with a hallway of Reverse fighters. Oh well then. He should of expected this but, he had hoped maybe this would be easy. No such luck. He had to fight his way through, and did so. He didn't see the new card in any of the fights, but maybe that was a good thing. Revealing his trump card now might not be the best idea. Making his way through the school, beating down each and every reverse fighter he came across was easy enough, but it was starting to get annoying going through all of these fighters. Just how many actually were here.

Just when he thought it was going to keep going forever until it just... Stopped. All of the reverse fighters just stopped appearing. Strange but refreshing. Maybe he'd beaten them all? Walking these halls though by himself, brought back some memories. They were rather fond memories with the cardfight club. Maybe he should take a rest there? Walking to the room he started thinking more and more about the cardfight club, though without realizing it when he opened the door, he stumbled into that... disaster. Well, he found the main reverse fighter in the school, and the love of his life in the middle of this situation. His crimson eyes however were focused now on the shreds of cardboard, the cards that were just ripped.

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"Know your place... you let him die... now stay on your knees and see how weak you are. You couldn't save the one you love... my only brother! Now you couldn't save your precious Luquier... I rather see you agonize in pain than Reverse you again..." Noel's expression turned cold. She was no longer the twisted sadist that would enjoy seeing others in pain. Her stance was that of like her father, looking down at the weak and trampling over them and watch the light of their victim fade away without having any sign of emotion. She was at the point that she wouldn't care if someone died right next to her or worse, if Rosalia were to die in front of her. There would be no emotion, not enough cares in the world since the victim would be someone inferior.

That was when the door opened. Seifer had stumbled into the room after going through Noel's Reversed army like nothing and he just stood there watching and trying to figure out what happened. Noel looked and smiled. "I knew it... I just knew you were alive! Brother!
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Know your place... You let him die... Now stay on your knees and see how weak you are... Noel's words rang through Rosalia's head, the distraught redhead shaking. Actually.. it felt like she was destroyed. Part of her was just ripped away, and she had no way to get it back. It was gone forever.

You couldn't save the one you love... N-no.. I lied... He's alive... But Luquier... Venus was gone. Venus was gone...

I rather see you agonize in pain than Reverse you again... Please... Please Reverse me again... Do something... Kick me, hit me... Anything... Let it be over... I don't want the pain anymore... She felt like she was falling... her trembling started to disappear, and her cries quieted to silent tears that continued down her cheeks. She wanted nothing more than the world to disappear around her... to forever be lost in her colorless reality...



I knew it... I just knew you were alive! Brother!




Rosalia didn't move from her crumbled position. Instead, she turned only her head. Her eyes, red from crying, saw none other than the one she loved standing in the doorway... staring at her in her destroyed state. So he came after all... And yet... She didn't say a word. It was like she was in a trance, her mind separate from reality, and she looked down again. When she moved again, she merely gathered the rest of her deck up, as well as gathering every last scrap of Venus Luquier with slow, mechanical movements. Eyes nearly glazed over, Rosalia didn't dare look up again. She put the incomplete deck in its box, the scraps in her pocket, and remained sitting on her knees with her hands in her lap...

Rosalia was utterly broken.
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Seifer glanced at Noel for a moment before walking into the room. Well, the Reverse boss of the area was confirmed, and it was his sister, but that's not what he was worried about. The red head in the room took him off guard, as he had no idea she'd come here, or why in the first place. And seeing how broken she was and devastated about the card pieces, it had to be a card that was really special to her. Walking inside, he said not a word to anyone, kneeling in front of Rosalia... Placing his hand on her's, his forefingers slipping into her hand. "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner. ...I'll make it up to you somehow... I promise." His phone vibrated, but right now he didn't have time for it, as his hands found their way to the tear stained cheeks of the red head, rubbing gently with his thumbs. It probably wouldn't do much right now, but it was better than nothing. At this point he was completely ignoring the reversed fighter, since he'd get to her in a minute.
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Noel was completely ignored which made her really mad. "How dare you... HOW DARE YOU IGNORE ME BROTHER!!" Her dark red and black aura started flaring up causing any light weighted item fly around the club room and the furniture to shake.

