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Title: Buddyfight Area 1.26
Post by: Rem on May 11, 2019, 04:23:31 PM
-New cards
-Now you can save a screenshot of your deck in the deck editor for the "S" key. (Analogous to the CFA function)
Title: Re: Buddyfight Area 1.26
Post by: KirisameAlex on May 11, 2019, 10:52:59 PM
As always, thanks for the update

Dragon World
The One I Admire, Chibi Panda
Thunder Emperor Warlord, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale
Dragon Fang Thunder Emperor Sword, Bal X Bunker
CHAOS Iyonorasetsuryu
Warlord Dragon Shield
Operative Mech, CHAOS Sphere
Skyclash Autodeity Dragon, CHAOS Batzz
Thunder Emperor Cavalry Dragon, Drum Bunker Dragon
Thunder Emperor Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon
Awakened Deity Dragon, Gastul Gardra
Awakened Deity Dragon, Cooler Gardragon
Awakened Deity Dragon, Wildt Gardra
Awakened Deity Dragon, Genie Gardra

Buddy Trust!
Holy Punisher!!
Gindako x Buddyfight “Strongest Tacoba 2019”
Gindako x Buddyfight “An Ace Takoba 2019”

Katana World
Overturn Ghoul Deity, Gojinmaru
Great Mountain Rogue, Kid Ibuki
Dark Arms, Blaze Flower -Purple Blade-

Legend Word

Star Dragon World
Lightning Star Dragon, Jackknife “Overkill”
Biggest Dragonarms, CHAOS Triple Buster
Thundersky Crystal Dragon, Aldo Athora
Formation Clear
Ivory Barrier
Twinseer Dragon, Lya Stroner
Twinseer Dragon, Vee Starunner

Danger World
Golden Bullet, Thwackdrill
Mercenary’s Pride, Dra-gollum

Magic World
Death Plague Caster, Nera
Sweet Pleasure, CHAOS Yersinieas

Dungeon World
CHAOS Van Glacier
Tempest Shield, Draco Guard
Thunder Sword, Ktenos Edge

Ancient World
Searing Overturn Chief, Duel Jaeger “Dynamite Kai”
Jaunty, Bodolo
Linkdragon Lunch Time

Darkness Dragon World
Black Regalo

Vanguard of CHAOS, Geargod ver.0
Chaos Wall, Perfect Barrier

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!PICO (Found in Generic)
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!PICO (Flag)
Spirit Babanbo’s Prey
Scary Cornet Loop Story
The Labyrinth of Jellyfishes, Kanon Matsubara
The Energetic Kitazawa, Hagumi Kitazawa
The One and Only Ridiculous, Nonsensical One-of-a-Kind, Kaoru Seta
Fallen Angel of Black Wings, Ako Udagawa
CiRCLE Starry Night
The Sensible One In The Bear, Misaki Okusawa
Sadness Metronome, Sayo Hikawa
Samurai From the Nordic, Eve Wakamiya
Insanely Mad Mechanic Otaku, Maya Yamato
Reliable Big Sister Who Likes Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen, Tomoe Udagawa
Misfires Commands, Himari Uehara
Here’s a Cornet, Rimi Ushigome
Hanazono the Rabbit Chaser, Tae Hanazono
The Band Which Spreads Smiles All Around The World, Hello, Happy World!
The Blue Rose Which Blooms At The Top, Roselia
The Gorgeous Colorful And Fluffy Idol Band, Pastel Palettes
The Childhood Friends That Rocks The World, Afterglow
The Rising Star With High Expectations, Poppin’Party
Master Of The Immovable, Rinko Shirokane
Genius Next Door, Hina Hikawa
Mostly Normal, Tsumugi Hazawa
Yeast Girl, Saaya Yamabuki
Livehouse CiRCLE
Marina Tsukishima
Goddess of Kindness, Lisa Imai
The Smile Behind The Iron Mask, Chisato Shirasagi
Go My Way, Moca Aoba
Sweet But Spicy Personality, Arisa Ichigaya
The Wave Attack Of Smiles, Kokoro Tsurumaki
Purple Rose of Mad Blooming, Yukina Minato
Endless Egosearching, Aya Maruyama
Red Mesh of Rebellion, Ran Mitake
Charisma of a Star, Kasumi Toyama
DJ Bear, Michelle