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Cardfight Area Patch Notes:

4.14 — Wise Mystical Tree

— Added support for Dragontree markers.
— Fixed a number of Treasures marker related bugs.
— Removed visual gap between the first two different kinds of markers gained by a circle.
— Markers are now displayed and removed/transferred consistently among different players’ circles
— New feature — search by card name/text in a currently open zone. To use it, click a magnifying glass icon in the top left corner of a zone view OR hit Ctrl+F while a zone is open. Cards you searched for will be highlighted among others.
— Updated icon for closing a zone view.
— Ctrl key no longer closes or cancels anything. Please use Escape key instead.
— Support for new plant gauge mechanic. Use corresponding button to convert existing Plant tokens into plant gauge OR create new gauge if a token is not selected — this works for any kind of Plant tokens.
— Support for calling tokens upon ride AUTO abilities
— You can press Ctrl+F in Deck Editor to open search as well
— The text and art of all Markers and Tokens have been revised
— Fixed a newly introduced bug when critical counter would be hidden by multiple kinds of markers
— Auto update for sleeves
— Support for in-text trigger icons
— Support for cards over Grade 5 in the Deck Editor

4.13 — Monster Ride

— New engine that fixes a lot of the memory issues regarding mass sprite loading, a little bit faster game loading, and less lag
— Drajeweled’s «Cross Persona Ride» mechanic support
— Monster Strike’s «Gacha Redora» can now be added as a fifth card to the ride deck
— New Pickup Gacha and Event icons
— Deck Editor now lets you change the ride deck seamlessly, even after you’ve built a full deck; holding CTRL no longer prevents adding cards in to the normal deck
— A little bit of Halloween decorations in the spawn room!
— Legion with stride card sprite overlay bug is now fixed
— Support for card removal from the database

4.12 — Dress to Impress

— Ctrl+Shift+C now lets you copy card image index (starting with «n»)
— «Always update to the latest images» function now works correctly
— 1/Fight, RevolDress and X-overDress icon support + new English overSoul icon
— Multiple improvements to red text highlight algorithm
— Ability to reveal bottom card by holding shift and left clicking the «reveal» button
— Ability to announce an effect by highlighting your own cards. To do that, hold Alt and click the card. Only works with cards that are in play
— New loading screen
— Ability to change card order in Deck Editor. Now you can sort by order of addition (i.e. by internal card ID) or by name in alphabetical order (which is the default setting). To change the default setting to always show the oldest added first, add a new lineSortByNumber=1 to Setting.ini just before [Secret]

4.11 — Locked and Loaded

— New automated effects for specific Record of Ragnarok cards
— Mutant Gentleman, High Class Moth is now considered being a grade 3 while in the deck
— Thegrea’s «Cross Persona Ride» mechanic
— You can now remove markers from an accel circle, but you have to remove a unit on that circle first and then right click it
— If you delete an accel circle, its markers are automatically removed
— New tool to bulk update images much faster (update speed depends on your internet connection quality and HDD/SSD write speed)

4.10 — If Doomsday is Coming

— Record of Ragnarok auto update system integration
— Glitter and Volund card icons
— Choosing to create 0 tokens does not let you choose the token type anymore
— Tokens are now removed from game instead of being put into drop zone
— Empty cards will not spawn anymore if you have no cards in deck
— Small ipmprovements to robustness of auto update system
— Add Thegrea CONT Persona Ride skill support
— Increase max allowed quantity of RoR triggers to 8

4.09 — Lyrical Smile

— Fixed a bug where opponent’s deck would become invisible
— Locking a unit causes its additional power to reset
— Gear Puppy Protecting Memories is now considered a grade 4 in the bind zone
— Visual improvements to mouse cursor
— Changed appearance of banned and restricted plaques in deck builder
— Fixed a bug where «number of cards in originalDress» label would not disappear upon closing the overdress view
— Fixed a bug where some card movements would still use precise animations even if you turned them off
— Fixed a bug where attacking from the back row would make cards in order/ride deck zone rotate as well
— Fixed a bug where attacking from the back row would make cards rest and stand simultaneously
— Minor performance improvements
— You can now change fullscreen mode via Alt+Enter as well as F4

4.08 — Stuck in Reverse

— Automatic update system
— Number of cards in Prison and number of originalDresses is now visible
— New counter of the sum of face-up cards’ grades in bind
— Vairina Esperaridea skill is now automated
— Future multi-nation card support

4.07 — Fly Me to the Moon

— Cards in damage and music orders are now facing the right way.
— New button for future Record of Ragnarok nation support.
— New DressBoost keyword icon.
— Option to turn off the following extended animations: ride visual effect, card rotation, precise card movement.
— Option to save deck image at HD as well as SD quality.