I will put you in your place too... Noel had only one thought now, make Seifer her personal Reverse pet
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Seifer stood slowly, turning his head slightly to look over his shoulder at the crazy that was currently his sister. In a matter of moments, a dark orange and red glow surrounded the male, much larger than normal, even darkening the room by contrast. Through the fire and flames, his eyes could be seen glowing with a hint of both malice and pity. She was his sister, but the spell that was put on her made him enraged and become something all together different than his normal self. Pulling out the Kagero deck he turned around, rubbing the edge of the Blaster Blade Liberator card he had. Unfortunately he wouldn't be able to use it really, so he returned the Gold Paladin form of the Blaster of Courage to the Kagero deck case... which in itself is probably very odd. "If you think you can take me then show me. But we both know that's not the real you." the room darkened even more as the flames grew brighter. Two reverse fight tables appeared between them. Seifer was now ready to confront his reversed sibling.
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Rosalia didn't move.. When Seifer sat in front of her, his fingers slipping into her's, she didn't move. She didn't return the embrace... Then she felt his hands against her cheek, wiping away her tears that continued to fall in silence... Make it up to me?... There's no way to get Venus back... She's gone forever... She sat still as Noel caused items to fly around the room, thankfully nothing hitting her in the process. The redhead wouldn't move at all, let alone move in time to dodge anything that came her way. Then it was Seifer's turn to stand and face the crazed Noel, an aura Rosalia hadn't seen before surrounding the male. But again, she didn't budge an inch. As the fight was about to begin, the redhead remained where she was to the side, sitting quietly, and kneeling with hands in her lap.

Around her, she could see the world of gray... everything was colorless; a world she has seen many times now. Gray trees shifted in the wind, gray leaves falling without making a sound. And when it shifted again, even the blackened stage was now the lifeless color of slate. Rays of light from the spotlights above were pale, almost invisible among everything else. Even as Luquier Reverse stood before the redhead, the unit once known as the Mad Queen had lost her color...
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"Go on", the voice of Ahmes rang out from Seifer's deck. However, it was not to the brunette in particular. An extension of power reached out, allowing Salome to materialize into the world around them. An odd occurrence that never happened happened, but instead of explaining, it was obvious the reason why it happened. The Leading Jewel Knight was here for her friends - for Noel and Ashlei.

"Thank you", she whispered. "My Vanguard... please...!" Salome's voice called out to the Reversed psychopath. Now that the woman was here, there were so many things to say, but they wouldn't form into coherent sentences. Even if it wasn't her place between the siblings... She just wanted to be here. She had to be here to see Noel freed of the spell. Admittedly, the warrior didn't look at Rosalia, but still knocked away flying objects coming their way.

"Vanguard of Kagero... I know I need not make an obvious request. Yet, I must. Return to me my Vanguard and friend. This twisted nightmare suffocating them has gone on for long enough. Just... please, don't hurt them in the process either."

A hard demand to make. Salome was just overprotective and yearning.
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Noel took out her deck an the dark aura engulfed the deck with the same intensity as the one surging around her. She set the deck on the fight table while the area around turned into the space-like area where the Reverse fights take place (

"I've been waiting for this moment... brother... NOW LET US BEGIN!!" Noel's smile reached its peak of twisted and sadistic, she knew that the outcome of this fight would be to the end.
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As the fight started, Seifer opened up looking for his trump card... and yet it didn't show. Then again it hadn't shown up in his fights up to now in the school so why should it here? Taking an early lead, the brunette pushed his reversed sister to the edge with a superior ride, reaching grade three first even though he went second.  Even without Nouvelle Vague, the fight seemed largely in Seifer's favor, even when Noel rode Ashlei Reverse. Several turns into the fight and he still hadn't seen his evolution, even though his triggers were responding. Ashlei's limit break however kept taking away what field presence he had, removing his effective advantage. However at the time he needed it most... He drove the dragon god.

