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The story of Cardfight!! Vanguard G is set at Card Capital Shop No. 2, about three years after Legion Mate. The main characters are Chrono Shindō, Shion Kiba, and Tokoha Anjō. Shin Nitta, the manager of Card Capital Shop No. 2, and part-time worker Kamui Katsuragi will return in the new anime, as will Misaki Tokura and Card Capital's owner. Also appearing is Kōuji Ibuki.

Chrono Shindou is the main protagonist and uses the new clan 'Gear Chronicle'
Tokoha Anjou is one of the main characters and uses 'Neo Nectar'
Shion Kiba is one of the main characters and uses 'Royal Paladin'

Feel free to discuss or bring new/interesting information about the new series of Vanguard! Anime, games or the TCG are very weclome.

So far, the schedule for releasing has been thus... (lemme know if I missed anything)

Trial Decks 1 & 2: Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star [RP] & Awakening Of The Interdimensional Dragon [GC] (Out in JPN, 2/27/15 in EN)
GBooster Set 01: Generation Stride - Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Nova Grapplers and Kagero (Out in JPN, 3/?/15 in EN)
Trial Decks 3 & 4: Flower Maiden of Purity [NN] (1/22/15 (JP), 2/27/15 (EN)) & Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine [AQ] (1/22/15)
GBooster Set 02: Soaring Beauty - Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin, Aqua Force, Neo Nectar, Great Nature and Narukami (2/20/15)
Extra Booster 1: Dimension Police (3/13/15)
Fighter's Collection 2015 (4/25/15)
G Legend Deck 1: The Dark "Ren Suzugamori"  (4/24/15)
Trial Decks 5 & 6: Link Joker and Shadow Paladin (5/?/15)
GBooster Set 03: Link Joker , Shadow Paladin + Unconfirmed Clans (5/?/15)
Extra Booster 2: Bermuda Triangle (6/?/15)

Edit: Updated! Again!

My thoughts about this are some excitement and some concerns. I shall go in order as to not jumble everything together...

1. Yay! New season with new characters, pretty cool, I mean you have to admit, everyone was getting a bit older, probably too older for Bushiroads targeted age group. Misaki was about to graduate and Aichi and Kai weren't far behind, etc etc. New blood is sometimes needed.

2. Shino, oh a cute yet seriously looking 'knight' boy with a paige-boy haircut, kinda cool. Tokohara, omg yes! Finally a female NN user who is also a main character, this is gonna be awesome! Chrono, um.. I dunno that reminds me a bit 'too' much of yugioh and your name... just.. really? Chrono, that name along with the hair just seems like the biggest attention grabber... which makes him by relation a bit of an attention whore? lol

3. I really hope that Toko isn't going to be a Tea (from yugioh) clone, talks about friendship and being nothing more than an over glorified cheerleader. Or at least I don't want her to be annoying and/or overly girly. I'm not asking for butch, but something more along the lines of Kourin and Misaki, girls who didn't let their gender define their personalities.

4. New director AND writer? Oh boy. Did some digging and found that they worked on a few episodes including the intro to Ren and at least the Tsuku fight(s) with Misaki vs Asaka. Those were some good episodes, hopefully they don't muck anything up and get this anime some much needed 'awesome'.

5. OTT support and two things of NN support? Oh lord, this is gonna be awesome *crosses fingers*

6. Shadow Paladins huh? Here's hoping there's more witches on the way! (and maybe even a reappearance of Rati?)

Thoroughly disgusted with the people judging the G reboot before any real in-depth info about the new characters or elements have been laid out (save Stride). A restart over the mess that was Legion Mate arc and the current meta era is an amazing idea, despite all of those cards still being around/legal for G era. Bushi has a chance to bring up clans that need upbringing along with solving annoying problems they're already working on like Gradelocks. Unfortunately, they can't let go of Kagero, Shadows, or Jokers so the meta is going to be more or less the same unless Bushi actually puts some balanced thought into their designs.

The news of the director/writer who did some of the best episodes in Season 1 along with Oracles returning gives me more hope though. The anime can stop being a mess of awful advertisement and forgotten clans may finally stop being shafted like Oracles and Nectars.

Toward the end, I too felt like I was watching, at times, more like a very intricate commercial than I was a series. I mean I know, these shows are basically commercials anyways, trying to sell their stuff to the viewers at home, but it never felt so blatant before this season.

The only thing I'm judging, is the character's looks xD, that's all we have to go on so that's all I'm going on, that and of course my hopes/worries about the show, but that's just all they are, hopes and worries, nothing fact based. I mean, I honestly hope the show does a great job and is not only fun but interesting as well, the only worrying I have is the MC reminding me a weeeeee bit too much of yugioh which then cascades into other worrying based on those past experiences.

For the first season? I hope they concentrate on some 'normal' stuff, getting into local tournaments, trying to climb the ladder into card fighting stardom, that kind of thing, this whole 'saving the world' stuff has been done to death. I mean we were entertained by the fact that Aichi was trying to become a better player and the up's and down's he had along that journey. I never really remember anyone 'craving' him to...literally shoot off into space and fight aliens lol.


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