4.06 — Armed & Dangerous

— Arms mechanic support.
— Huge card database overhaul. All clans except collab ones were checked to have their latest names and images.
— Premium-only, V Premium-only, Standard-only filters.
— Improved search in deck editor — it is no longer case-sensitive and applies by only showing filtered cards, until you switch clans or cancel it.
— Card texts now look just like on actual printed cards — with styles and icons too. This can be turned off.
— Deck screenshot now uses hi-res images; deck list is saved as names and quantities only. Now there is also a button to save them.
— Ability to Legion with Strides.
— Improved certain in-game actions performance, this might fix a number of card duplication-related bugs.
— Units can no longer overdress themselves (which made it hide under that circle overdress slot).
— Fixed a couple of bugs related to G-Assist.
— Fixed a bug when loading too many sprites in deck editor crashed the game.
— Chat box inupt no longer overflows with text.
— Pressing CTRL+V lets you copy chosen card name.
— CardSpriteMini folder is not needed anymore, you can delete it.

4.05 — I got what they waiting for

— Smoother card movement animations
— «Background scroll» key command (A) has been removed
— «Save log» key command has been moved to CTRL+S
— Fixed a bug when zone view windows could not be opened on top of each other and you had to close one first
— «Attack from the back row» function performance have been improved. The function is still in BETA.
— ESC key now first closes in-game windows, then cancels card/crit/shield/power selection, and only then it asks you if you would like to quit. It doesn’t close the game without asking anymore
— Bug fix: CTRL key now cancels card selection as well.
— Units in overDress state now move along with their originalDress units into most zones, except Vanguard circle, Ride Deck and Order slots. When put into Guardian circle originalDress units go into Drop Zone as a shortcut (they should technically stay associated as originalDress until the end of damage step of that battle)
— BETA: Automated G-Assist. The button will only appear at the start of your ride phase if conditions for G-Assisting are met
— If your opponent uses more than a legal number of a particular trigger OR sentinel it will be shown in chat (e.g. standard 8 trigger limit)
— New Help section is now bundled with Area along with a button that opens it in your browser
— Right clicking a card in soul puts it into drop (e.g. soul blast)
— You can now have cards in bind face-up as well. To flip a card in bind, right click it. To send a card to bind face-up, hold shift while doing so
— In-game window and crits no longer stay when you enter a new game
— Fixed a bug when your card descriptions in deck editor would be overridden by a delete effect from your last game
— Circle markers no longer stack on top of each other and overlap crits — if you have more then one marker, it shows how many of each do you have as a number

4.04 — Ra-ra-rasputin

— Existing Russian translations are now moved into a separate package, no new translations will be added in the future, you can now just delete the TextRu folder
— More visual improvements
— BETA: New button to make an attack from the back row. It will be only displayed for cards that can possibly have such attack
— Cleaner search card by auto effect (for new Lyrical Monasterio cards as well)
— Search card by auto effect doesnt crash if your deck is too small anymore
— Fixed a bug where cards could get duplicated in Ride Deck zone
— Imaginary Gift sound will no longer play when youre in silent mode
— Non-heal Grade 3 triggers are no longer legal in V-Premium

4.03 — I was a king under your control

— New characters
— New sleeves
— Sounds
— Settings button in the top left corner to change your resolution / turn off sound
— Saving and loading decks now uses Windows file explorer
— Characters show their name when hovered
— Search button in Deck Editor
— New buttons to buff an entire row or all your Units
— Updated english arts

4.02 — The Touken Strikes Back

— Auto move to ride deck. You can ctrl+click in deck editor to add cards to the ride deck (first four cards of the main deck). At the beginning of the fight, if the first four cards of your deck are exactly grade 0-3 cards, they will be moved to the ride deck.
— Look at top X cards of your deck by right-clicking «Reveal Top Deck» button or by middle-clicking your deck (opponent will not be able to see it).
— Dark mode in fight.


— New clan icons, new in fight icons, markers (cradle, gauge, overdress) and stage were redesigned too.
— Start location was redesigned.
— New fighting field. !!! If you are using some custom fighting field, just dont update it if you dont want to lose it.
— In game chat was updated a lot, now you can paste the text there, you can scroll the chat and you can put the cursor wherever you want in text.
— Persona ride was coded. Now when you do a persona ride your front row gets +10000 until the end of turn.
— Critical markers were added.
— Now forest is D-format area. Also you once again can only use V-cards in old V-room.


— New cards.
— Nations were added to the deck editor.
— There are 4 new little circles under your deck zone, thats your ride deck zone. When you enter the fight, open your deck, choose 4 cards and drag them to those circles. Opponent cant see those cards.
— Above your dmg zone there are also new little circles, thats a new zone for set orders. When u activate a set order card, choose that card then click on that new circle. Card will be moved to the new zone and a little button will appear below it. If you need to use the prison mechanic, choose your card, then LMB. If you need to see cards that are imprisoned, RMB.
— When u need to use overDress mechanic, choose the card you want to call, then click new overDress button, then choose one of your rearguards.
— New 1 000 000 triggers.