"See the world through my eyes. Become my hopes and will, purify the darkness that binds! Ride!" (

The turning point of the fight, Seifer rode the Grade four, his flames becoming even hotter and brighter. Even with that though, he still couldn't end it that turn... And her advantage continued to grow, even on her turn. Reduced to just two cards in hand, Seifer drew... And upon realizing what he drew, realized that he could turn the tide with this.

"Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague's Limit Break! Purifying Flames!" ( by paying the hefty cost of a triple counterblast, triple soul blast, and dropping Nouvelle's mirror from his hand, Seifer's new dragon subdued Noel's entire rear guard, leaving her alone against the dragon's power.

"Bring her back! Nouvelle Dragon! Transcendent Blaze!" even with Noel's handsize, Seifer was trying to end it here... And the dragon god responded, evolving a new skill. The ability to cancel the guarding with grade zeroes. Even with this new evolution... Noel still guarded for a two pass... The Brunette hesitating for a moment. The moment of truth. Driving the first card... Was Dragon Dancer, Barbara... A heal trigger. Risking it all he stacked it to Nouvelle Vague and confidently drove the second. A critical trigger. All effects went to his Vanguard, and Noel was driven to six. At the end of the fight, the male was panting, the illusion of the units that currently surrounded them disappeared... Though Nouvelle looked back at the male before disappearing fully.
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"Break his heart and scatter his soul into oblivion! Ride my Avatar of Darkness! Broken Heart Jewel Knight... Ashlei REVERSE!!"

Seifer had gained an early lead in their fight. Riding to grade three the same turn he rode into grade two allowed Seifer to gain hand and damage advantage. What seemed like a tough climb for Noel, all she did was have an evil smile. She was enjoying the fight even though the stakes were high. ( And slowly, Noel started to close the gap and eventually be the one with the advantage

"COME ON NIIII-SAN! LET'S PLAY SOME MORE!! The weak has no place in this world! Make room for those destined to rule! Limit Break! Dark Sword Tyranny!" And with the acquired ability to Lock, Ashlei Reverse stabbed her own ally, Shellie and injected her with the power of Void which caused Shellie to be entrapped in a prison with black and red rings. Then Ashlei swiftly struck down one of Seifer's rear guards. Ashlei's morals have been twisted, by sharing the pain on both sides, their sacrifices allowed the call of a brand new Jewel Knight to join the field.

The more Seifer took out her field, Ashlei quickly refilled it with more units while striking down his units. Noel now had the advantage, her victory was assured until...

"See the world through my eyes. Become my hopes and will, purify the darkness that binds! Ride!"

Seifer rode into a unit which was never seen or heard of before. A unit of god-like status. A Grade Four who's power transcended across time to join the battlefield. However, Ashlei was strong enough to withstand an attack of that magnitude. Noel and Ashlei brought the god-like dragon known as Nouvelle Vague almost to the edge of defeat until the dragon god used it's divine power.

"Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague's Limit Break! Purifying Flames!" ( A heavy cost of three counterblasts and soul blasts along with a persona blast, Nouvelle Vauge obliterated Noel's field leaving Ashlei Reverse all by herself.

"No! I won't let it end this way! I guard!! What?! My grade zeroes! They are on fire! What's going on?!" Noel couldn't believe what was going on. Her grade zeroes caught fire and were unable to guard. The dragon god unlocked another of its divine abilities which nullified the use of grade zeroes as guardians. However, Noel used other units of higher grades to block a two trigger pass attack. That didn't stop Seifer, he risked everything he had on this last turn and checked into a heal followed by a critical trigger.

"I... cannot lose!! I won't lose!!" Noel checked her first damage, no trigger. As she was gonna go for the second damage check, she suddenly realized her heals were all out of the deck. Six damage. Noel had lost which meant...

"AHHHHH!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The Reverse aura started to rapidly gush out of Noel's body causing a tremendous amount of pain and when it was all gone, her consciousness started to fade and passed out.
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Rosalia looked up at the start of the fight, watching as the silent tears that fell slowed to a stop. She had cried enough, her eyes red and aching, but she watched nonetheless. Maybe it would help her calm down... or bring her out of the world of gray... By the end of it, it was more like she had finally accepted that Venus Luquier was gone, and yet, she had no one to blame but herself. Noel had been Reversed when she tore up the redhead's precious avatar, but it was Rosalia herself who had Reversed Noel in the first place... At least... Noel was saved... by the strange power that was a Grade Four. She looked to Seifer when he had rode Transcendence, Rosalia tilting her head slightly. He had showed Onee-chan his incomplete Kagero deck... Was this the missing card?...

She didn't ask. Instead, the female got to her feet, finally standing up from kneeling on the floor throughout the entire fight. She moved to Seifer's side, wanting no more than to cling to his arm and cry again... But chances are, he was needed to carry Noel. It wasn't quite easy to deal with two people at once like that... "I'm... glad you came..." she spoke up, eyes half shut as she glanced to the now unconscious Noel. "Do you.. think she kept Ashlei Reverse?... Like I have Luquier Reverse?..."
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Ashlei, naturally, had been Reversed this entire time. A realization Salome didn't want to accept. She just wanted to believe the purehearted airhead was missing, but that was not the case. Noel pulsated with a maddening amount of energy that also coated the Jewel Knight. A Limit Break that left her jaw agape - Dark Sword Tyranny. The other gemstone warriors found themselves locked to be forcibly called into battle by the twisted nature of a contorted heart. This rule of the Broken Heart Jewel Knight reigned over the Flame Dragons, giving them leisure to give no mind to Kagero's retire.

In response, the power of the voice in Seifer's dreams discovered by Ahmes became real. An ancestral creator dragon of Grade Four descended - Nouvelle Vague. Salome had never even known about the existence of this unit, much less the possibility of a grade beyond most others being ridden in the game. It wasn't immediately enough to stop Noel's rampage, yet, still incredibly worrying how much damage the dragon god did to her friends. Soon after, a Persona Blast for a Limit Break was utilized, setting fire to everything in sight. The Jewel Knight rearguards vanished, and Grade Zero guardians were burned away.

Seeing the defeat of her Vanguard was relieving, but then came the hard part. The Reverse energy forcing itself out of the girl. Salome darted forward, catching her vanguard before she fell on the floor. A rare moment occurred, one that scarcely happened since the invasion began. The Leading Jewel Knight smiled without worry, holding Noel, hugging her closely.

"That was a little much, don't you think...?" She asked Seifer, not very pleased with knowing a Creator Dragon exerted almost all force possible to bring them back.

Still, she was content. Just a mental note to pay Kagero back in full later was made.

"Thank you", the woman spoke, standing with his younger sister. The unconscious girl was handed over before Salome would vanish into the deck. Into Noel's deck to reunite with Ashlei.
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Khudus had been fighting around the city for days on end. He never had much chance to rest especially as route to hotel was just as plagued by Reverse fighters as anywhere else so he decided to fight and destroy as many reverse fighters as he could. As he had finished with another he was preparing to hunt down another when he felt something in one of the rooms in the building. He just stood there staring. He had never felt powers from fights much before.

This power was so strong he couldn't move at all. He was engulfed by how powerful it was. When it faded he started to shake. He looked at his hand as it trembled. What was that? Such power. Curious he decided to search the school searching for what caused such power.
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Salome surprised him, appearing to take Noel into her arms and not let her drop, though when she was handed over he picked her up princess style, since he had no idea how long she'd be out. "Unfortunately it was necessary..." The male glanced over at the red head with sad eyes. "It's possible. Though let's keep an her for now."  with how today has gone it was time to actually take a rest though. Turning the male trotted out hopefully with everyone in tow, taking them back to his house.
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Rosalia watched as Salome had caught Noel, rather than Seifer like she expected. But, it was nice... At least Noel has other grade three Jewel Knights to watch over her... She lowered her gaze again and followed the male out of the building. Above the school, given that Noel's reign of terror was finally over, the ring hovering in the sky should have disappeared. At least the redhead assumed so. She didn't bother to look up and check. They had their missing companion back, and that's all that mattered right now...
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Khudus was searching the whole school. He wanted to find the power. Maybe if he found it he could get some answers. Like what was happening. He found a door which was closed. He felt some sort of power on other side. Excited he rushed over and opened the door.

Hi there. I was hoping we could tal... Before he could finish he saw it was only teachers inside and they were all reversed. He tried to back out but students blocked his excited. He looked down and sigh. COME ON! SERIOUSLY! He knew only way out was too fight. Something he was getting sick off and that was one of the few things he thought he would never get sick of.
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"Being possessed by an alien energy thing doesn't excuse you from having to do the schoolwork."


Homework, and more homework. Things apparently stacked up during all the reversing and not much had really been coming to school. Then there was the fact that the school itself got reversed. Well that was just dandy.

"Sensei! Sensei! I remember that I fought you and you were reversed too!" Isabella raised her hand.

Sensei-kun-chan-sama was one of the reversed fighters over at the park that one day. Used Great Nature, not because of the teacher role or anything. She he just really likes furry animals. Teacher is a furry. Also gender less if it wasn't apparent by now.

Either way, piles of homework awaits.
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The entire ordeal was not pleasant for Sera nor Haruka. Whilst they were in the separate dimension, they felt consistent moments of stasis, causing them to stay back at the shop with Neu who chatted nonsense or some other away in order to keep Sera from crushing her from the inside out, should he ever gain the strength to move again.

However that never happened. He eventually found himself falling into a deep slumber at the card shop. Sounds of crackling and laughing around, but nothing major. All he knew was that his dreams were starting again with the flames and the field. Things got more vivid, yet all dreary at the same time. This time was the same. The fire. The screams. The giggling. The arms. The only thing different was the smell of smoke and fire was much more intense....

He woke up at home. Presumably Sera had gotten a small conscious headstart in the waking up process and took the host body home. How thoughtful. The portal must have opened at some point, which is nice. However Haruka woke up to a throbbing headache and a school alarm. Riggggghhht.

Toast in mouth, Haruka raced down into the school entrance, starting to break a sweat. Running to school was commonplace for him so he didn't feel that exhausted really. It was brisk outside, to say the least. He went up the marble-white stairs and into his classroom on the third floor, class 3-C. The dummy class.

This sucks.

You suck.

When did you become a total twit?

When you started having crappy dreams that I'm now forced to remember. Man that sucks.

You're telling me. Been over a year for me; you'll get used to it.
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Hana was over in the school yard, fiddling with her phone at the start of break which. It apparently updated itself mid-class and and had all sorts of weird features now. It was also going much slower and buttons were all over the place. Her muscle mempry led her to move her fingers where the old buttons were and using this phone was now getting frustrating for her pverall. Dumb update. First world problems.

It's been silent though. Calming.
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Breaaaaaaaak tiiiiiiiiiimeeeee!

Haruka flew out of the classroom, not wasting a second to disappear from the conglomerate of actual no-nothings. Upon reaching the courtyard with his briefcase, he caught glimpse of Miss Hana Espoir. Or Isabella Hope. Haruka addressed her as the former, Sera went with the latter as of recently...

Sera really liked her album.


Man, what did I tell you?

She's my friend too, you know...

Haruka shook his head in disappointment at Sera's awkwardness. He was truly a high school boy at heart. Cute.
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"I'm sorry." The phone spoke.
"Oh my gee, I was just trying to get to the homescreen!" She scratched her head.
"Okay, there are 3 window stores near you."
"N-..." Press more buttons, less speaking.

The phone decided to play loud emo music back from when she was going through her goth phase. She frantically tried to turn it off. "Ohayou!" She waved nervously over to Seruka, pressing buttons on her phone as it played the most depressing song in the world.

Emo idol phase was cringe-worthy.
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She's so kawaii...

You're actually trash.

"What's uh, up? Your phone giving you trouble?" Haruka caught on to the frantic spam of buttons and was curious as to what was going on. Haruka wasn't usually too perceptive, but Sera pointed it out when her emo trash started playing. Sera was sort of into it, but probably only because Hana even had it in the first place. God Sera is actually the trash child Haruka never wanted, but got stuck with anyways.

Sera mentally pouted.
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"Yep! This is trash, I should ask manager-San if I can get a new one." Nervous laughter. With hopeful eyes she looked upon her phone as the music finally stopped.
"Now texting Manager-san. The following message: "You are trash." Sending.'
"Message sent."

Despair. This was the end of the world. Her idol career is over. In a fraction of a second, her phone vibrated with a text message notification. She decided to slip her phone back into her pocket. Enough for today.

"Hmmm.. so how's world domination? At least school is back. That's both good... and bad." Darn homework. The cherry blossom perfume that she bought on the way here today smells nice. Walking air freshner.
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"Hmm? Oh. Its good. I guess. Sera is in control of that end I'm just along for the ride so to speak. Uh."

Haruka just sort of looked away as to not embarrass Hana further. She seemed a tad bit upset it looked like. Sera wanted to go into comfort mode but that isn't how it works when they're sharing bodies. Physical appropriateness is a huge thing they bickered about for hours.

"Well that's what he told me anyways. Apparently- nothing. Nothing is happening."

Why you gotta tell her everything?

Uh, my bad?
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"They say that idols can rule the world with their popularity. I believe!" Continuing to ignore the reply from manager-san. She's an idol until she reads that text. It'll be alright. With nothing really happening them there was really nothing to worry about. Other dimensional threats were moved out of the way anyways. Well that feels surreal.

"People seem to be scared off by Vanguard because of the reverse thing so I guess... Rip Cardfight Club for now." What to do after school then...
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"Can they? Actually I wouldn't put it past them. Idols are sort of scary..."

True story. Sera had no disagreements.

"I've actually been a bit worried about a few things concerning the domination. As in if Sera is just joking or not..."

Haruka was never really sure if Sera is seriously going to destroy everyone, or if the invaders or some other force he just wasn't involved with. Things had gotten unnervingly serious recently after the dimension trip. Haruka didn't want to be involved with all of this anymore. He felt awful knowing his body was the vessel for pretty much all of the world's evil.
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"Considering that he is the evil thing that goes to school, I myself am confused." isabella tilted her head.

The student body was mostly feeling gloomy or letting out that kind of air. It was hard to tell if it was due to reverse or the homework. The reverse didn't affect The Princess much. She was mostly desensitized to the whole phenomenon at this point, whether that's a good thing or not. She did wonder why Sera was being such a not-so-evil guy who is supposed to be evil.
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"I don't think we're that bad though. Maybe misinderstood?"

Not in the least. Everyone is probably gonna die or be a zombie.

"Or not."

Haruka leaned against a wall starting to nom on his sandwich. Ham and cheese is actually the best.

"Man I wish schoolwork wasn't actually cancerous. English is hard."

Haruka was actually really fluent in English but he just forgot how to use big words and such. What a waste of learning the language. He stretched out and yawned. Sleepiness was setting in.
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"English is so difficult! I do have difficulties writing paragraphs and stuff. I would have a hard time especially writinf stpries with it. Seems impossible. Uguu..." She shifted her hat a litte. The sun was moderately blazing. It will be December in two months! Christmas romance! Miyuki is still sick ufhhh.

"Please wait until after Christmas before destroying the world." Awk.
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Haruka had to ponder for a moment. English was difficult for sure, but after you pick up the basics, aka nothing, because English was so messed up linguistically and grammatically there was no real way to go about fixing that monstrosity... after you learned everything from the ground-up, it wasn't too bad. That was also a lie.

"Christmas? Sera, can we do Christmas?"

Probably not.


You scumbag...

"In fact, he might just postpone it til afterwards!"

I thought about sparing you, you know? I'm rethinking that decision.


"Anyway, how've you and Miyuki been? It's been a long time since I've seen her really. Still not feeling so great?" Haruka had the audacity to ask... actually no audacity there, he had no idea as to why she was sick, therefore he didn't feel bad or really anything about the inquiry. Sera was a tad-bit guilty though. Then he wasn't anymore because he didn't really care for all the humans too much.